NaNoWriMo: 40 K and Still Going

I have to admit some of Tell No Tales wordcount at the moment is in rough script format rather than pretty prose, because between the past really chilly weeks and too much family to deal with, it’s all I can do to string together some dialogue and stage directions. It’s still getting the rough draft written, it counts.

(Local library won’t be open again until Monday. No good places to go to get away from family and relax. Not fair, not fair at all….)

But I broke 40 K words Friday, so I’m well on track for NaNo. And honestly, that’s part of why I’m leaving some stuff as rough script – I’d really like to have the whole arc of the story roughed out by the time November’s over, so I can stop. And do something else for a while. Finish editing Pearl of Fire. Figure out Amazon’s new KDP print scheme, so I can publish it. And plot the next bit of Shattered Sky. At the very least come up with a working title for it.

There’s nothing I’d rather be doing than writing, but awesome as it is to have finished prose at the end of the day, it’s still a heck of a lot of work. And much of NaNo is one determined slog every day, counting blocks of paragraphs and watching the total inch up fifty-odd words at a time.

By the end of November, I’d like to stop slogging for a bit. 🙂

19 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: 40 K and Still Going

  1. Thank you for the update on the daily slog! Terrible family troubles are always temultuous for the quiet souls, well wishes for that. Kind of reminds me of the daily panic in double knitting on needles thinner than toothpicks with very thin yarn to make a Christmas present. I look forward to your coming works!

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  2. While I write fanfiction, and don’t publish original prose, i noticed that, funniliy enough, NaNoWriMo is the opposite for me-i write LESS then usual during that month. and it has been so, through coincidence and circumstances, for five years without fail now.

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  3. *\(^_^)/* You got this! But yes, not having a place to escape to does make family gatherings, fraught. My family is full of people who’s idea of bonding is to all be in the same room doing individual activities, so we have rooms in the house, generally bedrooms, that people can retreat to when it gets too much.

    Just two more days and the library opens again. I’m sure there’s a church building nearby you can try before that if things get dire. Doesn’t even have to your personal religion either, but a nearby, quiet place that family can’t get to you immediately at because they don’t think to look there is nothing to sneer at.

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  4. If you want to find a new anime, one that is, perhaps closer to the dark side without jumping off the edge yet, I’d recommend Goblin Slayer. I like it so far, but fair warning, goblins are pretty gruesome in this. In the first episode a rookie adventure party is pretty much wiped out on screen, and the women in it had some barely offscreen predictable actions taken towards them. Still. Smart, not overpowered protagonist, tactics, use of fine powder in inclosed space, and hands down the most creative use for a transport spell I’ve ever seen. And wow, this really wasn’t what I thought it would be, but it’s probably tons better and more interesting. I honestly thought, from the description, that it was going to be crack. It’s not.

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    1. I’d heard that might be an interesting one. Especially the aspect that the named character refuses to go help out on the save-the-world crusade, because if he does, who’ll deal with the goblins?

      Now that’s a guy I can respect.


      1. Oh yes, he does do that. And part of the reason he keeps taking goblin quests, besides the fact that killing goblins is literally why he became an adventurer, is because no one else will, including guards and militia. “Because it’s just goblins.” He points out that any surviving goblin learns and they are social learners. And that goblins around villages that get chased off are the ones smoked out of nests.

        He also freely admits that what goblins are to humans he is to goblins, ie yes he is a monster to monsters. He also lets a newbie priestess with only two-three spells she can cast, with a total casting capability of three spells a day, tag along with him and teaches her how to do what he does best. And is actually really accommodating to her.

        And literally every one of his party that he gains calls him a different name. It’s hysterical. Course, I’d have to go watch again to see if I can catch anyone’s name. They all go by title, if that. Seriously the author appears to have followed the Tolkien Council of the Ring method of characters, “yeah, you know who these people are, I’m not coming up with a name.” Closest is Goblin Slayer. Course I don’t think you ever see his full face with his helmet off so it balances out.

        I literally binged it all today, and am riding the giddy ‘new fandom high’ so, there’s that.

        I think one of my favorite parts is when he’s in a guild in a new town, wondering why there’s no missions to clear giant rats out of the sewer. He can clearly hear people mocking him in the background but carries on. It’s not important, Killing Goblins Is.

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      2. I did a wiki trawl or two after hearing about people complaining on Youtube. Also read the Undead Master Goblin Slayer fic.

        Most of the characters are listed by titles/descriptions.

        There are apparently scenes of him without the helmet, I just don’t know about in the anime.

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    1. Same on RWBY. I want to know the ending is happy before I get too attached, though. Fairy tales are pretty gruesome and dark if you look past Disney. As Dennis Mckiernan put in his author’s note once, fairy tales were supposed to fill the long hours in winter when everyone was stuck together.

      He has an entire book series based on expanding out stories. Once Upon a Winter’s Night is based on the polar bear prince. His original exposure to the story was two or three pages. He got a novel out of it. I love it.

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