Earring Tales: Sunset Fire

Sometimes you just need a little orange.

Fireheart5Yes, that is silver-lined light orange on the outlines of the earring. Being next to peach silk and luster rust makes it look… huh, more copper-penny than straight orange, I think. Nice. 🙂

In a simple three-color pattern like this, I seem to get some of the best effects by varying the bead finishes. In this case, silver-lined, opaque luster, and silk-finish. That way each bit catches the light a little differently, giving a different impression than if it were all the same luster.

From a writing POV, you might look at it as the equivalent of a cozy mystery or romance plot. We all know, for example, that the classic romance is boy finds girl, boy loses girl, boy regains girl. (Sexes negotiable these days, but same plot applies.)

So… how does boy find girl? In a bar, in a library, falling out of a shattered lifepod?

How does boy lose girl? Being a jerk, kidnapped by Evil Villain, natural catastrophe?

How does boy regain girl? Cleaning up his act, leading a charge of cavalry, hauling out leet survival skills and whipping up a raft to take them down the raging river away from the cannibalistic madman?

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the basics. They’re basics because they work. Use them. Just give them a little of your own flair and taste, and you’ll get something new.

Bead wise… I was aiming for something warm, and warm I got. Works!


Sunset Fire earrings.

One thought on “Earring Tales: Sunset Fire

  1. Pretty! Since I’m going back through the Airwolf stories of Urban Legends, makes me think of a cold sunset in the Valley of them Gods or Eagle Lake.

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