In the Cat’s Ear Ch3 Ficbit – Silent Messages

Kirsi bent down a little, whispering in her uncle’s ear.

Uncle Kuno frowned. Almost a grimace. Gave her a look askance.

Kirsi nodded.

Kuno sighed, eyes imploring the ceiling. Glanced at Li, sliding a look at Kirsi that ended with a raised eyebrow.

Li went still. Blue eyes sought Kirsi’s violet. He tilted his head.

She nodded, more firmly.

Li let out a breath, and nodded back.

Ichigo felt his own eyes widen, and tried to bite back questions. Because he might not know what had been silently discussed, but he knew enough.

They’re going to do something. And it could cost them.

“Good idea, ma’am,” Uncle Kuno said respectfully. “But I used to be a detective. Even if we call now it’ll take ‘em time to get organized. Better to get fresh eyes looking right now. Got a picture? Li’s good at poking around alleys.” He squeezed Kirsi’s hand. “Sorry, kid, you should sit this one out. It’s hot, you almost wilted getting here, and kids are a lot harder to talk sense into than cats.”

Kirsi ducked her head. “…Okay.”

Kuno patted her shoulder. “You can help me keep everybody on track if we get more volunteers.”

“I’m sure you will,” Li said brightly. “People around here are pretty responsible.” He glanced at Ichigo. “Maybe you can tell me some good spots to start? I’ve only been here a little while, I don’t know all the places someone could get lost-”

Ichigo scowled, handing over the duffel. Maybe he was no spy-ninja-assassin, but he knew darn well that was we’ve got a plan, you want to help? If you don’t, you’ve got an out.

No. No way.

“You kidding? I’m coming with you.” Ichigo gave him a fiercer look. “You don’t even have a phone yet.”

Li scratched the back of his head, sheepish. “Oh, right, right….”

6 thoughts on “In the Cat’s Ear Ch3 Ficbit – Silent Messages

  1. Maybe the waters are more dangerous then Ichigo knows, but he still knows the waters aren’t safe. And he is still being given a choice. And that matters. It matters a whole lot.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Kuno sighed, eyes imploring the ceiling.

    Asking for patience.

    His faith in anything might not be very strong anymore but there might be a silent plea that this doesn’t get them killed.

    He blames Hei. Huang had his altruistic side buried nice and deep where it couldn’t get him killed until Hei came along with the cat and the girl.

    Re: Choices

    Being given a choice is always nice.

    Still . . . . this IS Ichigo with his big brother shtick. While his big-brother-protect thing is mainly focused on his sisters, he has been known to extend it to other kids when they are in danger.

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