Catch a Falling Star Unfinished Ficbit – Reality

“Samantha Carter?” A dark hand waved before her face.

“Mewet,” Sam shivered. “Oh, mewet….”

Teal’c’s brows rose. Taking her hand, he escorted her to a jammed vending machine and slipped into the crowd. Came back with a steaming mug.

Coffee. Sam sipped in grateful relief. With sugar. “Thank you.”

“I would ask,” he said softly, “What is it that could be so terrible, Jolinar would call for her mother?”

Sam shook her head, trying to organize that blood-chilling rush of terror into coherent thought. “Jack?”

“I see them, Samantha Carter.” Raising a hand, Teal’c beckoned.

“They’re classmates.” Daniel couldn’t stop grinning as he joined them.

“Joey and Ryou?” Sam asked, noticing how Jack glanced back over his shoulder to see if the two teens had decided to turn the tables and follow them. She didn’t have that prickling, about to have a knife between the shoulder blades warning gong going off in her head, so probably not.

“Joey, Ryou, and Kaiba. And I’d bet on the rest of them that old, too. Kaiba-kun, Sam; they know him. Personally.” Daniel sobered. “Poor Joey.”

“You’re the linguist,” Jack shrugged. “Know what you mean, though; can’t be easy being stuck in the same school with the Ice Prince. How’d you get him to open up that fast? You pushed pretty close; way he was hovering over Bakura, I thought he’d want your liver on a chopstick, with a little pepper on top.”

“Kaiba’s not his problem.” Daniel smiled ruefully, waving a hand at the crowds trickling past. “Joey’s just confused.”

“Kind of goes with being seventeen.”

“More like goes with not knowing which culture you fit in.” Daniel shook his head. “I wasn’t crowding him, Jack. That was Japanese conversational space. That’s why he calmed down.”

Jack shot his linguist a speaking look. “He’s from Brooklyn.”

“He was from Brooklyn,” Daniel corrected. “He’s been in Japan for years. I’d guess at least five or six; he’s got the mannerisms down so well he’s not even thinking about them. This must be his first trip back. He wouldn’t be so upset if he knew why people keep backing off when he’s trying to be polite….” He frowned. “Sam?”

“They’re real,” Sam blurted out.

“Teenagers?” Jack arched a peppered brow. “Matter of opinion.”

“No.” The astrophysicist shivered. Teeth, and tearing…. “The monsters – are – were – real.”

22 thoughts on “Catch a Falling Star Unfinished Ficbit – Reality

  1. As someone born and living in Brooklyn her whole life I can tell you, you don’t pop a person’s space bubble unless you want a fight. Looming with obvious intent like that is asking for a punch in the face.

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    1. SG-1. King of Games. Both located on the same continent.

      If things only go south instead of being blasted to outer orbit, it’ll be a miracle. 😝

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  2. [i]“No.” The astrophysicist shivered. Teeth, and tearing…. “The monsters – are – were – real.”[/i]

    You had it right the first time, Sam. The monsters ARE real, present tense.

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    1. *pause*


      …I really don’t envy Sam the first time she gets to sit ringside at a duel when people start pulling out Kaiba’s hologram tech.

      Can anyone else say ‘flashbacks’?

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  3. Ah, the conversational space and body languages. Yeah, I know that one. And poor Joey indeed, as a teenager..well, I remember some of the issues I had. *ponders* Ryou probably doesn’t even think about it anymore, given his own history.

    Also love the way Sam is trying to gather her her thoughts, not having fun when something hits your emotions all the way down your spine unexpectedly.

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      1. Because a “sane” person would have blocked out those memories, and thus have no clue what they were getting (back) into?

        Personally, if I actually had a choice, I’d go more with the Wolverine style of “eternal youth” – i.e. able to heal from just about anything, up to and including the accumulated micro-damages that we come to associate with growing old. Permanently in my physical prime, and without having to put up with screwy hormones all over again.

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  4. You know it makes sense that Sam/Jolinar had nightmares about Hyozanryu. It’s a very nasty monster but not the scariest out there meaning she had a chace to escape.

    I suspect that any snakes who met the Blue-Eyes White Dragons or Ra forbid, Exodia wouldn’t live to tell the tale. Though Exodia and similar ‘I Win’ monsters were typically used against bigger and tougher targets. Like say multiple Ha’taks.

    Come to think of it, Yugi still has that set of five cards in his deck doesn’t he? Guess we know how Amaunet’s ship is going to be dealt with.

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      1. I don’t put it past the Heart of the Cards to be able to Summon Exodoa back into the Deck. But he’s never been backed into a place where he needed Exodia so it never happened.

        Also, I believe the Japanese have vastly different social acceptability about some things. Such as contact between members of the same gender not necessarily meaning homosexuality. So was Jack asking Daniel if Joey and Ryou were a couple? Because that will last right up until Mai shows up. That is her Dueling Golden Lab, thank you.

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      2. -But I doubt that would slow him down much.-
        True. Without the game restrictions, Kuriboh + Multiply results in the cutest and fuzziest Macross Missile Massacre in existence.

        The little hair balls would just keep splitting, ramming and exploding as long as Yugi can keep feeding them power.

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  5. “I would ask,” he said softly, “What is it that could be so terrible, Jolinar would call for her mother?”

    Can’t say I blame Jolinar for THAT reaction.

    If I was facing a Duel Monster from the wrong end, I would calling for my mother too. (Among other things).

    And I’d bet on the rest of them that old, too.

    Got it in one.

    Kinda of amazed that the school is still STANDING to be perfectly honest.

    I mean, that many weirdness / trouble magnets in one place, five to six days a week for most of the year?

    He wouldn’t be so upset if he knew why people keep backing off when he’s trying to be polite….”

    Yeah, that’s a mess.

    “The monsters – are – were – real.”

    Very real.

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