In the Cat’s Ear Ch 4 up on AO3

In the Cat’s Ear Chapter 4 is up on Archive of Our Own.

I do have half of a sequel written, A Spirited Picnic. Currently still roughing the new Pearl of Fire scene, though, and don’t want to lose momentum on that.

I do have a script written for the rest of the Pearl scene, so with any luck I can get that finished in a day or two. *Knocks on wood.* And then it’ll be back to editing Pearl, which will free up the writing bunnies for Karin, Yuzu, Ichigo, Hei’s team, and a soccer ball.

(And Ryuuken gets to chew out Isshin a bit, and find out some of the reasons why Isshin’s been an idiot. One or two of them are actually understandable reasons, and Ryuuken’s very worried for his friend.)

25 thoughts on “In the Cat’s Ear Ch 4 up on AO3

    1. To be fair, Misaki doesn’t have Ichigo’s mom’s name. Ichigo’s mom’s name was Masaki.

      But I do get your point, the names are extremely close.

      Thing is the Matsumoto’s have the same shared name. Not even remotely impossible, but definitely a bother for keeping track of characters. I guess Hitsugaya’s Lieutenant will just start having to go by Rangiku…

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    1. Aaaand I’m back.

      Damn. You know how to swing an ending.

      Now I just have to wonder who shows up at the-

      Shoot. I can’t ruminate on things here without potentially leaving spoilers.

      Well. I HAVE RUMINATIONS. I… guess I’ll just have to leave them for later.

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      1. Hmm… Wonder if the twins have gotten the chance to formally meet the team by then (beyond running into them at the local grocery mart).

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      2. My thought of a particular part of chapter 3? Flipping heck, no wonder Ichigo got so pissed at Isshin, Ichigo keeps asking himself “What Would Rukia Do” as a guide to behavior. Also, has anyone done a compare and contrast with Rukia loosing her powers and Ichigo loosing his? How they were treated, how they felt about it, everything. Because their situations are so similar now that I think on it.

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  1. Definetly has not forgiven his father nearly as much as he thought he had.

    Karin is right about Isshin needing a crowbar to get his foot back out of his mouth. Maybe a muzzle to help stop him from just shoving his feet right back in there?

    efficiency of a patrol officer aware that any lunch break could get cut short by criminal stupidity.

    Probably because Ichigo has had ghosts, Hollows, Shinigami, yakuza, and yakuza wannabes interrupting his meals.

    But I’ve met full-out sociopaths.

    He had to stop one from taking over / destroying the world. That one has been . . . dealt with.

    He had to stop the other one from dissecting him or any of his friends. That one is, unfortunately, still around. Though if Hei has any good ideas about how to remedy that . . .

    Don’t even think about getting involved in illegal activities.

    As you have picked up, Ichigo has already thought about it and decided to it anyway.

    Sorry but you are dealing with a kid who took on an entire organization to jail-break one person. An organization with supernatural powers to a crazy level. Human cops probably just aren’t as intimiding as they might have been once upon a time.

    Granted, if he has to break out Hei, I hope he can do it more subtly than rescuing Rukia.

    But subtle isn’t always possible. And Ichigo is very good at being both effective and as unsubtle as it is possible to be.

    Also you might discover that ordering Ichigo to NOT rescue one of his precious people never works. He told a very old and very powerful Shinigami where to stick it when given such orders. He will do the same to you if necessary.

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      1. Hopefully one day, someone is going to tell Misaki that story and she is going to realize why Ichigo was so amused by her doing the “No jail-breaking, young man!” thing to him.

        Good thing she didn’t try that in front of Ichigo’s friends. One or all of them would have started laughing. They tried not to. And couldn’t really explain, amidst the laughing, giggling, and snorting WHY it was so funny . . .

        Misaki’s only theories: (1) Weird sense of humor. (2) Some kind of inside joke. (3) Teenagers being over confident idiots, they’ll learn when they try it, don’t say I didn’t warn you . . .

        She prefers 1 and 2 because that matches with the rest of their behavior better than 3.

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    1. My bunnies think that Ichigo’s been too depressed to get as mad as he should have. Now he’s getting better, and the lid’s coming off.

      *G* Ichigo knows all about evil interruptus, yes.

      Hmm. Will take some time to open up enough to talk about Mayuri. But worth thinking on.

      *G* “Illegal? Not a problem. Unethical’s where I stop.”

      I think Hei will be bemused if said jailbreak ever has to happen. Because people just don’t usually do that for him.

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      1. I always thought ‘Bemused’ was kinda a weird/funny. People going ‘Why?’ because they don’t expect nice things to happen to them.

        Can’t wait for the sequel!

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      2. Bedtime. Because my bunnies have just asked if it wouldn’t be cool if Hei and Ichigo broke Misaki out of prison following political hijinks.

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