Earring Tales: Victorian Wine

Attack of the purples!

Victorian Wine3

I wanted to see what these two colors looked like together, and the silk purple seemed like a good combo that also toned down the “Purple!” impact a little.

I think it came out classy, if somewhat Victorian/Steampunkish in style. 🙂

(Nothing wrong with steampunk!)


Victorian Wine earrings.


6 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Victorian Wine

  1. Victorian wine yes. Thinking a cold blue around the outside might make it a Victorian Iced Wine, but maybe just outline the inner chevrons in the blue? I’m bad at visualizing colors, sorry. Also, if you want a fun, medium weight books, the Monster Hunter Memoirs trilogy by John Ringo is worth a look. And we finally have an explanation for the way magic gets handled. And more info on the 1995 Christmas party.

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      1. Ah, hadn’t gotten that far in the main series yet. Well, everyone’s tolerance is different. The Memoirs are fun, because it’s actuallg set in the early eighties and, well, don’t really deal with the main plot much. Also, they manage to use genuine Power of Faith from multiple faiths to go after an Old One Egg. The Memoirs read like a side series. But like I said, I have excellent power of suspension of disbelief. Well, I implied it.


  2. “The purples are attacking!? We must rally the defense of the yellows!”
    “The yellows are running away.”
    “Okay, get the blues.”
    “The blues are drowning their sorrows in booze.”
    “The reds are aggressive, they won’t let us down!”
    “The reds picked a fight with the blacks… it was grim, yet dramatic.”
    “Dammit, do we have anybody?”
    “There are probably some browns laying around, nobody can ever find a use for those.”

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