Earring Tales: Tides

Thought I’d try the Cirrus II design in blue-greens.


…Hmm. Works differently without silk beads as part of the gradation. Not to mention it’s not as striking without the contrast of different colors in the design.

I think it looks nice, it’s just a much more subdued nice than the Cirrus earrings. Might need something to brighten it up. Thoughts?


Tides earrings.



3 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Tides

  1. It’s pretty.

    Pattern is subtle because the differences in the colors are more subtle. But sometimes one prefers subtle. 😉

    If you want to brighten it up . . . . maybe edge part of the stripes with a line of white or grey beads if you want to keep the water theme.

    Or vary the finish texture of the beads between matte and something shinier. Through that still might be subtle.

    If not doing a water theme, you can make the bands contrast sharply with each other. Those blue-greens are cool colors so warm colors like red or yellow maybe . . .

    Purple isn’t warm but it can look very nice next to blue-greens. Dark Blues might also work . . .

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