Catch a Falling Star Unfinished Ficbit – Dragons in the Sky

“My mom’s lookin’ after us.” Which was another careful edit of the truth. Mrs. Wheeler had agreed to look in on Ryou while she arranged her own move to Domino City, but as far as she was concerned Seto Kaiba was a nice, responsible young man who could certainly shepherd her children on a trip to their native land.

Yeah, like we need his help. “If you want to find a Prevent Rat, you ought to head back to the dealer booths,” Joey offered, switching back to English. “Think I saw a lot of Earth types in the folders of that guy with the dragon tee-shirt. That, or you could pick up a couple booster packs and hope you get lucky.”

“Thanks. We’ll do that.” Sketching a bow, Daniel snagged his companion’s arm.

“Daniel?” Jack asked as the archaeologist started heading for the door. With him attached.

“Jack.” Daniel kept pulling.



“Okay, I’m confused,” Joey said in an undertone as the two disappeared back into the hotel. “Thought they wanted something from us.”

“They sought something, that’s true.” Ryou’s hand touched his sweater over his Ring. “I wonder what they believe they’ve found?”

“What is it that we seek, Samantha Carter?”

“I’ll tell you when I find it.” Sam drew comfort from the strong presence at her side, working her way through the crowd in search of alien memories.

What am I looking for? There’s nothing here. She dodged a trundling coffee cart. Nothing that isn’t strictly Earth-native, anyway.

But there was something. Something in the air. Like a ghost of jasmine, or a tone pitched just at the edge of hearing. Something she couldn’t – quite – touch.

“…And I sacrifice Bio-mage and Liquid Beast to summon Hyozanryu!” A grinning woman flipped down a card toward her suddenly pale opponent; a white-and-gold dragon, diamond wings spread, gold-crystal claws outstretched to tear-

-Gold claws tore through yet another coppery hull behind her own death glider, venting air and dying Jaffa to the thin winds of Earth’s upper atmosphere. The diamond dragon roared, shivering the sound straight into her host’s bones.

We must escape. We must!

//I’m trying!// Her new host’s hand wrapped about the throttle, coaxing every last ounce of speed from screaming engines as the dragon seized a third glider in teeth and talons. Tears ran down the Egyptian woman’s face, smearing kohl, dripping malachite-touched drops to white cotton. //Your folk couldn’t have sought the favor of Pharaoh before they struck at the false Ra’s Jaffa?//

The moment was right, Iniihue! I am sorry your village was destroyed, but we are fighting for more than your world-

//He might have protected them!//

How? He is but human.

//Human?!? He is Pharaoh! Child of the gods! You come from the Undying Stars; have you not wondered why the Two Lands remain free and proud, when other kingdoms tremble before the false gods? Have you not heard how the armored demons – your enemies – perish in our skies?// Her host looked back at the raging beast, quailing as glittering wings pushed past the last shreds of icy cloud. //He is lord of the Shadows – and all that come from them!//

Egeria, protect us!

And they were beyond the curve of night, soaring away and up into space….

26 thoughts on “Catch a Falling Star Unfinished Ficbit – Dragons in the Sky

  1. Aaand we see classic of Tokra arrogance… “Just a human”. Sure, let’s ignore all the fact in favor of belief that humans can’t stand up to the “Gods”. *snort*

    SG1 have no idea what are they getting into… But at last, Daniel knows when to retreat.

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  2. I think the main thing I get from the Tokra is, yes, arrogance, but also that it never goes good places when you excuse everything with “We’re in a war.”, which it seems Jolinar is the huge example for that mindset. Poor Sam…though I’m glad she’s with Teal’c.

    And Joey, trying to skip words and play word games with Daniel is also never a good idea. Though at least he’s probably sure Joey is protecting Ryou, not the one hurting him.

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  3. *pause*

    *blink* *blink*

    …I own that card.

    Got it outta a booster pack n’ everything.

    On a separate note, so a previous host of Jolinar was actually from Egypt during (or at least around the time of) Yami’s reign? Good to know. Although, given the comment about her being her village’s only survivor I’m hoping that village of hers wasn’t the same one Bakura was from.

    The misunderstandings those memories could lead to would be… Messy.

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    1. Hyozanryu is a very pretty card. I had it in my deck for a while, but I did much better with cards like Man Eater Bug and Princess of Tsurugi. A dragon deck just wasn’t quite right for me, it seems.

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  4. Typical Tok’ra . . . . for all they claim they are different from the standard Gao’uld . . . they still have a bad habit of taking instead of asking . . . they just use different justifications than the Gao’uld.

    . . .And dismissing the humans as helpless . . . .did they somehow forget that for all of their lack of superior technology, etc that humans STILL managed to kick Ra and the rest of them OFF of their home world. And kept them off. Granted, part of that was the Gates being sealed . . . . but even with them open, SGC has done a pretty good job of thwarting the Gao’uld right, left, and center BEFORE the Tok’ra formed an alliance with them. And pretty well after considering it seems like many of the Tok’ra believe that alliance means THEY must get the help when they want it and information from them is given when they feel like it . . . but WE are just out of luck if we want help from them when they don’t feel like it and we better give them all of the info . . .

    Tok’ra need to learn what a healthy as opposed to a parasitic one, relationship actually consists of . . . .

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  5. This reminds me a lot of an intelligence organization that doesn’t listen to the people who have lived for years in the area the intelligence organization is trying to infiltrate… When the locals have been holding off their attackers by themselves just fine. Cue the locals not like the intelligence organization crashing their party…

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  6. I think, if it was possible to do so, Iniihue would have liked to strangle Jolinar.

    Because I have the feeling that this is not the first time Iniihue tried to tell her, “No, bad idea. This is a very bad idea.” And Jolinar didn’t LISTEN. And because she didn’t listen, they BOTH might die.

    It’s annoying enough when someone is listening to you, especially when you are the expert or at least the most knowledgeable person available. When you are put in life-threatening danger BECAUSE other person refused to listen . . .

    Further thought: I think the Tok’ra (and the Gao’uld) are either forgetting or have a hard comprehending just how fast human culture and technology can change. Got the impression that the Gao’uld and Tok’ra have not changed a great deal in terms of culture, technology, etc since Ra was thrown off of Earth. There is, obviously, some changes, some improvements in their tech, but not the level we’ve seen in humans during the same time span. In comparison, they are almost static. Might be a product of our vastly different lifespans.

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    1. And/or might be a product of that whole hardwired genetic memory. After all, if you’re born knowing “this is how things work and why”, you’d be less inclined to try something that might not work.

      And you know what Edison said, about 6,000 ways NOT to make a light bulb….

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      1. Probably is both.

        And yes, there is something to be said for sticking with what works – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

        OTOH, sometimes people will stubbornly cling to something that IS broken, simply because that is the way it has always been done. And said person seldom agree that the thing is broken. And because to their minds it isn’t broken, it doesn’t need to be fixed.

        Still, no change at all is anti-survival. If you cannot adapt, you die. Sooner or later.

        Why society need the gas pedal AND the brake. Because you do need to able to move forward but being able to stop or slow down is just as important.

        And you know what Edison said, about 6,000 ways NOT to make a light bulb….

        Yep . . . still, one can sometimes learn just as much from their mistakes as from their achievements. More than one discovery or invention has came about because someone was doing something and made a mistake that turned out to be brilliant.

        Of course, not all mistakes are successes in disguise.

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  7. Oooo, now I want Sam to run into Yami. The blackout would not be fun, but it would be so funny to see her try to convince Jack that this is one guy they REALLY SHOULDN’T mess with. Hopefully Jack would listen, but it’s still funny to picture.

    “I’m serious, sir! Short or not, KID or not, he is dangerous! As in, Jolinair was terrified dangerous!”

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    1. Cue SG-1 asking if they can have their Commanders soul back after Jack just HAD to try and loom over YAMI, and dismiss the possibility that a shadow game had real consequences.

      “Sir, after what we had to do to get your soul back, I think it would be best if you have a chaperone everytime you talk to anybody under the age of 25”. – Sam.

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    1. -Why do I have the feeling she’s the reason that village is gone?-
      Because we’ve seen plenty of examples of Tok’ra SOP/general competence levels both in canon and in Vathara’s works?

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