Brief NaNo Update: 46K, Hike!

…I’m probably using football terminology wrong, oh well.

Broke 46K on Tell No Tales Monday evening. (Insert tired maniacal laughter here.)Because the bunnies really, really love seeing some round numbers in the wordcount. And will push to get them.

The bad guy has been revealed. The demon is in the process of getting punted out of this dimension, for now. And the cops have shown up.

I’d really pity Devon trying to explain this whole graveyard mess. There’s a burned body, an open grave, stolen construction equipment, a guy with probably a fractured jaw… and a few other interestingĀ details.

Not to mention the demon. Yes, the cops see the demon. Poor cops.

I would pity Devon, but in this world? I had a little pity on the poor mechanic and went with plausible: you can find magic-users in every profession. Especially the cops. šŸ˜‰

Which might give him even more awkward questions to answer. Hmm.

(Evil author is evil. So there.)


8 thoughts on “Brief NaNo Update: 46K, Hike!

  1. The most important thing to remember about football terminology is that everybody has brain damage.
    Everything makes a lot more sense with that in mind.

    Despite what narrative causality usually says, I could definitely see a lot of magic users becoming police in an “urban magic” setting.
    After all, if you wanted to use your magic to solve real problems, then police work is an area with a lot of problems and doesn’t require mass quantities.

    Of course, they might not call it magic.

    “How did you find one person in a city of 2 million?”
    “Profiling and statistics. Do you want to see the math?”
    “No! Uh, I mean… I believe you and I have to go write reports. Lots and lots of reports that don’t have anything to do with math.”

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      1. And if magic is partly powered by belief, relatively speaking, we probably have a fair amount of belief sloshing around to power number based magic.


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