Catch a Falling Star Ficbit – Dueling Questions

Gray hair or not, this guy is dangerous, Joey concluded, taking in the ready for anything air that seemed to surround the older man. Short haircut, leather jacket… too disciplined to be in the biker crowd. Security, maybe. Something official. Cop? Nah, Bakura’s not jumpy enough.

One thing was for sure. If this guy’s a translator, I’m from Tibet. “Nothin’ much,” Joey said casually. He nodded toward Richmond. “Guy’s never seen a good dark Deck played, or he’d sing a whole ‘nother tune.”

“Dark Deck?” Daniel arched a blond brow.

And forget the glasses, this guy’s trouble and a half, Joey concluded, giving the six-foot-one archaeologist a once-over while trying not to be too obvious about it. Dr. Jackson might not be physically hazardous to his health, though something in the cut of his suit hinted there was muscle hidden under professorial tweed. But in his own way he was even more dangerous. Innocent eyes. Like Yugi’s. Only sad.

And like Yugi, the guy could probably think his way past traps while his opponents were still trying to figure out just what the hell had hit them.

An’ they came looking for us. Houston, we got a problem. “Dark theme,” Joey explained, since Ryou was busy studying the floor. “You don’t just shove a bunch of cards into a Deck an’ try to play ’em. You pick something that works together. Fiends an’ Dark are a pretty good combo. Luck and Warriors works, too.”

“For some of us better than others,” Ryou said softly.

Two problems, Joey realized, recognizing the defensive way Ryou curled up on himself, using the popcorn bucket as a shield. Oh man. Ryou must’ve really looked up to this guy when he was in Egypt. And from the way chocolate eyes were glazed, right now he was having the argument from hell with a soul-stealing yami who really, really liked doing unto others before they got a shot to do unto him. Joey set a careful hand on the tense shoulder. “Hey, Ryou. That guy up there doesn’t have a clue. An’ he probably wouldn’t get one even if you dropped a Portrait’s Secret on top of him. Why don’t we get some air, huh?”

“Sounds good,” Jack said evenly. “I hear there’s a little park out back. Benches. Couple flowers. Trees. If you like that kind of thing.”

“I didn’t ask you.” Joey kept his voice down as they stood, not willing to draw any more attention in the middle of innocent bystanders. They were already getting stray looks from the amateur duelists hanging around the back of the room.

“No, you didn’t.” Jack matched their pace out to the hall, obviously confident Daniel would be right behind him. “So how do you guys know Kaiba?”

“You’re kidding, right? Any Duelist knows Seto Kaiba.” Most of ’em don’t go to school with the guy, but hey. Them’s the breaks.

Most of ’em don’t mess with ancient soul-stealing magic with him, either. Lucky us.

“So you two are here for the convention.” Jack glanced over him as they headed for the hotel’s back doors.

“Well, yeah,” Joey managed. “I mean, why else would we be here? Duel Monsters convention, Kaiba’s gonna be showing off his tech-toys, we’re Duelists….” Ryou, help me out here!

No such luck. The white-haired teen was grimly putting one foot in front of the other as they wove through the crowd, clinging to Joey’s hand with a grip that could dent school desks.

Yep. Bakura’s tryin’ to get a good hold. “So how come you’re here?” Joey flung at the odd pair. Almost out the door – get outside, and we can lose these guys. Bakura’s not gonna filet anybody if he can just get away from ’em.

“Got a niece, well, kind of a niece, back home who can’t make it here,” Jack shrugged. As if he were oblivious to the way Joey had placed himself between Ryou and Daniel. “She gave us a list of things to bring back, or else. What the heck is a Prevent Rat, anyway?”

17 thoughts on “Catch a Falling Star Ficbit – Dueling Questions

    1. Kurt was into the game and apparently had nadda in terms of talent.

      Also Hanka (Cassie’s homeworld) was presumably ‘settled’ by Goa’uld slaves. And I can’t see the snakes not specifically weeding out any individuals that would have talent for magic. Ergo it is extremely unlikely that she has even a drop of power.

      Honestly what I’d find funny/plot-line inducing would be for Carter to have tons of innate magic. Just to see the conflict between her upbringing/training/viewpoint of ‘magic is simply advanced alien science etc etc’ to her now being magic herself.

      Along with Cassie secretly slipping her cards so Carter’s randomly flaring magic summons them for her to play with.

      Carter: “Cassie, please stop calling monsters into the base.”
      Cassandra: (hugging the summoned Kuriboh) “But he’s so cuddly!”
      Kuriboh: “Ohwoooh” 🙂

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      1. My bunnies wish to proffer a scenario:

        Carter trapped behind enemy snake lines.
        Magic flare.
        Well-fed Red-Eyes Black Dragon using staff weapons as toothpicks.

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      2. I think that might cause an overlap with Kaiba himself, being tech oriented and magic skeptical, as well as adding a touch too much drama to the story. I could see Cassie as having been a genetic throwback to magic, which would serve as an explanation for why her community was wiped out, and why she was singled out to be the bomb. And it allows the possibility that she could faze the bomb out of her body, if a simple shift to the Shadow Realm wouldn’t let her, there is probably a Card that would.

        Besides, it helps us avoid the conflict of Jacob/Selmac wrestling with Sam/magic. Genetic memory would tell them to kill her, and I wouldn’t put it past the Goa’uld to have programmed it into a reflex.

        Now, having T’ealc turn out to have magic would be hysterical. Because he kept it together enough that no one, including himself, suspected he had magic, and it’s a solid reason to keep in contact with them. Daniel is often the one handed magic, but I love the idea that his wife is the actual mage between them, and Jack. Well, the idea of him as a Shadow Mage is not a comforting one.

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  1. Ouch. For both Ryou and Daniel. Then again…*ponders* Why would I really love to see what kind of deck Daniel would put together now? Though Daniel isn’t steady enough at the moment to be a good Shadow Mage, if he gets his wife back…look out world. Nice to see Joey being observant.

    Thank you for putting this up,

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  2. Prevent Rat? That’s a pretty good card, very useful if you play a defense heavy deck.
    Then again, others may not agree with me. I play with a very weird deck and a strategy that’s basically death of a thousand cuts.

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  3. *glees* Oooh, a Japanese guy wouldn’t have clue one about the Rolling Thunder type bikers, would he? There ARE geek biker clubs…..

    (For those not in either scene, even second hand– military bikers. I can spot them on the freeway because the “look” like cops, I can’t even say exactly how– but they have military logos instead. You can even tell “wearing the military stuff to honor somebody” folks from “I was military” guys pretty well. Part of why military is a frequent target by gangs is that our body language frequently “reads” as cop.)

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  4. If this guy’s a translator, I’m from Tibet.

    Yeah . . . and Joey will not be the last to reach that kind of conclusion. SG-1 needs better cover stories sometimes.

    And like Yugi, the guy could probably think his way past traps while his opponents were still trying to figure out just what the hell had hit them.


    That’s Daniel.

    A trait that has made many of a Gao’uld scream with frustration.

    And from the way chocolate eyes were glazed, right now he was having the argument from hell with a soul-stealing yami who really, really liked doing unto others before they got a shot to do unto him


    I do not envy Ryou for trying to accomplish that.

    “Sounds good,” Jack said evenly.

    Now I know WHY you are being persistent . . . but sometimes, you really do need to heed the “Go away” signals that someone is giving off.

    If something doesn’t change soon, this situation will get very ugly very quickly. Ryou can only keep Bakura from acting for so long . . . especially since the spirit isn’t wrong about SG-1’s threat level.

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