Catch a Falling Star Unfinished Ficbit – Impressed

And they were out in a breath of late-afternoon quiet under a few spare trees, skirting an older couple who’d taken over a parasol-shaded table with Dueling mats and twin scowls of concentration. Tree, lousy statue, tree – bush! Great, just break eye contact a sec and we are so out of here-

“Ryou.” Daniel’s plea froze his buddy before they could bolt. “Please. Tell me what’s wrong.”

“Wrong?” Ryou gave the archaeologist a quiet smile. Convincing, if you hadn’t seen him cover for Bakura with it half a dozen times. “Nothing, really. I’m just… not as used to people as I thought. It’s a bit much, America. No offense,” he added with a swift glance at Joey.

“‘Ey, none taken,” Joey shrugged. “You’ll get the hang of it in no time.” Clue me in, Ryou. What the heck’s got you so spooked-

Gold glinted in the corner of his vision.

Uh-oh. Think I just found it. An Eye? Aw, please, tell me this guy’s not wearin’ another Item-

No. Not an Item. The golden glow wasn’t shaped right, didn’t have the right tang in his nose to be the Horus Eye that marked half the trouble he’d found in the last year. Something else.

But it is kind of like Kaiba’s, Joey thought, eyeing the there-and-not-there glimmer shining through Daniel’s shirt. It’s not a thing, it’s a magic mark. Ward, maybe? Smells old. And weird. Not-from-around-here weird.

Daniel gazed at them both, nodded slightly. “It’s good that my young acquaintance has such a thoughtful friend,” the archaeologist said in Japanese.

“Least I can do for a classmate,” Joey replied, shifting gears back to that language with a sense of relief. Maybe you speak it, but your buddy there doesn’t. I’ll bluff one guy over two any day.

“Ah.” Daniel moved into a comfortable distance. “You study together?”

“Class B, Domino High,” Ryou said warily. “Father moved to Domino City last year. Well, when he’s in Japan, at least.”

“Domino?” Blond brows flicked up, surprised. “Cassie – our niece – said that’s where the Battle City Tournament was held. Did Kaiba really shut down the whole city?”

“Nah, just had his stiffs work with the cops to block off a few roads when the Duelists got going,” Joey waved it off. “Kaiba had to burn through classes just like the rest of us on school days.” Though he kind of ditched school when Malik snagged Mokuba… okay, Wheeler, enough defense. Time to take back this little chat, my way. “So what’s a sort-of niece, anyway?”

“Oh… Cassie’s Janet’s daughter.” Daniel fished out a wallet photo of a wide-eyed blonde maybe a year younger than Tea, surrounded by Daniel’s odd foursome about to dive into a frosted chocolate cake. Cassie herself was huddled close under the chin of a smiling redheaded lady with dark brown eyes.

“Adopted?” Ryou ventured.

“Yeah. Janet took her in when her parents died.” The archaeologist shrugged. “We work together so much, we’ve sort of adopted her too.” He put the photo away. “So your father knows you’re here?”

“Oh, yes,” Ryou said brightly. “He’s quite glad I’m, well, as he puts it, associating with my own age group for once. I must say, he’s been rather impressed by the game.”

Two out of three, Joey thought, trying not to wince. Jack might set off every Trap-detecting nerve he had, but Daniel seemed like a nice enough guy. If you call running screaming from a Headless Knight bein’ impressed… I don’t know how you talked your way outa that one, and I don’t think I want to know. He knew firsthand the Millennium Ring could alter people’s memories, and Bakura had pulled way too many magical stunts for Ryou’s father to stay clueless without some kind of help.


25 thoughts on “Catch a Falling Star Unfinished Ficbit – Impressed

    1. Even if Jack doesn’t? Joey is battle of words with Daniel Jackson.

      Not an improvement on the situation. Jack is flying wingman while he lets Danny line up the shot.

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  1. You don’t have to speak a language to understand someone pulling a bluff. Awww, Joey throwing himself between Ryou and other people! And Bakura and other people. For, vastly different reasons.

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    1. Yep. As someone who grew up living in different countries, you learn a lot about how to recognize what sort of content someone’s speech has, even if you don’t actually know the language the person is speaking in.

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  2. Wow Jack really doesn’t know when to back off huh? If you didn’t know about the whole evil side spirit thing, the way Ryou is acting looks like someone trying not to have a panic attack. I’m hoping that’s why Daniel stepped in. I know Jack is after information, but that is a really mean thing to do to anyone.

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    1. -Wow Jack really doesn’t know when to back off huh?-
      Does he ever? Seriously I can’t remember a point in the series (or in Vathara’s work) where he intentionally decided to take a back seat/leave well enough alone on these sorts of things.

      He just keeps poking and poking and is somehow surprised/offended when something bites him in response.

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      1. To be fair, most of the time it would be better to tell Jack what is going on.

        And he was always paid to poke sticks at things. Now he is also paid to poke his nose and his whole body into things. My tax dollars are not being wasted by Jack!

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      1. Well of course there is. The building isn’t on fire/exploded/half-swallowed by the Shadow Realm/invaded by armed NiD goon-squads out to capture Kiba and/or Mokuba yet.

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      2. – Ina subtler way than you might think. Mwah-ha-hah….-
        That notion reminds me of one character in a semi-original story (it’s a dungeon-core setting) called ‘There is no Epic Loot here, Only Puns’ over on spacebattles.

        In it the dungeon ends up getting a rare creature called a Dark Drake. Looks simply like a pure-black duck with red eyes. Only it has the ability to curse people that annoy it with bad luck.

        No obvious blasts, incantations etc done. It just results in everything possible going wrong for you.

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  3. Two SG1 thoughts.

    1. Has everyone been reading the recent Girl Genius strips and thinking how well this could be made to work with the Star Gate setting?
    2. Somewhere the brain turned up a metaphor for (Campione?) SG1 showing up. “Like when you notice Gandalf, Vash, The Doctor and Jamethiel at the next table.” Then observed that given how “LOL Ascension!!!” the Ancients were, those properties could be largely transposed onto some corner of the Star Gate setting. Then the bunnies said, no, file off all the serial numbers and it would work as an original series. Which it would, but my brain hasn’t really recovered from recent events, and I need to lie down.


      1. My mind started to go “the Kencyrath are more like Jaffa” before I realized another angle.

        That late season SG1 decision to frame the Ancients as being science focused compared to Ori being religious focused is kinda bullshit that closes off avenues for interesting story telling. The Ancients put a lot of energy over a long time into Ascension and immortality. That’s not just “lets do it to see if we can”. There’s some sort of mysticism or fixation driving things. Given that they worked on it as a collective, that’s religion in my taxonomy. Or a messed up society of people gone insane from overuse of flawed immortality treatments.

        What if the Ori had been the good guys at some point? What if the reason the Ancients didn’t do the worship thing, is that it brought temporary power, but ultimately death when the worship went away? (And the ancients were not sane enough to maintain cults over the time periods they worked.) What if the Ori were originally a faction that realized that the Ancients were the major evil, and set out to stop them, but compromised themselves along the way? The Ori were willing to die, but their efforts to kill the Ancients bogged down once they trapped the Ancients in the Milky Way, they settled in for a siege, and went more and more nuts.

        The Goa’uld could have been the worst of the Ancient’s excesses in the Milky Way galaxy. But that could have been Ancients playing nicer in their fall back position. They could have left galaxies and galaxies of horrors to build series around.

        A lot of official canons for sci fi series leave me cold these days. More and more, I think an original that allows the same sort of story telling is the better alternative to waiting for the property owners to get their heads straight.

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    1. Dreamweaver or Priest-Bane Jamethiel? The latter would be safer, but if she decides you’re corrupt you’re in trouble. And I think SGC has some problems that way.

      The kid tells me, after I read this aloud because it sounded familiar that there is a fic where Mechanicberg and everyone who was besieging it got teleported into space and it looks bound to shortly intersect with SG1. Title “All Possible Worlds” on AO3 by Samarkand12.

      Now on the snippet here, Daniel is also being mean to Ryou. He’s pushing too, just like Jack. The kid remarked ‘grabbing for a non-SG-anchor, maybe. (Has low opinion of DJ’s stability.)
      And am I the only one to think the Yu-gi-oh side will think it’s odd to see a mid-teen having a party with just adults around? maybe handwave as the adult party and assume there was another of her friends, but it just struck me.

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  4. Actually, I read it as Daniel being really worried about Ryou. Which makes sense, given that Ryou’s behavior in this reads as if something bad is going on, and Daniel knew him before Bakura showed up. Also, he stops a distance away, he switches to a language Ryou is using more often and is more private, and he’s trying to get a feel for Joey, who is the one dragging Ryou away.

    He’s also showing that he’s willing to listen, and sharing info, but if I ran into a kid I knew years ago in a bad situation, he’s going silent and shifting body language, and he’s got someone who’s pulling him out of a room as soon as my companion starts asking questions, I would be worried too and go after them.

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  5. I see worried, but speaking as an introvert, I’d also be feeling pushed by this half-stranger whom I haven’t seen or had contact with in years showing this intense concern about me. (Not sure what in the writing is giving me that intense reading.) It’s off, it’s wrong. I’d want him to back off, too, and probably bite his head off when he doesn’t get the hint. I feel for Ryou.

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  6. It’s not a thing, it’s a magic mark. Ward, maybe? Smells old. And weird. Not-from-around-here weird.

    Curious and curiousier . . .

    He knew firsthand the Millennium Ring could alter people’s memories, and Bakura had pulled way too many magical stunts for Ryou’s father to stay clueless without some kind of help.

    Very likely.

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