A Spirited Picnic Ch1 Ficbit – Missing Pieces

Watching Karin put a particularly vicious spin on a kick headed Hei’s way, Mao chuckled. “You like him.”

Huang kept his eyes on Hei’s block-and-counter, and off knowing violet. “Get out.”

“You’re emotionally attached. Admit it.” Mao’s head rubbed his knee. “It’s even rational. You know he’ll protect you if we’re attacked. Just as he protects all of us. We’re his team. We make him feel warm. Safe. Not alone. For a Contractor, that’s a precious thing.”

Pretty precious for a human, too. “We make you feel warm, fuzzball?”

A long minute passed. “…I think so,” Mao said at last. “It doesn’t feel like I remember feeling, when I was human. I don’t remember thinking about feeling then; I just felt. Now – I can feel, and I can think, but sometimes I have to think about feeling to make it… come across the gap?” A soft hiss. “It’s as if – when you become a Contractor, there’s an endless chasm between yourself and feeling and people. But when you three were there, and you made sure I ate, and had backup, and… someone grew a vine bridge across the chasm? It’s rickety and I wouldn’t put too much weight on it, but it’s there… it shouldn’t be this hard to explain!”

“Easy.” Huang stroked down raised hackles. “Feelings confuse anybody. An’ it fits what Ishida said. You got missing pieces. Some of it’s growing back, kind of. The rest, you need to figure out how to work around ‘em.” Time to distract an agitated kitty. “Might be easier if you had fingers again. Think we can figure a way to scam a gigai out of Soul Society?”

Mao leaned back, fur still ruffled. “We’d need a lot more information on access points, and what gigai actually are. No point in stealing something if it’d blow up too soon.” He winced as Ichigo skidded on the grass; perked up as the teenager turned it into a recovery roll and charged right back into the fray. “Though I admit, I’ve missed the simple pleasure of flipping through a newspaper.”

Huang grinned. “Or playing soccer?”

“Getting in on that would be a good way to get things broken,” Mao said ruefully. “Look at them. Tell me that’s human.”


23 thoughts on “A Spirited Picnic Ch1 Ficbit – Missing Pieces

      1. Her moment of awesomeness isn’t diminished because she actually had her Quincy powers taken at that point. That’s why she actually died. Otherwise she could have used spirit particles to harden her skin and block the attack. Still would have saved Ichigo, just not as heart wrenching. It’s part of the reason Isshin doesn’t talk about it, because he thought she could handle a single hollow and that’s why he didn’t come to the rescue. Its tied into the crazy last arc of the manga, but when Ichigo finds out Isshin actually explains that part. As strong as king Fisher was, he shouldn’t have been able to kill Mom. The only thing canon doesnt explains whether or not she knew her powers were gone already when she protected Ichigo. Another sad twist is the losing the Quincy powers killed Uryuu’s mom too. I don’t remember if it was on the same day, but they both died because of losing their powers.

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      2. It’s not primarily whether Masaki had Quincy powers or not. It’s whether she knew the spirit world – and Hollows – existed, or not.

        Trying to protect someone from a known danger and having your powers fail on you is much different from “a monster I’ve never seen before is attacking my son, I won’t let that happen!”

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      3. I personally like to think mom knew but she didn’t have time to think about it. Just moved to save her son. Still awesome and sad.

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      4. Possibly depends on what exactly Kisuke did with the Gigai. In hindsight, I really should have had a smiley, or not have been writing a comment just then if I couldn’t be sure of finishing it well.

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      5. Actually, it’s implied from images that Masaki’s powers failed/were stolen, right in the middle of Grand Fisher’s attack – as in, she still had them when the fight started, then all of a sudden they were gone, and all she was able to do was to sacrifice herself to block an attack on Ichigo himself.

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      6. I get that a lot of people don’t much like the Masaki was a Quincy reveal /or/ how it was handled, but it closes a MASSIVE plot hole that’s been around since the way she died was revealed. Specifically HOW DID SHE KNOW TO PROTECT ICHIGO.

        It’s made blatantly obvious very early on that seeing spirits is exceptionally rare among humans and being able to see Hollows and Shinigami is rarer still and requires either some sort of in-born talent or trauma inflicted by an encounter with a Hollow…which tend to be fatal for squishy humans, even (or rather especially) for those who are capable of seeing spirits.

        There’s a lot of things that are just utterly terrible about the Quincy War arc, but I honestly think the revelation that Masaki was a ‘retired’ Quincy was probably one of the very few /good/ parts of it.

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      7. Yeah, but that could also be understood as an asspull by Kubo Tite that is only ‘necessary’ because Kubo Tite screwed up at an earlier stage.

        Once a sufficiently large property ceases to make sense in any sort of coherent way, an addition that makes one thing work breaks another. Many of the opinions on this or that addition are legitimately a matter of taste, perhaps heavily dependent on initial impressions. If we want some sort of objective standard, Vathara’s taste beats mine in terms of number of awesome Bleach fanfics.

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      8. It wouldn’t really be that shocking for a ‘normal’ Misaki to be able to see ghosts, anyway. Chad can do that just from hanging around Ichigo for a year (unless that was later retconned to be whatever the hell Fullbring is); Misaki birthed that little ball of weird and had lived around him for like 7 years at that point.

        It closes a plothole that isn’t really much of a plothole at all.

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        Wait. I thought fairly early on – like somewhere in the Substitute Shinigami arc – it was addressed/mentioned that Masaki could see ghosts?

        Like… I know I misremembered Isshin claiming the kids got their ghost sight from Masaki, but I really genuinely thought there was something early on where someone mentioned she could see ghosts, just like her kids?

        Hell, just like Don Kanoji. You don’t have to have wierd ancestry or spend years hanging out with Ichigo to be able to see ghosts. Yeah it’s rare (tho’ it does already have a higher rate of instance in Karakura) but it still happens.

        I always assumed after the reveal that Isshin was a shinigami that her ability to see ghosts was… Kinda how they met.

        Woulda been wierd for Isshin to marry a woman and have three kids with her and never tell her he wasn’t standard human.

        … Actually I think I have more of a problem with the concept of Isshin not telling Masaki then I do with his ‘need-to-know-means-noone-knows’ policy on Soul Society/Shinigami stuff with his kids.

        At that point we’ve got some fairly basic lies about who he is. To his wife. I know that happens and supernatural variations have happened in plenty of fictional works. But it’s still hella not cool and really oogy.

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  1. Yeah. Not all cultures play such wimpy footbol as Americans do… I still remember pickup games at school in Guatemala. If you didn’t come back bloody, you obviously hadn’t done your part. And that went double for the goalie. And this was just gradeschool kids.

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  2. Today I crazily asked myself what if gravity were a function of pressure, instead of mass. Because I didn’t have much attention to spare, it was a little while before I realized how much evidence disproves this.

    Folks who have studied fluid mechanics may have noticed that Bleach’s spirit pressure does not much match the behavior of pressures of real gases. I’ve been wondering how that works. (and real world engineering texts might have a lot of bits that are entirely useless in soul society.)

    The Bleach/Star Wars we’ve been tossing around? My bunnies are suggesting that the answers to several questions of how to implement might in considering gravitic effects, and finding a cool way of transposing spirit pressure into sci fi.


    1. Shinigami and other spiritually aware folks describe it as pressure because, apparently, that’s how they /perceive/ it – it feels like the other person’s spriit is pushing down on you. In all other ways though, it appears to behave more like an automatically in repulsion mode form of electromagnetism.

      Which is very interesting in relation to Hei! One wonders if his contract can sense/deflect spirit pressure? If he /could/ learn that, it’s possible he could learn to make his team ‘invisible’ to spirit senses, which would be …usefull. Of course, it would also make his star flare, sooooo…trading one kind of visibility for another.

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      1. For the star to flare whenever he uses his power, there has to be either a constant connection between him and it, or it’s reacting to his power pulsing out.

        I would argue for a constant connection, considering that dying causes said star to fall. Maybe each star has it’s own frequency? Either the body acts as a filter of sorts and losing it causes a change in their reitsu/frequency, or they hollowfy almost instantly, every time, and it changes that way.

        Would learning to control his reitsu allow him to block that connection? Could he learn to mimic other frequencies, or at least change his temporarily so the it doesn’t match any of the stars? What would happen if there are two people flaring the same star at the same time? An echo? Splits into twin stars? Would his star fall/fail without his connection? That’s one way to fake his death…

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      2. I recall that spirit pressure at times looked like it crushed objects, as if by over pressure.

        I’m old, and my memory may not be what it used to.

        My issue is that large gas pressures are often caused by high temperatures, high speeds, or large amounts of the gas. Yamamoto aside, not much high temps. And constant mass addition that doesn’t eventually equalize pressures hurts my head. What we see is what we might expect from a high pressure gas contained in a spherical shell force field. Smith is one of or the inventor of space opera, and the sci fi forcefield. In physics, they talk about force fields that are 3d, not just 2d shells. And pressure is force over area.

        Doing something weird with gases can be replaced by a 3d forcefield.

        Lucas focuses on the biological side of The Force these days, but the movie canon shows a lot of application of forces to objects.

        This is a way of justifying flying Shinigami without resorting to jetpacks, repulser harnesses, cloaked star fighters, mecha or striker units. Downside is that those might be much more awesome.

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  3. it shouldn’t be this hard to explain!”

    Feelings can be hard to put into wrods for anyone, let alone someone who has had their soul and head messed with to that degree.

    Think we can figure a way to scam a gigai out of Soul Society?”

    That could be a viable solution . . . if you get a gigai to work for your specific situation . . . having the feeling that might need to be a custom job. And means going to Sandal-Hat. Something probably best avoided for the time being.

    Through the Team will met him eventually. Someday.

    Urahara would probably enjoy the challenge of creating a gigai that would work for Mao. It might even keep him occupied for more than an hour.

    “Getting in on that would be a good way to get things broken,” Mao said ruefully. “Look at them. Tell me that’s human.”

    Yuzu and Karin are at least half?

    Ichigo is . . . complicated.

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