Earring Tales: Scarlet Drops

…Really expensive magical maces?

Scarlet Drops3

I’m not entirely sure what I was thinking with this one, outside of “gold and ruby colors, cool.”

Again, this is one of the first earring pairs I made playing around with real jewelry tools. I think it looks decent, at least. And certainly good colors for Christmas or Valentine’s. 🙂

…Maybe Valentine’s for a weight-lifter? 🙂

Scarlet Drops earrings.


4 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Scarlet Drops

  1. But… if they’re heavy enough to use as maces, won’t they stretch your earlobes really badly? 😉

    OTOH, if you were a shipgirl, your fairies could probably use them. (I’ve possibly been exposed to Too Much Kancolle ‘fic, lately)

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