Christmas Present – A Few More Fics On AO3

Note, only three – but they’re long! They’re, er, also R-rated and probably NSFW. Just sayin’.

Witchy Woman – Rurouni Kenshin/NightLife RPG.

All I Need is a Miracle – Rurouni Kenshin/Gargoyles.

Ruby – FF7 AU/Lejentia Fort Bevits.

Lejentia was a game setting put out by Flying Buffalo; had two gamebooks and an adventure supplement. I never found a good way to play it, but the ideas of the “good” side of elves, humans, etc. all being violently racist and at each other’s throats while the “evil” demonic side freely said that it didn’t matter what race you were as long as you had the power for your army rank… it was interesting.


8 thoughts on “Christmas Present – A Few More Fics On AO3

    I adore Witchy Woman and Miracle. Really, and or your Kenshin works. I don’t remember Ruby–Oh, this one. Yes, I like this one too.
    Cheers, and Merry Christmas!

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  2. Yey! Ruby and All I Need is a Miracle are on Ao3!

    That is a really interesting note about the Lejentia Fort Bevits setting. I have to say I can’t think of a lot of fantasy “bad sides” in settings with multiple races that aren’t racist. That would be an interesting trope to subvert… I almost wish that was in the Author’s Note of Ruby.

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    1. Forgot this…

      I think Ruby was one of the first of your stories that I read. I know it was the first of your stories that I read through fives times in a row. And then decided to read through the rest of your stuff regardless of if I knew what fandom it was in. Because I hadn’t read writing and worldbuilding this good in ages.

      I’m pretty sure that happened five to seven years ago. Since then I’ve read lots of well written fics from you and some very informative Author’s Notes. Thank you for sharing them all with us!

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  3. nothing wrong with some NSFW from time to time-why i found the practice of trying to write such, tastefully… to be an interesting writing challenge and educative experience.

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  4. Ah hah! Sorry, it’s been bugging me for years what the cross was for Ruby, but game setting makes perfect sense. 3.0 OGL, I take it?

    Thank you for the fics, and Merry Christmas.

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