Post-NaNo Update: Pearl Edits Still In Progress

RL and Murphy notwithstanding, I’ve now gotten through p 174 of what’s currently 200 pages of the 77K word Pearl of Fire draft. Which means I won’t have edits finished before NaNo starts. Drat.

Still. I’ve gotten it down to 26 pages and a handful of “look through main text and add some foreshadow edits” to do. Meaning if Murphy doesn’t decide to drop a meteor on top of me in the next month or so, and the switchover from CreateSpace to Amazon KDP doesn’t go too badly, I should get Pearl of Fire out this year.

That was beginning to look horribly iffy.

(And I’m not ruling out the possibility of a meteor. The way this year has gone so far….)

I’d started out the year hoping to get two books out; Pearl, and Leatherbound. Because I like writing, I really do, and I want to write stuff and get it out much, much faster.

I’m working on trying to change my situation so I have more time to write.

(Not to mention sleep. Unbroken sleep has been in very short supply for the past year-plus, and I can tell you firsthand that’ll kill your concentration very, very quickly.)

As things stand some of what I need to change my situation is still in nebulous planning stage. Working on it. Though I suspect I’ll just hit the point of having to pull a Patton: “A good plan violently executed today is better than a perfect plan next week.”

In the meantime I’m going to keep working on edits and try to pull off NaNo, because writing a rough draft gives the brain fresh new stuff to chew on, and you can sometimes get more writing work done that way than if you stick to just edits.

Idea I’m going for is currently titled Tell No Tales. Guy meets tulpa – or is she a ghost? – in graveyard, and together they thwart a demonic plot and expose a murderer….


15 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Pearl Edits Still In Progress

  1. Oooo, book idea sounds interesting!! Good luck with NaNo, I’m hoping to do it this year too. I’m really looking forward to Pearl of Fire, I hope Murphy gives you a break!

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    1. Me too. No meteor, but tomorrow we now have a tree service showing up. *Headdesk*

      (They were supposed to call us and give us a head’s up at least 3 days in advance.)

      (The neighbor called instead; “just in case they didn’t call you”.)

      (At this point I’m not even surprised.)

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    1. I’ve heard it works for some people, I just have a lot of weird allergies and I’m not sure how to test it out.

      (Seriously. I give you just one example: Dates. What the heck, immune system… and who thought date paste was such a great idea to add to GF stuff? Augh.)


      1. The fates probably act as a thickening agent. And the thing about melatonin is that if you take too much, it will actually keep you awake. And by ‘too much’ I mean if you take a regular dose and then your body starts producing it’s own and the final dose is too much. The body is weird.

        If it weren’t for allergies, I’d say check into some sleepy teas, most of which are really just calming teas as close as I can figure. Maybe try with chamomile leaves, fresh?

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      2. Incidentally, awesome typo I now want to steal for a story:
        The fates probably act as a thickening agent

        See, the Fates aren’t actually in charge of fate. They’re just good at identifying points where they can push and thicken the plot.

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  2. Patton: “A good plan violently executed today is better than a perfect plan next week.”

    “Uh, why did you tear up and destroy all of the copies of your story?”
    “I thought looking them over might give me inspiration.”
    “So why did you destroy them?”
    “I was trying to follow Patton’s advice and execute the plan violently.”
    “Huh. Well whatever works. I didn’t know Patton was an author, I just thought he was an aggressive military commander.”
    “…he was a what?!”

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