24 thoughts on “More UL Fics Posted on AO3

  1. Glad to see these, especially since AO3 let’s you download to read offline.

    Also, it’s going to be very weird if they actually do reboot Stargate like they’ve been talking about. I mean, new actors, hopefully new arcs, but it would still make some of the stories read differently.

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  2. don’t want to scare the bunnies off by posting any bits of that, yet.

    Never a good idea of scare the bunnies and scatter them. They take forever to round up and you never seem to find them all. And meanwhile that WIP is still sitting there with its last update date glaring like an accusation.

    Plus the other bunnies, the ones not related to that story, get bored while you are trying to round up the scattered ones and starting getting even crazier ideas than normal. And sometimes can be twice as stubborn about giving up said crazier idea, insisting that it could work . . .

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    1. >And meanwhile that WIP is still sitting there with its last update date glaring like an accusation.

      *Winces* So, so true.

      And the crazier bunnies will hamster-wheel on top of that, so you can’t figure out which idea they really want to work on, and you end up staring down the approach to NaNo with, “Um… what am I gonna do?”

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      1. My problem is I have at least 3 rotating plot bunnies that keep snickering at me. Augh. One at least has a set plot idea (ghostly whodunit revenge!); another is fluffy, but needs more plot. And then there’s the nebulous “one of the other ideas”.

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      2. I can’t actually do NaNoWriMo, not properly at least. This years plan is 3 bunnies, 30K. Not near as daunting got someone attempting to get a drivers license, pay off ambush bills and get doctors appointment so prescriptions get refilled.
        At least this way I stand a chance of getting something wrangled! Maybe…

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      3. It’s actually easier then it sounds. 10K a bunny, and the outline counts! The real goal is a working first chapter for just one story. Just one! All I need is to find time to throw words on a page.

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      4. First thought at seeing the NaNo mention was to go “It’s almost November already?!”

        Silly though to have since I know it’s October, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I have two Figure Skating Grand Prix events (Skate America and Skate Canada) to watch this month . . . still makes one wonder where all of the time goes.

        Been meaning to at least attempt NaNo but the gremlins in my head tend to start tangling the bunnies up in a serpent’s nest of ropes – the only thing that gets through the mess is scattered fragments of various ideas, some original and others fic.

        Tempted to do a fan fic for NaNo just for the experience of doing it. Anxious-brain might be less anxious about doing that first instead of something original.

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      5. Shiori, if you can get a hold of Dwight Swain’s Techniques of the Selling Writer, you might find that it gives you the tools to fix your process. I don’t have enough production yet to tell if my process is all the way to working, but it has done me some good.

        Plotting has long been the lack that is my obvious bottleneck. I might have that fixed now. Things have been too busy since I read Swain to test, as I’ve been fairly overwhelmed with RL work.

        I’ve had a crazy bunny appear, that wants to be plotted as eight sequential stories. I may be able to outline one at this point. I now know the information I would be searching for in each case in order to develop the outlines.

        Unrelated crazy idea: When the Golden Cicada Child Cries
        Crazier Idea: When the Golden Cicada Child Cries Bankai
        Idea so crazy it is stupid: When the Golden Cicada Child Cries Shinuchi

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  3. Any word on SAO/SG-1 xover Waking to Another Sky? It was last updated in April… 2017. 😅 Maybe now that the anime version of SAO Alicization has come out (and a new episode of SAO Abridged) the vorpal bunny will start nibbling on you. *grin*

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    1. I second this idea!

      I love the world building of it and the fact that Somebody Noticed that SAO had its own society and economy. Plus all the myths and stuff about the front-liners that the lower levels created.

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      1. I’d like to third that!
        Bunnies and time permitting, I’d also be interested in any more Whispers of Fire or New Kid in Town at some point in the (possibly far distant) future – it’s been quite a while for those too.

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  4. I love the Urban Legend verse. Even more so now that I’ve managed to get more source material under my belt. I love the Wolfpack, and kinda want to see an intersection between, well, Ellison&Sandburg, the Wolfpack, and the SGC. But that would probably be a ‘world is ending right now’ situation. Because I don’t see Michael leading/letting the SGC/NID to Sentinels without anything else.

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  5. I have to admit I’m hopeful that once you finish some of your other projects, you might return to the UL universe. I love seeing how you mesh Airwolf into all these other fandoms – and dearly love what you did with Airwolf herself!

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  6. I will admit, while my first love amongst your fics is your Rurouni Kenshin fics, the Urban Legends ‘verse is definitely up there amongst the favourites. What you do with Godzilla: The Series, Gargoyles, hell all of them… Probably one of if not the single best Massive Multiplayer Crossovers I’ve ever had the chance to read.

    It’s nice to go back over them again like this.

    Reading through this time two things did stand out to me tho’ – and I haven’t even gotten through everything again yet.

    First up: <Innocent Bystander is marked as being ‘4/?’ chapters. I haven’t double-checked the original post on The Pit™ just yet – and it has been a while since I reread Urban Legends – but are there more chapters to that, either not yet transferred to AO3 or that you intend to write?

    Second was something that jumped out at me while I was reading Talking With Wolves:

    >> At best, he’d had a limited empathic range. Just a general feel for what people were likely to do, no more than any other good agent could get from body language. You couldn’t even identify it as empathy without a PKE meter.

    This bit pinged me. It reminded me of something more recent you’d written, which was this:

    >> Sensed? If reading body language and empty eyes was sensing, then maybe supernatural hunters weren’t as supernatural as they liked to think

    It feels…

    It feels almost like two opposed viewpoints are being expressed. I know some of that/this is definitely about character voice – and more than that, character knowledge – but I wondered if there wasn’t something more here linking these two pieces.

    I know that Urban Legends and Shattered Sky are two very different settings – while Gargoyles, The Real Ghostbusters, and Stargate SG-1 can all get up to some hilariously high-powered highjinks, Bleach may very well be a step even further above what you can expect at the high-end from those three; y’know, somewhere on the scale between Urban Legends and Dragon Ball Z.

    Point is, I recognize that applying fact and canon from one does not carry over to the other. But I’m still curious. Archangel knows what’s empathy and what’s training. He’s got both the experience and hard data to back that up. And he says that at a certain level skill is indistinguishable from ESP.

    Hei is still getting a handle on ‘supernatural’ and what that means and what they can do. He is still very early in that process, so I have to wonder if Hei’s conclusion is a mistake, accurate, or if when Ryuuken said ‘sensed’ Hei took the Quincy-Doctor treating Hei & Friends(™) for Supernatural injuries a bit too literally?

    Or maybe Hei doesn’t realize he is sensing stuff and thinks/is automatically corroborating it through his training?

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    1. The 4/? turned out to be an error in posting that took me a while this morning to track down. Apparently one chapter ended up in a draft version twice. No idea how that happened…. Fixed now.

      *G* Quincies have centuries of training and tradition to draw on. Soul Society’s been training shinigami for about two thousand years, from my last reading of canon. The people involved in Gate-related powers… have ten years of information, no more.

      Add to that, the fact that Hei got dragged into an extremely high-stress environment within days of Bai becoming a Contractor. About five years of fear, pain, and dealing death before Bai forced her own powers on him. That’s a lot of soul-trauma even before the Contract tore him up.

      So if Hei had any – any – baseline trace of abilities to read reiatsu for emotions/intentions/what are they going to pull in a fight next, developing it would have helped keep him alive… but everyone around him would have told him he was only human. So, by definition, whatever he was doing couldn’t be supernatural. 😉

      (My headcanon is that there were other demon-hunter lines out there besides just Quincies, and the Li family comes from one. And didn’t know it.)

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      1. My headcanon is that there were other demon-hunter lines out there besides just Quincies, and the Li family comes from one. And didn’t know it

        Oooh . . . that sounds like it could be interesting.

        And gives the bunnies room if they decide Bleach and Darker than Black isn’t complicated enough to figure how they share a universe.

        Not saying they WILL but you know how bunnies are. 😉

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      2. Ooo do I ever. ATM the bunnies are trying to talk me into buying at least 2 particular covers on SelfPubBookCovers.com for story ideas that I haven’t written yet.


        (Granted, they’re really nice covers, and you can pre-buy and customize things later, from the FAQ. And if I had plenty of money to spare, I’d get ’em in a heartbeat. As it stands, though – tricky decision.)

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