Lantana in Bloom

At least something likes this heat.

Lantana2Lantanas have been bread and crossbred to the point they’re usually identified as Lantana x.  Which is scientific shorthand for, “We think it’s a hybrid of some of these species, we’re just not sure exactly what.”

The mockingbirds love the berries, though. Maybe just because nothing else has much fruit, maybe….

7 thoughts on “Lantana in Bloom

  1. Pretty flowers . . .

    I like flowers but always have to take two things into account before planting:
    (1) Does it set off my allergies? (If it has pollen, the answer is usually yes.)
    (2) If the cats chew on any part of it, will it make them sick or worse?

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      1. *nods*

        Ichigo is a hybrid.

        Hei is just one of life’s little anomalies that you have build around.

        And what his Chain of Fate looks like.

        I have the feeling it will make Urahara say “Interesting . . .” in a way that makes the hair on the back of everyone’s necks stand up.

        And realize that is probably too late to run.

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      2. You can run, but you’ll just be experimented on tired, because he needed the adrenaline and fatigue reactions to make it work at all.

        Okay, maybe he is more ethical than that.

        But given his views on informed consent, I’m imagining the cast not letting their kids trick or treat his place.

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