Wake Up and Write Mocha

Well, I call it mocha. Milk is problematic for me, though, so this is the actual recipe. Add stuff to the mug in this order, to keep cocoa from sticking to ceramic in annoying ways.

About 7 shakes of salt.
2 tsp sugar.
2/3 tsp of instant coffee.
1 tsp cocoa.

Stir. Heat teapot. Add about 1/4 inch of water to mug, stir again to reduce lumps, then add rest of hot water.  Sip at your own rate and temperature tolerance.

…It may seem like a lot of salt, but it lets you reduce the amount of sugar needed for it to taste sweet. And I don’t get much salt in my regular diet, so when the days are hot and muggy (which is most of the time!) this goes a long way toward making sure I don’t get faint the rest of the day.

I’m also caffeine-sensitive, so I pretty much only have ONE of these a day, in the morning, to get going. 🙂

Definitely going to need it tomorrow, given Hurricane Michael’s headed this way. Due to be in the area… sometime Wednesday. Joy.

(Seriously, Murphy, what’d I do to you this year?)

Aaaaaanyway… based on past experience, power loss is likely. So I’ll be pre-loading some posts for the next couple days. Meaning if I’m slow to reply to comments, it may be because no power, no internet, etc. So it goes!

29 thoughts on “Wake Up and Write Mocha

  1. Sounds tasty . . .

    I’m in the Tampa Bay area so I will get to experience Michael first . . . yay (sarcasm) . . . The Weather Channel and the various news stations are already losing their minds. Of course, hurricanes are serious . . . and this is Florida. All nuts roll to Florida. Other places have their share of idiots and lunatics but sometimes it seems like Florida has more than its fair share.

    Preloading is of the good. Glad I got the chance to get the bookstore and got some Terry Pratchett I didn’t have and hadn’t read yet – means I have plenty of reading material (we have a battery powered booklight).

    Good luck with the storm. Knock on wood that Murphy will decide that enough is enough for this year.

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    1. Whoof. I’m sure I don’t need to remind you to watch out for the storm surge!

      …I was the only person in the grocery store NOT buying bottled water. Because we keep on hand, at all times, enough minimum potable water for the household for three weeks. At least.

      (Ivan really sucked. And we had that much water on hand, which meant it only sucked, instead of being unbearable. So.)

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      1. I’m sure I don’t need to remind you to watch out for the storm surge!


        Through I live pretty far inland so storm surge usually not a worry. Usually is not always through so . . . besides hurricanes can do plenty of OTHER damage to keep an eye out for.

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    2. All nuts roll to Florida. Other places have their share of idiots and lunatics but sometimes it seems like Florida has more than its fair share.

      Two words:
      “Florida Man.”

      In a headline, that means “this is likely to be odd.”

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      1. In fairness, Florida’s various Sunshine Laws means the press can get hold of court records/etc. that are a lot more tricky to get in other states. So it’s a little hard to tell if Florida is more crazy, or we just hear about the craziness more.

        …Though given I live near where someone was arrested for trying to travel back in time speeding at 88 mph….

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      2. I’m sure Foxfier knows this, but there is a reason California is called the land of fruits and nuts.

        California has a bit more than its share of America’s naturally occurring mentally ill, because a lot of them ended up there from the sixties on. Good climate, and permissive environment is very attractive if you don’t want to stay on the meds that let you function well enough not to be homeless. California has a fair number of imports who are seriously ill, but not refusing to take their meds ill, and this has impacted the culture. Not mentioning politics.

        Mathematically, more than one state can have above average rates of mentally residents who were born in other states. Florida is warm enough to be a plausible candidate.

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      3. someone was arrested for trying to travel back in time speeding at 88 mph….

        Oh, they finally invented Mr. Fusion? Nice.

        the truly insane homeless are a lot less likely to freeze to death in San Diego than in, oh, Spokane Washington.

        I’m trying figure out why this would horrify them…is it the idea that exposure happens in seasonally-normal adverse weather conditions?

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      4. I’m not sure.

        My guess– and it’s just a guess– is that they didn’t want to confront the fact that these folks really should be in an institution, they literally don’t have the sense to come in out of the rain. They’re not living “freedom,” they’re abandoned to live or die as best they can, like leaving a legless man to get up the stairs on his own.

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  2. Ooh, barometric changes, ouch. I get godawful headaches from them, and so does the kid. medicine for altitude sickness helps, believe it or not.

    The kid also gets really faint in heat (with or without mugginess). What helps in this family is electolyte drink. Finding a palatable one which turned out to be unflavored water with added electrolytes made a huge difference to the kid’s functionality.

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  3. My knee jerk reaction was ‘wimpy coffee’ before I came to my senses. I keep having to remind myself that very few people can take seven shots of espresso in one drink and not end up plastered to the ceiling.
    As for the weather- I’m pretty sympathetic on that front. The PNW is finally getting soaked… and everyone has forgotten how to drive in the rain. Or that they need to wear High Visibility clothing if they are biking next to the highway. I’m dreading the first real windstorm. Once those trees start coming down, people are going to loose it. Again.

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    1. *Rueful* I couldn’t even take ONE, most likely. My nervous system is not wired to standard settings….

      Oof, yes, on the rain. We can get rain coming down so hard you can’t see the road in a regular thunderstorm, and it always amazes me that most people don’t even slow down.

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  4. Ick. One of the few good things about Indiana weather* is that flooding is much easier to avoid, with a little sensibility. (Floodplain is much easier to recognize than hurricane-danger-zone.)
    Good luck!

    *Too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter, abrupt changes, and every season hates the roads.

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  5. Huh, the main thing here is the sun playing peek a boo really messing with people’s automatic headlights, though anything is better then that smoke(we were down to less then .1 mile visibility for a while here, and idiots who don’t realize you should use lights).

    I will wish all of those by the hurricane path safety, and hopefully things work out all right.

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  6. Stay safe.

    Not – I figure – that you need a reminder; the way you talk about these gives me the impression that you’re an old hand at this.

    More intended here as well wishes.

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  7. I’m not looking forward to getting the remnants in North Carolina in a few days. The flood waters from Florence have only *just* receded in a few places and we’ve only had one real week of continually dry weather since.

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    1. I don’t think I’ve had a solid week of dry weather all summer. And that’s only a slight exaggeration. It certainly hasn’t been for this fall. /sigh Weather is one of mankind’s consistent complaints at least.

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  8. Question about your recipe — What size mug are you using? Or, to phrase it another way, how many ounces of water do I need if I want to make your mocha (’cause it sounds lovely)?

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