Brief NaNo Update: 50 K+!

Hit 50,572 words on Tell No Tales at 7:49 PM Wednesday.


This actually sketches the entire arc of the story, all the way to “the end.”

(No, I did not actually write “The end.” in the rough. Tempting as it may have been.)

Granted, there were several pages left in rough script, a few characters who turned up that I’ll have to foreshadow into the story, and possibly a few events to add. Not to mention loooooots of polishing, later. But it’s a complete story, start to finish.

…Awesome. Or it will be, when my brain boots back up.

Still two days left in NaNo. I intend to use them to flesh out some of the script I left in the main story. Just not at as frantic a pace.

All told, though, I think this story actually works. And is pretty cool. Even if I will have to do more research to make sure all the mechanic stuff I put in is accurate. 🙂

I’m also going back to editing Pearl of Fire. Hopefully that will go better now that my brain has had a creative break!

…And then it’ll be formatting, and trying to figure out Amazon’s new print stuff. Oh boy.

Well, one thing at a time. For now, thud!


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