Arachnia’s Child Part II

Same species, different spider, better lighting. And some luck.

Spiny orbweaver1

This is a top view, other spider I could only catch the bottom of if I wanted to avoid tearing the web. Most of the spiny orb-weavers I’ve seen locally have white-ish markings, but yellow also exists.

I have to admit this shot was more luck than anything else. I was trying to get a pic, camera did not want to focus on tiny spider, and then the wind came up. Just try catching a picture of a spider on a web vibrating in the wind. Seriously.

So I got two shots, because the vibration just wouldn’t quit and there were other things that had to get done. Didn’t expect much of anything except spiky blurs.

This bit was in the very first shot. 🙂

BTW, currently researchers think the fuzzy white bits are there to reflect UV so birds don’t run into the web. The spiders want bugs, not something big enough to eat them!


8 thoughts on “Arachnia’s Child Part II

      1. That’s pretty tiny.

        Up here we sometimes get something similar looking but with only two abdominal spines. We’ve always called them cat-head spiders. They can get to the diameter of an average adult’s thumbnail, and make …very large webs.

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