First Two UL stories up on AO3

I’ve now got the first two Urban Legends fanfics up on Archive of Our Own: Urban Legends, and Night of the Tentacle.

I’m going to try and get all my fics on posted over on AO3, since a lot of people like downloading files to read offline. 🙂 It will, however, take a while. Takes at least a half-hour to do each chapter, ’cause I have to put on all the tags and fix all the dratted formatting errors!

(A few will probably slip through regardless. So it goes.)

One of these days I’m going to get Godzilla: the Series on DVD and poke that fandom again. Not anytime soon, but – it was an incredibly upbeat show, and we can all use more of that.

16 thoughts on “First Two UL stories up on AO3

  1. As one of those people who love downloading fics off AO3 – thank you, thank you, thank you! For the time, the effort… and that mention of possible new Godzilla fics…

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  2. If you’re looking for more good upbeat western animated shows, I’d recommend Trollhunters on Netflix. It’s cgi, produced by Giullermo del Toro (so cool visuals and character designs), and has a really good voice cast (Kelsey Grammar, Fred Tatasciore, Ron Pearlman, Clancy Brown, and the last performance of Anton Yelchin). And eventually, without spoiling, it hits a number of your favorite writing points from your fanfiction.

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  3. I started using the fanfic downloader plug in for calibre fairly soon after I started using the AO3 download feature, so I’d forgotten that AO3 had that advantage over FFN.

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  4. I’m wondering a bit why you need to put your fics on AO3 for ppl to download them as ebooks (finding them all in the same place with series included however is wonderful, so thank you very much). If one is using Calibre to manage ones ebooks there is a plugin called FanFicFare that can be used to download fics from a number of archives – including In multiple formats if so desired. There is even the opportunity to change the layout to match preferences. FanFicFare also exists as a stand-alone app but a Google-Account is needed to use it.

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  5. AO3 has that nice feature that allows you to group stories that are connected to each other. Very handy for something like Urban Legends which has a lot of stories.

    Or even shorter series like Lone Flower (3 stories) or the Nightlife RuroKen AU (2 stories).

    Takes at least a half-hour to do each chapter, ’cause I have to put on all the tags and fix all the dratted formatting errors!

    Coming up the tags can be kinda of fun sometimes.

    Those formatting errors . . . arghh . . .

    On the other hand, some days it might be easier to crave out time to do that and less stress on the bunnies. And yourself. 😉

    And how knows, maybe while correcting the formatting and coming up with tags, something the bunnies have been chewing on for either an ongoing WIP or one of the sequels in potential existing for completed works will finally shake itself loose.

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  6. Fair warning, I already have all your stories saved on my Kindle.
    If you ever decide to remove them from the internet, you’ll never be able to pry them from my clutches.
    Never! BWAHAHAHA!

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  7. Thank you! I loved them the first time I binge read them, but I found so much harder too read on then AO3 aside from switching the colour of the text, so I’m very great full that you are putting the time into this. Im remembering how much I loved your world building and the sheer creativity.

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  8. I have to admit, this is awesome. It would be a long time til my favorite went up(Hannibal King might not be my favorite of the Midnight Sons line, but he’s near the top and I love when people can write him as both snarky, and a credible detective/investigator)

    But a lot of it is great stuff, even though I think the only show of the mix I ever watched was The Real Ghostbusters.

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