Earring Tales: Amethyst Ocean

….I got new purples.

Violet Twilight8

I think this works nicely. Although the color-lined beads (lowest two rows) aren’t as obvious about the color-lined effect when they’re together in an earring as they are in a bag. Hmm. May need to think on what design might set them off more.

Gold and purples does seem to be a good combo, though!

Amethyst Ocean earrings.

8 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Amethyst Ocean

  1. Pretty colors! I don’t even really care for jewelry, but I still look at these for the colors, and this particular set has a very nice color pattern.

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  2. color wheels show that purples and yellows are complementary, that’s why they work. I like the combo, too. I even have a rose tree that grows both purple (Ebb Tide rose, which has a wonderful scent) and yellow (Julia Child rose, light yellow) On my monitor, unfortunately those lower rows don’t look purple at all, they look green. I think the design is probably stunning, I just can’t see it.

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      1. The next to the bottom rows look dark blue, but the bottommost looks one of those blue-green-grey combinations. I’m not sure how much is glare and other such factors, and how much is the pieces themselves, as some individual ones look more blue, some more green, and some more grey.

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