8 thoughts on “And Two More UL Ficbits up

  1. Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong.

    Is the red flag for Murphy’s very excitable bull.

    Then again, Murphy has a lot of people in Urban Legends on speed dial.

    The people responsible for keeping said trouble magnets in one piece are looking for the person who put them on that speed dial and/or applied the magnet. Said person better hope they don’t find them.

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      1. GAH, now you are reminding me of a fic I read once, where it was an actual point that several of the main characters had trouble magnets and an artifact that protected an area from it. Always thought that would be fun to put into a modern day game.

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  2. I swear, some time this weekend I’m sitting down, reading every bit of UL you’ve posted on AO3 and making a comment for each story. Just need to find the time and a stable internet connection!
    (Thank you so so much for moving them over!!!)

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  3. Ah this brings back memories. I hope that if and when you return to the Urban Legends universe we get to see some more of the fallout in New York.

    Particularly events post Desert Fox and Justifiable. Because there are going to be issues (to put it mildly) between Elisa and Goliath the way you’ve set things up.

    Not to mention the potentially increased territorial nature of Chavez when it comes to her precinct and people. Her vs Goliath would be…..interesting.

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