Last Completed FFN Fics Moved to AO3

And I think this does it for moving stuff from to Archive of Our Own.

Stardust – Stargate SG-1/ Bleach.

Ethan Rayne’s Very Bad Day – Buffy/Rurouni Kenshin/ multi-cross. YAHF.

Halloween World: Scorched Earth – Halloween World multi-cross.

Shadows in Starlight – Rurouni Kenshin/Star Wars.

Whew. Maybe now I can scrape together the mental energy to write new stuff. Holidays. Most energy is devoted to surviving!

Currently working on fleshing out more bits of Tell No Tales that were left in script form in the rough draft for NaNo. And sneaking up on ideas for other things to write.

On Pearl of Fire, currently reviewing the files for 1) inside of paperback and 2) e-reader version. Cover art still in progress, and I had to look up info on getting a Library of Congress Control Number. CreateSpace used to do that as a paid service, Amazon KDP doesn’t seem to have it. If you want to get your book into libraries, they want it to have an LCCN.

Apparently what I need is an ISBN (which I can get through Amazon KDP) and then to create an account with the Library of Congress to get the LCCN. We’ll have to see about that.


22 thoughts on “Last Completed FFN Fics Moved to AO3

  1. I’m a huge fan of Shadows in Starlight, so thanks for that.

    I’ve always wondered how things would work if it existed in the same universe as Change of Fate, simply because Kirito and Kenshin would be fun to be around. Though with the timeline, Kirito would probably be around 30/35 by then, and in a hypothetical Change of Fate sequel I’d like to see how things worked out on Alderan and finally have that conversation with Suguru and Asuna.

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      1. I’m enjoying Catch A Falling Star, and am interested in seeing more. I’m also fond of Shadows in Starlight, and Change of Fate, and would enjoy seeing continuations of those. My hope is that Shattered Skies does not get dropped in the end of NaNo project switching, but I’m just spectating here. I hope not obnoxiously, but I’ve not been judging or measuring my behavior very well recently.

        (If I’ve gotten a lot more obnoxious recently, some correction would help me.)

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    1. Hmm. Suguru. My bunnies are asking me if Saguru Hakuba and Suguha Kirigaya should do the fusion dance. Which is strange, because I should be caught up on sleep, and a lot of my other thinking seems sane enough by my standards.

      (Other thinking: You should be looking up textbooks in a field you’ve never studied, and start building a foundation.) Okay, looks like I need to start winding things down for another early bedtime.


    2. I had actually had some thoughts on this… Ohh, probably over a year ago at this point, on one of the posts here, where CrossOverCreativeChaos talked about weird and strange plotbunnies (I think in specific the original post mentioned a Zootopia/Ciaphas Cain cross that was destined to never be written just… Kind of stared at? In confusion and varying levels of bafflement?) and opened the floor at the end to everyone sharing their stories.

      One of mine at the time was a cross between a couple Star Wars fanfics. I thought that if Change of Fate needed to interact with the A New Hope era events/cast then an easy way to do it without aging the Sword Art Online cast by 20 years was to have the Flying Thantas + support and allies be forced to actively flee from Imperial pursuers into the Unknown Regions. Once out there all it would take would be a brush too close to a blackhole in uncharted space and enough technobabble-sci-fi-the-Force-works-in-Mysterious-Ways handwaving to account for a… difference of how much time they’d experienced and how much had actually passed.

      Since time does in theory move slower in the presence of large enough gravity wells then the Sword Art Online characters could still be no more than a few years older then when we saw them at the end of Change of Fate, even if they don’t get back to A Galaxy Far, Far Away proper until after Luke’s lit up the first Death Star like Fourth of July fireworks.

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  2. Here’s a bunny free for a good home.
    Leverage and “What Comes Around” (the reincarnated Magi). Canonically, Sophie (the grifter) wants to be a real actress. However, every time she’s in a performance (on stage or camera) she flops. Badly. Hardison (the hacker) is a self-avowed geek. He regularly references star wars, star trek and other fandoms. Parker (thief) does free climbing and got into a lock picking race with another thief. Ellison (hitter) has been everywhere and knows practically every fighting style.

    You’ve mentioned that the next part of “What Comes Around” will take place at a convention. I could easily see the Leverage crew showing up at that event on their own and then getting mixed up with Kingly shenanigans. Harrison goes to show Parker his favorite Simon films. And they crash into Alan who Parker may have met on a rooftop in Boston. Nate would take Sophie to the acting workshop as a bribe/treat of sorts. Ellison might get shanghaied into the weapons/fighting workshop with the swordsman and red lions.

    And then there’s the SG crew. Funfact, the Leverage props department raided the Stargate set and used various items of the now cancelled show to enhance their own. So technically, Leverage and Stargate could co-exist.

    Anyways, this is just a plotbunny that’s been nibbling at me. May it now nibble on you. ๐Ÿ˜‡

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    1. Actually the same writer did both shows and says they are in fact the same verse, and if the Stargate hadnโ€™t been dismantled then during the timeskip Elliot was supposed to stand in front of it and say โ€œone last time.โ€

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  3. Oh, Shadows in Starlight will always be one of my top faves amongst your works.

    Your characterization of Kenshin, Obi-Wan, Kaouru, the Jedi Order (in absentia), and the discussions both in fic and in notes on the Living Force vs. the Unifying Force, and on how the people of Yamato balanced the Light and the Dark and all the myriad practices between…

    I’m not gonna lie, I had to – while reading Shadows in Starlight – go back and check against Wookiepedia now and again before trying to articulate my thoughts on how much or what I should apply beyond Shadows in Starlight to Star Wars as a whole universe… My personal interpretation of the Star Wars universe, how the Force works, and how it all ties together and how people can and maybe even how people should – in setting – interact with the Dark and the Light were heavily affected by your work.

    The only other Star Wars stories I’ve read at the level of Shadows in Starlight (and Change of Fate) in terms of world building and philosophy are honestly the Double Agent Vader series by Fialleril on tumblr and AO3 and Drive You Mild by obaona on

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    1. Can’t remember if I’d already mentioned it, if so, sorry for the repeat.

      Vathara, were you aware that there is new material coming out for Kabaneri? There were 1 or 2 TV-series compilation theater releases, that reportedly shed a bit of light on the world-building and/or characters (but events are pretty much the same), there is a mobile game

      coming out this winter that introduces some new characters that’s supposed to be taking place 3 months after the end of the TV series. (opening looks awesome, with tantalizing glimpses of well, things) Some concept art teases some rather worrisome evolutions of the kabaneri hive-minds…

      Also, an actual sequel movie next year, supposed to be set 6 months after the end of the series.


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      1. I…

        I may just have to sit down and cry. I haven’t even been able to find time to rewatch DtB for Shattered Sky bunnies, much less Kabaneri.

        Thank you for the trailer, though – it looks awesome.

        (And you know the Koutetsujou made an impression when you just need a second to look and say, “wait – those are different hayajiro!”)

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      2. Kingdom Hearts III is coming out Jan. 25/Jan. 29.

        (And my bunnies have just pointed out ‘Romance of Three Kingdom Hearts’. I guess they think I’m not spinning my wheels uselessly enough. )

        I think SAO Alicization anime has been mentioned here already.

        I could probably dig up others if I worked at it.

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  4. Thank you for the posts. I’ve been enjoying old favorites and discovering new ones. I’d never read “Shadows in Starlight” before. Wonderful!

    I love everything you write. I survived the holidays by the skin on my teeth. I swear it gets worse every year. Work plus all the other nonsense. Yet Christmas is truly a miracle. I’m not good at paradoxes.

    Best wishes for the new year and get some rest!

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