7 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Icepool

  1. Firstly, I think this set is lovely. It’s very smokey and mysterious.
    That said, if you hadn’t told us they were blue, I would have assumed the edges were black. I’m reasonably sure that at least three quarters of that is due to the picture lighting rather than the color of the beads they are with.
    Looking at the pictures of iris coated blue that I googled, however, shows a very lovely opalescence. I can see them looking brilliant with green, purple and gold.

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  2. Pretty.

    Looks more black than blue until you look closer. Looks pretty either way.

    Sometimes ice and ice powers can be very chilly.

    Winter’s black ice . . . kinda of reminds me of Kage-hime from The Lone Flower fics. Shadow Princess does have ties to winter and ice . . .

    Can possibly invoke Shinomori Aoshi in Rurouni Kenshin alternate universe with elemental magic. He strikes me as the Killer Frost type in that kind of setting.

    Other blues might make the dark blue beads more closer to blue than black. Second the above note that greens, purple, and gold would look pretty too.

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  3. My first thought looking them is “Iron and Ice” even though it’s doing battle with “Iron Ice.” I look at them and I can’t stop seeing snow and metal. A gorgeous piece, but yes. Very cold.

    Maybe, a rich blue, paired with either a spring green and/or some other warm colors? I like seeing where dichotomies lead.

    Also, my cousin is getting married and her colors are going to grey and orange. I’m thinking of making a blanket, definitely a dove grey if I can get it, but can’t think of an orange that would be ok to look at for ages. If I make a blanket I do want it to be used.

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