Earring Tales: Plum Diamonds

Red-purples instead of blue-purples?

Plum diamonds2

Plum is an autumn color too, so I thought I’d give a plum-style combo a whirl. The edge beads are supposed to be garnet; they look a lot more red next to the silver-lined purple than I thought. And the center beads are supposed to be silk pink, but it always looked like a purplish pink to me.

Plum Diamonds earrings.

….Also, feel free to poke various Shattered Sky ideas in comments here. *G* Just know that the next fic, “A Spirited Picnic”, is a bit of a fluff piece, characters catching their breath before something lands on Karakura in the fic after Picnic.

5 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Plum Diamonds

  1. So, Spirited Picnic, and after that in some order Yakuza hit Karakura and separately Syndicate hits Karakura. Plus Misaki and the Noodle Shop.

    I am wondering about what will happen to the characters already introduced, what will happen with the central mystery of the gates, and if any new characters will be introduced.

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