A Spirited Picnic Ch1 Ficbit – Worries

“Mao. You as twitchy as I am that we ain’t been found yet?”

“Hmm. Probably yes and no.” The chipped ear flicked. “From what I can hack, Kirihara seems to have kept her word, which puts us officially off the grid for the first time since our stars appeared. As long as her friends in Astronomics conveniently forget to scan here, she’s eliminated the primary way the Syndicate’s always kept Contractors on a leash. And if we’re very, very lucky, Kirihara arranged it quietly enough that the Syndicate doesn’t even know no one’s looking for us.”

“Huh.” Huang scowled. “But they can still read flares.”

“And all that will tell them is that we used our Contracts somewhere Astronomics doesn’t scan,” Mao said happily. “They’ll assume it has to be somewhere out in the hinterlands away from Tokyo. Oh, it’s not a perfect camouflage; from the star locations they know we’re still on Honshu somewhere. But there’s an awful lot of somewheres for a man with Hei’s skills. Not to mention a cat.”

“Heh. Point.” Huang took a breath, more relieved than he wanted to admit. If Mao thought he had to run like heck, he would. If the cat-Contractor was calm enough to enjoy himself, Mao believed the odds were pretty good in their favor.

“On top of that,” Mao’s claws kneaded the picnic cloth, “a surprising number of the Japanese branch of the Syndicate seem to be under lock and key. Section Four has been very efficient. And Kirihara’s recording of how Hourai’s scheme could have just as well wiped out all of Japan seems to have kicked various otherwise unhelpful government sorts in the ass. The Japanese government isn’t just spring-cleaning, they’re strip-searching every last department. From the sudden spike in official suicides, I’d say the Syndicate here is going down in flames.” Violet glanced at Huang; a black-furred shrug. “I wish I could search more deeply, but I still have to sneak around the Web. The last thing I need is a DOS attack.”

17 thoughts on “A Spirited Picnic Ch1 Ficbit – Worries

  1. I have to say, that does make sense- having your country almost be wiped off the map is the sort of thing to get otherwise intransigent road blocks up and moving.

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  2. Poor Huang. Part of that has to be perfectly understandable paranoia, and part of that has to be that being ‘safe’ is a foreign concept, especially after he got shot. I haven’t watched or read Darker than Black (I’m planning on fixing that as soon as I can) but I get the impression they all are used to moving around the majority of the time. Saying put and actually left alone must be so strange. A relief to be sure, but strange.

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    1. Depends on the season.

      Season one is the most defensibly canon part of the anime. Hei spends a lot of that living out of one apartment, Yin working at a tobacco stand, and I dunno where Huang hangs his hat.

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  3. But there’s an awful lot of somewheres for a man with Hei’s skills.

    Yes, especially with Hei’s skills. They have got to know that he could lead them around by their noses for quite a while. Especially if he doesn’t actually use his power.

    Some of them also know that Hei can be just as lethal not using his power as he can be using it.

    And Kirihara’s recording of how Hourai’s scheme could have just as well wiped out all of Japan seems to have kicked various otherwise unhelpful government sorts in the ass.

    Nothing like knowing that you could have been blasted into atoms to lit a fire under people’s behinds. And that even if YOU hadn’t . . . . people would want answers. Likely the only reason people weren’t asking MORE questions about Brazil is the area that got blown up WASN’T in the one of the densely populated, metro areas. That would have not been the case if Tokyo and a good chuck of Honshu got blown up. Considering how much of Japan’s government and economic sector is headquartered in the danger zone . . . (through in addition to killing Contractors, destabilizing that much of Japan’s government, etc was probably part of The Plan.)

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      1. Wiping out Contractors supposedly would have left humans untouched. Supposedly.

        I have some very serious doubts about that.

        Sarcasm Alert!
        Considering the people coming up that plan have been so careful about preserving human life,

        Besides things like that ALWAYS go exactly according to plan. Scientists never misinterpret the data from their experiments or later discover there was another factor that they needed to account for.

        Considering no one knows where the Gates came from or how they actually work, I am certain they could predict everything about it accurately.

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