Bit Farther on Fic Transfer to AO3

A few more fics up.

Talking with Wolves.

Out of the Woodwork.

Building Bridges.

Settling In.

Playing with Fire.

…Sigh. I’m expecting some unpleasantness over Settling In. It’s part of Urban Legends, so I’m posting it with the others, but I am a bit worn thin lately and the first time it was posted on I got some truly nasty remarks from someone who apparently never looked up the dictionary definition of tolerance.

Clue here: You do not tolerate behavior you approve of.

Tolerance implies, “I don’t like what you’re doing, but you’ve got a right to do it in your own space.”

…Also note that by no stretch of the imagination does “your own space” refer to someone else’s house.

(This ends your friendly local frustrated writer rant for the day. 😉 )



15 thoughts on “Bit Farther on Fic Transfer to AO3

  1. When I read settling in I saw nothing wrong about that interaction, maybe because I’m prudeish and can’t imagine making out with someone in a another’s house

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  2. I think a (rather large, unfortunately) number of people have gotten the idea that “tolerance” applies only to the groups that it has become socially correct and laudable to announce your support for – regardless of whether or not you actually had any beef with them to begin with.

    Annnndd there goes the definition of the word, as well as actual tolerance for differing positions. (If no one is praising you for tolerating the opinion, and there aren’t any celebrities supporting it, then it must be wrong! Set it on fire!)

    I’m not sure whether to call that irony or just plain old stupid.

    It does seem like you get more than your fair share of those guys though. (I suspect it’s because your writing tends to require a little more thought than “Side A is good, Side B is bad, yay!” :D) Hang in there!

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    1. I tend to like fiction that makes me wrap my head around a culturally (or species-wise) different mindset. So I also tend to write in things like that.

      But thinking can be haaaaard. *Wry G*

      I have to admit I call it evil, not stupid, to distort words that way. “Words are violence, so let me beat you into the ground for wrongthink, and if you try to defend yourself you’re racist/sexist/homophobic/whatever the latest badthink is!”

      …No. I am someone who disagrees with you. We spent centuries in this country getting people to break away from tribal identities and fight things out in town meetings and at the ballot box, and people want to throw that all away because “but my feelz!” Argh.

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  3. When the new Buffy fails, it won’t be because Whedon is desperately trying to recapture the days when women and girls in their twenties and teens knew who he was. (A teenage girl in the nineties is in her thirties today, and the life experience makes her less vulnerable to sexual predators.) It will be only because the original Buffy fans, having grown older, are all Alt-Right Neo-Cons now. The NRA are using their transmitter on Mars to direct them by way of the fillings in their teeth.


    1. In other words, I don’t quite get why someone would have their mindset so fully in the standards which are currently convenient that they can’t look at Vathara’s full body of work, and see it outside of that context. Okay, young people and dishonest trolls. I definitely troll some. Shunning people for not being in complete agreement is a good way to get trapped in cult thinking.

      I make mistakes all the time. Other perspectives and the possibility I may be wrong help me avoid some of the really bad mistakes, and help me stop endlessly compounding my mistakes.

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  4. And that, right there, is why I seldom read the comments on most things. And why I always strongly tempted to disallow commenting on anything I write.

    I like feedback. Constructive criticism is important.

    But too often, someone forgets the Constructive part of the Criticism. Or think calling someone every word they can think of IS constructive criticism.

    There are ways to politely but firmly assert that you don’t like something. Unfortunately most of the internet doesn’t seem to have any manners at all.

    Not defending the rudeness (its uncalled for) but I know more than one person who would bristle. Mostly because they have met “tolerate” people who still try to tell them what they can and cannot do in their own space. Also a certain amount of resentment from knowing that 9 times out of the 10, if they were straight or assumed to be straight, this conversation would not be happening. One starts to feel like everyone and their mother is constantly poking their nose in what is really none of their business. That just once, it would be nice if the same rules applied to everyone. No making out meant the straight people couldn’t do it either.

    Still no reason to be rude to the author. You can express your dislike of something without nastiness.

    I personally would rather not make up with anyone is a house that doesn’t belong to either of us. My main reaction to that interaction was the knowledge that I liked Dominic’s character a little less than I had previously. For the same reason I don’t like Relena in “Upon A Fiery Steed.” A mild bigot is still a bigot.

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    1. You might want to look up a phenomenon known as altruistic punishment. Apparently humans, being tribal critters, are hard-wired to enjoy punishing people who don’t fit the standards of whatever group they’re in. Combine that with the distance and anonymity of the internet, and people get a thrill for potentially no cost by piling on in mobs. Ouch.

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      1. Apparently humans, being tribal critters, are hard-wired to enjoy punishing people who don’t fit the standards of whatever group they’re in


        Not fitting the standard mode of behavior is one of the easiest ways to mark someone as Not-Tribe. And humans have never been those most friendly toward Not-Tribe. I like to think as species we are getting better about this sort but those instincts are very, very old and pretty embedded since since they haven’t done much to hinder our survival as a species as whole. And anything that doesn’t kill you before you can breed is difficult to get rid of.


        Very ouch.

        Feels like they have no manners when you know darn well that most would never be that rude to your actual face.

        I understand the appeal of using the internet to speak in ways you normally can’t. I do find it far easier to say something to a stranger on the internet rather IRL.

        Still . . . it’s not that hard to NOT be a jerk.

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      2. *Wry G* Jerk-dom seems to afflict people in varying degrees. And there’s always One Bad Day.

        BTW – just roughed Cat’s Ear ch 3, so hopefully that’ll be set soon. Don’t want to post any whole chapters until I’ve got a 2-chapter lead! Hopefully that’ll take enough pressure off the bunnies to get the fic finished.

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      3. just roughed Cat’s Ear ch 3, so hopefully that’ll be set soon

        Woot! Looking forward to it!

        Decided that I needed to finish reading Bleach so I have some idea where the story diverges. I’m amazed at how much faster paced the manga is, compared to the anime.


  5. “Talking with Wolves” appears to have some formatting issues?
    Several places, where the Lady has large blocks of exposition, only the first line is italicized.

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