Earring Tales: Daffodil Diamonds

New yellow!

Daffodil Diamonds6

And had to take pictures on an overcast day. Drat.

Still, I think the translucent yellow went nicely with white silk and ginger ale beads. Copper-colored seemed like the best earwires to use, given niobium yellow always has a faint greenish hint.

Though I suppose I could have used green to go along with daffodil plants. 🙂


Daffodil Diamonds earrings.

3 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Daffodil Diamonds

  1. Green could work for more daffodil than diamond . . .

    Overcast day makes the colors all a bit . . . hard to see. It doesn’t look bad but can’t help but think it would like better in good lighting.

    Daffodils are pretty flowers . . . I tend to stick to pictures or silk replicas through, not the actual flower. Because allergies. The only pretty smelling flower than doesn’t make me ill are roses. Also because daffodils are toxic and I have cats.

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