In the Cat’s Ear Ficbit – Ikiryou

“An’ speaking of safe….” Huang gave the doctor a flat stare. “Who do you work for?”

That seemed to startle Ishida. Or possibly annoy him. “I told you. I’m one of the head doctors here-”

“Don’t play dumb,” Huang gritted out. “You’re standing here and not killing people who tell you no. If you’ve got it together enough to be a doctor somebody picked you up and cleaned up the bodies until you got your Contract under control. Who? The Russians? MI6? DGSE?”

Ishida touched the side of his glasses, as if buying time to think. “Are you informing me that there are hunters of the supernatural insane enough to work for foreign intelligence agencies?”

Hunters of what? Hei wanted to ask. But first things first. “All Contractors are rational. You should know.”

Unless he was a stabilized Moratorium, like Klang had been; maintaining a Contractor’s powers without slipping into the blank trances of a Doll-state, holding onto human emotions and free of remuneration. It didn’t seem likely. What were the odds there’d been another escaped survivor from Project Wigenlied?

MI6 stole some of that project’s data. They might have the formula to stabilize Moratoria.

…I wonder if that’s what they think I am?

“Contractors.” Ishida tasted the word, as if he’d never heard it before. “There was something on the news, in Tokyo. An attack on the wall around Hell’s Gate. They used that word. Is that what you three are?”

Mao blinked, as Ishida’s gaze included him. “Prrrt?”

“I know a possessing spirit when I see one,” Ishida said dryly.

A/N: And now both sides are starting to realize something’s not quite right. 😉

15 thoughts on “In the Cat’s Ear Ficbit – Ikiryou

  1. It’s a little confusing whose internal monologue we’re seeing towards the end. Who is thinking about MI6 and “Is that what they think I am?” there?

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  2. Ishida touched the side of his glasses, as if buying time to think. “Are you informing me that there are hunters of the supernatural insane enough to work for foreign intelligence agencies?”


    While I would assume most idiot hunters of the supernatural would have gotten eaten well before they could be recruited, it’s not impossible that some survived long enough for that to happen.

    Or someone who already worked for the government when they discovered the things that go bump in the night and decided to hunt them.

    …I wonder if that’s what they think I am?

    Very likely.

    And now both sides are starting to realize something’s not quite right.

    That moment when you realize the other person is beyond not on the same page. They aren’t even reading the same book.

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      1. Because he does take the time to think things through.

        A rare trait in this cast.

        Well in fairness, a lot of the main cast is young. And sometimes their judgement isn’t bad so much as it’s young. I think everyone can remember a decision they made at 15 that made perfect sense . . . at the time. In hindsight, it was kinda (or a lot) dumb.

        Now, granted, there is a lot of ADULT characters in the show who don’t think things thorough either.

        Yes, as prickly as he can be, best if the first encounter is with Ryuuken.

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      2. Messy is one way to word it.

        I have the feeling Ichigo, when later picturing that very scenario, would use stronger language which might involve the word cluster.

        Meeting Isshin should probably wait for later when Hei isn’t feeling nearly as tired and stressed . . . while Isshin has his quiet and serious moments, his default is loud and unpredictable . . . not exactly the best thing to spring on a tired, stressed assassin. Especially one who KNOWS someone is going to try and kill him sooner or later.


      3. *pictures that; backs away slowly*

        Kenpachi would be ticked to have missed it. And the fire departments, local hospitals, and coroners office would be having //very busy days//.

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      4. Ah, come on, at fifteen I had sprung forth from the ground fully grown, in complete command of my mental faculties. XD

        Okay, my go to example of bad judgement was when I was eight. (Eight year olds are mostly completely indifferent to politics, unless you’ve been filling their heads with crap they don’t need to be hearing. That indifference is a good thing, because eight year olds have bad judgement about politics. Eight year olds who do genuinely think about politics do not do so in the same way that adults do.)

        Sixteen year old me’s opinions on a lot of things might well be simply better than those of very many people. (Yes, I was and am an intensely arrogant $#%^.)

        I can point out pretty serious mistakes in my thinking at much older ages. Why, just last week, my bunnies looked at “Hollow bait incident, seriously bad consequences AU”, and I’ve wasted precious time working out a version I could live with*, that I probably will not actually do. 🙂

        *Original description was just not my sort of thing at all.

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      5. >> “Hollow bait incident, seriously bad consequences AU”

        well there are other people in that town then just Ichigo’s friends and family, and only so many spiritually aware people to preform dramatic last minute saves.

        the next day’s news could be full of the people who died in the attack.

        hell some of the attacks could also have been caught on tape. (just because hollows are invisible doesn’t mean the damage is)

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      6. That is true, and that would be a way of doing it without killing off most developed characters or having mindbreak. Which were my “nope.”

        (This audience may want justification for the former claim about me. I like dark stuff due to a combination of a gloomy worldview, and that it provides context to light. Making good choices has meaning if others are making or might make evil choices. In fanfic, it may not be obvious that choices of characters are a statement about the world. We inherit a lot of our character choices. But those combined with “realism” can deliver unintended impressions. “Everybody dies” and “everyone is evil*” are statements that easily lend themselves to nihilism.)

        The bizarre outcome I see the Hollow Bait incident as being an excuse to have develop is a bit more than a lot of fatalities caused by Hollows. “Amberite Heartless Hollows” and “Timelord Nobody Hollows” are among my design choices. Problem is that a crazy mish-mash requires a lot of narrative effort to develop. This has passed the complexity point where effort required to create exceeds the worth of the original motivation. So either I will find more motivation, or I will file it and move on.

        *Okay, maybe John Calvin is an exception. But most modern “everyone is evil” claims come off to me as fairly different from the Original Sin type claims.

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  3. good moment of surprise.
    and it reminded me of a phrase from world of warcraft legion, specifically Suramar-” Something’s not quite right… an illusion? what are you hiding!”

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