Earring Tales: Danae’s Visitation

Autumn is a time of golds, so let’s have some Greek mythology to boot.

Danaes Visitation8

So supposedly Perseus was born after Zeus visited his mother, princess Danae, as a shower of gold. At least Perseus seems to have lucked out ducking under Hera’s attention, unlike Hercules. OTOH he did get a bit of a rougher start, between Danae’s father King Acrisius locking her up in the first place and then dumping them both in the sea so that if they died the Furies would blame Poseidon, not him. Nice guy. Drat those Oracle of Delphi prophesies about sons killing their father.

…And then it all goes sideways for the guy anyways decades later, when Perseus accidentally hit him with a discus.

Though you could say Acrisius got off easy with just death by accident. Laius, father of Oedipus, effectively died from a road rage incident. 😉

(Those crazy Greeks….)

Danae’s Visitation earrings.

16 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Danae’s Visitation

  1. …. Which just means that during the Golden Apple Incident he would have been much wiser to choose Hera. Getting on her neutral side is hard enough for the kids of Zeus, not slighting her is probably a very good idea.

    Pretty! Couldn’t wear them, too much yellow makes me look sickly, but still very pretty!

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      1. Ah, you’re right! Well, it’s not like Zeus doesn’t have enough kids to be confusing. It does explain why my brain kept saying something was wrong anyway.

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      2. Very true, fortunately – or not, depending on perspective – Paris was not one of them, so he didn’t have anything to worry about from Hera on that count.

        Hilariously Paris’ significant other – Helen of Troy – was one of Zues’ kids. …I think she was the one he fathered in the form of a goose? I’m not certain. Maybe he was shapeshifted into a swan at the time…

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      3. Swan.

        Leda, Queen of Sparta. Mother of Helen of Troy, Clytemnestra, Castor, and Pollux (among others). Through which of these four children is Zeus’s children and which are her mortal husband’s varies from story to story. And which one of them was hatched from the egg she laid.

        Helen is usually agreed to be Zeus’s. Pollux is usually the immortal twin of the twins Castor and Pollux.

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      4. *Spoilers for RWBY and the Iliad*

        And Paris is why it was thematically appropriate for Pyrrha Nikos to die by being shot by an arrow.

        The central plot of the Iliad can be boiled down to Achilles sulks over distribution of captive women, Hector kills the close friend of Achilles, Achilles kills Hector, Paris kills Achilles with a poisoned arrow to the ankle, Odysseus tricks the Trojans into letting a picked team of Greeks inside, and Troy is destroyed.

        *Spoilers for Ragnarok and the Hundred Years War*

        Likewise, it would be thematically appropriate for Nora to fight a poisonous serpent, and walk something like nine steps from the fight before falling down stone dead. And for Juane to be burned alive.


  2. I was reading the title upside down and though it said “Dane’s visitation”. First thought: “And gold? Well, you’ll never get rid of them now.” XD

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    1. So the Danes are like cats?

      Or does one need to use this quote from Terry Pratchett / Interesting Times: “Never give a monkey the key to the banana plantation.”
      (said after someone suggested going to the treasure room to assume the Silver Horde, all barbarian heroes. And all 80+ years old.)


      1. The Danes were some of history’s first recorded ‘protection’ rackets. If you paid them the Dane gild, they said they’d go away but they kept coming back and taking more and more. We don’t have much records of the societies that paid because the Danes drained them dry. We do have records of the societies that refused and fought.

        So, there’s that.

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  3. Pretty.

    Not really my thing but pretty.

    If you are into Greek mythology and haven’t read them yet, let me recommend the Percy Jackson series. Part 1 (PJatO) and Part 2 (Heroes of Olympus) is good. I haven’t read Part 3 (The Trials of Apollo) so I cannot speak for it. Some of the reviews have been mixed.

    Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods – where Percy tells about the major gods and some of their stories – and Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes – where Percy talks about legendary Greek heroes and heroines – were fun. First chapter of the latter is detailing the Danae, Perseus story in Percy’s usual style.

    (For Egyptian mythology, The Kane Chronicles was fun. I haven’t read The Magnus Chase stuff yet so cannot speak for it but that’s Norse mythology.)

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      1. Fair enough.

        I read them mostly for the take on mythology. The author didn’t make the mistake of treating Hades or another other Underworld deity like they were Satan.

        And they don’t do the thing of insisting the non-Christian gods are really wizards or something like that.

        Through I wish that the author had taken the opportunity with the Moses and the snake thing story to fiddle with things. The Bible is the only know source of the story but I cannot help but think that the ancient Egyptians would have told the story somewhat differently.

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