Catch a Falling Star Unfinished Ficbit – Not a Game

Silence around her. “It’s a game, Carter.”

Sam shook her head. “Jolinar… I wasn’t the first person she jumped. There was a battle on Earth, she took Iniihue to escape… a dragon tore three death gliders apart. It almost got her.”

Jack and Daniel traded a speaking glance. “You’re sure?” the archaeologist asked.

“I saw the card. I saw-” Sam gripped her coffee, Styrofoam crinkling against her fingers. Why couldn’t she ever hold more than fragments of a memory?

“I think I want a look at those digs of Pegasus’,” Daniel murmured.

I think you’re not heading anywhere near that way without us and three squads as backup,” Jack said lightly.

“Spoilsport,” Daniel grumbled.

“Am not.”

“Are too.”

“So when do we talk to Kaiba?” Sam broke in before the argument could take off. I swear, teenagers are contagious.

“We don’t. Not yet.” Jack shrugged. “Janet said for us to take it easy. Wrestling cranky, jet-lagged heads of multinational corporations who haven’t even had dinner yet does not fit the bill. Let’s just hang around, enjoy the show. Maybe then we’ll see where he’s coming from.”

Daniel touched a hand to Jack’s forehead, frowning.


“You’re being sensitive,” Daniel observed. “Are you feeling all right?”

“It is,” Teal’c noted, “A sensible precaution. If Seto Kaiba has brought those he can trust to aid him here, our chance of success will be greater if they in turn trust us-” He cut off his words, staring into the crowd.


The Jaffa frowned. “It is nothing, O’Neill.”

“Had to be something.”

“You have said that some civilians are authorized to carry weapons.”

“Yeah,” Jack said slowly. “Colorado. Lot of hunters around. And some people who aren’t. Who?”

Teal’c peered toward the crush of the crowd. “He is gone now.” He glanced back at the colonel. “It was not a man I recognized.”

Jack rubbed the nape of his neck. Frowned. “Keep an eye out.” He sighed. “Outside of that… try to relax, kids. Nothing’s going to happen tonight.”

“Where have you been?” Major Durand growled at his errant subordinate.

Agent Moulton scooted into the cramped hotel room the NID had commandeered, past their coffee-drinking relief, and glanced at the network of wires and crystals that allowed Earth-made TV monitors to interface with the alien receivers hidden in Kaiba’s suite. “SG-1’s downstairs.”

“Figures.” Annoyance flushed Durand’s face. I can’t believe we actually had to agree to this little charade! Pretend to let SG-1 try to talk to that twisted kid – they can’t get tech out of aliens, how are they going to get it out of Kaiba?

“Sir, what if they succeed?”

“They won’t.” Durand smirked as the monitors showed the arrogant teen sweep into his rooms, cold voice ordering the bellhops to leave the luggage and go. His companions filed in after; little brother, some dark-haired kid, and a redhead who wasn’t legal even in Utah.

Your little brother’s a company VP. The two of you have all those weird overlapping absences. And now you bring in a little girl. Fits what we know about you, doesn’t it, Kaiba?

Not that they had any proof the kid was twisted. Yet.

“We’ve already got his security out of the way. All we need is a little… leverage.”

Translations from Japanese:

Gomen nasai – forgive me.

Daijobu – It’s okay, I’m all right.

Translation from Egyptian:

Mewet – mother.

Reference: Unearthing Atlantis, by Charles Pellegrino.

Stargate: SG-1 summary for YGO fans: Eight to six thousand years ago (SG canon varies), an alien possessed an ancient Egyptian boy and assumed the identity of Ra. Others of his race, the Goa’uld, stole the names and worship of other ancient gods. Using the Stargate, a device that establishes controlled wormholes, they took humans from Earth to other worlds across the galaxy as hosts or slaves. And all was right with their universe….

Until humans on Earth revolted, defeated Ra’s forces, and buried their Stargate on the Giza Plateau. Where it was dug up in 1928 (darn those pesky Egyptologists!) and finally decoded by archaeologist Dr. Daniel Jackson about 1995. He, Colonel Jack O’Neill, and others traveled through it to the planet Abydos and met Ra. The encounter was less than cordial. (Watch the movie! *G*)

Now, under Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, a secret military force, Stargate Command (the SGC), travels through the ‘Gate looking for ways to defeat the Goa’uld. One of these “false gods”, Amaunet, possessed Sha’uri, Dr. Jackson’s Abydonian wife; they’re currently both believed to be dead. The SGC’s first-contact team, SG-1, is made up of Colonel O’Neill, Major Samantha Carter (astrophysicist), Dr. Jackson, and Teal’c, a Jaffa (and former general of the Goa’uld Apophis).

Stargate has never explained why, once Ra got kicked off the planet, he never came back. Which leaves us free to speculate….

And this is the end of chapter 1. Chapter 2, next up.


44 thoughts on “Catch a Falling Star Unfinished Ficbit – Not a Game

  1. Humm… Who wants to bet the Ishtars are the ones who are looking over Pegasus’s digs? They might be rather hard to get to by now.

    The NID tried to bug Kaiba’s room… Oh boy… I wonder how long it will take him to notice that. I’d be very worried if I was the NID.

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  2. ……

    The NID isn’t going to go down in flames and lightning. It’s going to be reduced to sub-atomic particles. //Less than// sub-atomic particles when Kaiba gets wind of what they think Kaiba has been doing to Mokuba.

    (Also, the idea of the military having hard light hologram tech is kinda scary. That stuff weaponized? *shudders* There’s “it’s for the greater good” and then there’s “it seemed like a good idea at the time”. The line is way too easy to cross.)

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    1. The redhead is Serenity Wheeler (or Shizuka Kawai depending on where you’re at). She’s between Kaiba and Mokuba, age-wise.

      As intelligence operatives, they have caught wind of the way that the Kaiba brothers drop off the radar, though as they’re unaware of the Cards they think they are getting hints that the Kaiba bros are up to certain disgusting shenanigans. Seeing the two escorting a piece of jailbait into their private rooms has them ascribing their own less-than-moral standard onto the targets of their surveillance.

      As for Less Than Witty’s comment about weaponizing hard-light tech… in a way that’s already been half done. In the Duelist Kingdom arc Kaiba won against Yami by getting up on the extremely decorate merlon of the tower they were dueling on. Yami was moving to attack when Yugi seized control and halted the attack, but had it gone through Kaiba would have been blasted off the tower into what looks to be at least a fifty-foot drop by the wind gusts the hard-light tech kicks up.

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      1. That’s only in the dub.

        In the original the holographic tech doesn’t have that much kick to it unless it’s being backed by a Shadow Game (dramatics of animation and clothes-blosing-in-wind notwithstanding), and since that specific duel wasn’t a Shadow Game the backlash from the duel wouldn’t have knocked Kaiba off the ledge.

        In the original Kaiba’s threat was that he would jump if Yugi (Yami, really) went through with it.

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      2. Weaponised hard-light tech did in fact make an appearance later on, in Arc-V, and boy was that not pretty.
        An army of duelists from one dimension managed to reduce another dimension to, essentially, rubble as part of their conquest plans. Using /skyscraper-sized duel monsters/. (Well, maybe slightly smaller? my memory’s a bit fuzzy. Still freaking huge though). Or, at least an entire city in the other dimension, it’s unclear just how big the dimensions are and how widespread the invasion in question was. Luckily that seems to have been a once-off since they switched to ganging up on people with (quite possibly rigged) multiplayer duels afterward. And the environmental effects yet another faction could use /their/ hard-light tech for… yikes.

        It’s just as well everyone prefers to act via card-games really, given what they could do with the tech if they weren’t all duelists first and foremost.

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      1. Yeah, they are a lot more competent doing things then they are in deciding what they should be doing. Some of that is run of the mill intelligence squirrellyness. It gives a strong sense of an organization managed by committees, without much in the way of supervision or accountability. Like it started as some sort of joint boondoggle, but instead of being torn apart by infighting from the IC’s institutional rivalries was used to launder every bad idea that ever occurred to a federal bureaucrat.

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  3. *Reads NID thought process/comments on Kaiba, Mokuba, and Serenity*


    …I think that describes my feelings on their analysis succinctly.

    Using alien-tech for the listening devices was a clever idea though, and why the hell am I unsurprised at their unwillingness to be patient and let SG-1 try the polite approach first?

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  4. My inner lawyer is going “Kaiba is 16-17, which is also under the age of consent in Utah, you moron. And Kaiba is not 7+ years older than her, which means it’s not even statutory rape. Romeo and Juliet laws are a thing.” If Kaiba was even doing that, which he’s not.

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    1. My inner older sibling is rolling up sleeves and sharpening knives. They assume that Kaiba is a predator, and that he is specifically preying on his brother in particular and their response is to collect blackmail. It is not to stop things.

      What do they think is up with Tristan? Is he being slotted in as a pimp, as a fellow predator? Inquiring minds wish to know the reaction of the Pharaoh’s Eyes and Ears as well.

      That’s if these kids don’t slide into Ancient Egyptian by mistake. Another good reason to have Serenity and Mokuba around, help keep things in the present.

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  5. NID gonna NID.

    Anyone ever write one of these shadow/black/covert factions as actually being principled? I mean, sort of being true “paladins” despite working in the shadows, not excusing the crimes they commit? CURE (Adventures of Remo Williams) might qualify, if they were ever exposed, they were to commit suicide.

    The idea being, that if circumventing the law is necessary ostensibly for the “greater good”, those doing so should be prepared to accept the lawful punishment for doing so. If “sacrifices must be made”, are they willing to sacrifice not only their physical lives, but their “social” ones? I.e., accept a tarnished reputation, incarceration, ostracization.

    An example from the Honor Harrington series. A Manticorian navy officer was charged with cowardice by her superior officer for recommending immediate retreat when Haven counterattacked because said superior had screwed up by the numbers in commanding his duty station (going so far as to dispatch a destroyer to deliver her for a court martial/investigative hearing), while he took his forces on a (futile) charge into the teeth of the enemy.

    Said superior commanding officer perfered to kill himself and much of the personnel (and warships!) of his command, than submit to the consequences of having been a fuckup. His subordinate suffered being tarred with not being “offensive minded”, (and being one of the few survivors of the debacle) though objectively her recommendation was the correct tactical/strategic decision.

    It seems People tend to be more prepared to die for their beliefs/in the line of duty, than LIVE with the consequences “doing the right thing” might force them to bear…


  6. oh man the NID are in for such a rude awakening depending on how spectacularly this blows up in their faces.

    Maybe there will be explosions and in the wake if it all they’ll get the blame.

    Or Kaiba could find the bugs despite the alien tech involved and then not only will they have to contend with Kaiba knowing his room was bugged, but they also have to deal with the fact that uh oh he’s found the bugs and OH NO IS HE POKING AT THE ALIEN TECH SHIT! Congrats on handing the tech genius alien tech.

    Or or somehow Kaiba doesn’t find the bugs annnnnnd their plans still go up in smoke cause it turns out their suspicions are in fact COMPLETELY baseless because Kaiba isn’t doing THAT with his brother, he didn’t bring Serenity to his room, she came to visit and she came to visit MOKUBA, and the other kid is a classmate AND the bestfriend of the girl’s big brother, also a classmate of Kaiba’s.
    It will probably also become clear that Kaiba doesn’t even really give a shit about Serenity, he might be a bit less harsh with her than most but come on even Kaiba’s ‘hyper focused on Mokuba’ big brother instincts wouldn’t allow him to be a complete jerk to Serenity, also the fact she’s Wheeler’s little sister, no way would Seto Kaiba invoke that big brother wrath, he’d know Joey would come for his head, and that would be really irritating.

    They’re gonna have so much egg on their faces when it becomes clear that the ‘little girl’ is there to visit the little brother, the other kid is a chaperone and Kaiba just, being a cranky teenage CEO in a corner, maybe raiding the coffee.

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    1. The worst outcome is Kaiba poking Alien Tech and it turns out his Past Self knows what kind of Alien Tech it is. Since he might figure out from it that someone opened up the ‘Gate again…

      Which is an entirely different level of Emergency…

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      1. ooooohhh no, oh no, not only would Kaiba have alien tech in his hands, realize that said tech means that someone has opened the Gate, or the Chapai as he would likely remember it to be called, he would also realize that someone has opened the Gate is SPYING on him!

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    2. Annoyingly, despite all of these good points you’ve just raised, my first thought after all of this is, “That poor coffeepot.”

      Dammit brain.

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  7. Correct me if I’m wrong, but did Teal’c see Yugi/Yami? I liked the idea in other YuGiOh/Stargate crossovers where the Jaffa have legends about the Pharaoh and what he looks like.

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    1. I’m pretty sure it was a NID agent that he saw. He made the comment about armed civilians, probably a massive shock to him considering his background, and referred to the individual as a man. If he’d seen Yami Yugi he would have mentioned the similarity.

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    2. Unlikely. Even if the Pharaoh hadn’t given up his very Name – and thus the means for anyone else to even remember him at all, after his passing – to stop the Shadows, it’s also highly unlikely that the snakes would have ever allowed any mention of their humiliating defeat(s?) to be written down, to begin with.

      Which means that any “legends” that would have cropped up, would have had to have been passed down via word-of-mouth only. Which in turn, would mean that after this many whole millennia, any descriptions of the Pharaoh would have mutated beyond recognition a long time ago. (And again, that’s even assuming any details even survived the Pharaoh’s Unperson-ing of himself, in the first place!)

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      1. Legends did make it through – see the Loose Translations bit. Teal’c talks about the resemblance of Yugi to the Demon Prince, who had spiky red and black hair.

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  8. Silence around her. “It’s a game, Carter.”

    This game is Serious Business.

    Which you might end up learning the semi-hard way.

    NID is probably going to learn it the VERY hard way. Because Seto doesn’t use the kid gloves when you threaten his brother. (Given the . . . everything . . . in his backstory and in the series, can’t say that I blame him.)

    “I think you’re not heading anywhere near that way without us and three squads as backup,” Jack said lightly.

    And it still probably won’t be enough.

    Because it seems like every time the team is loaded for bear, they should have been loaded for Godzilla. Or worse – after all, Dr. Nick can call off Godzilla.

    Wrestling cranky, jet-lagged heads of multinational corporations who haven’t even had dinner yet does not fit the bill.

    Seto is probably BEYOND cranky right now.

    If he was smidgen less controlled, you probably would have seen the ghostly shimmer of white dragon scales and blue eyes.

    “He is gone now.” He glanced back at the colonel. “It was not a man I recognized.”

    I have the feeling that is another sign of trouble.

    . . . they can’t get tech out of aliens

    Because they understand that you cannot just take what you want, damn the consequences?

    Especially since those consequences would mean that Earth isn’t just fighting against ONE technologically superior force out to enslave / eradicate them but potentially SEVERAL.

    Among other potential consequences.

    Kanzeon protect us from short-sighted idiots. (Okay, maybe not the best deity to ask, considering se’d probably just send Sanzo and he’s shoot everyone for being morons . . .)

    Fits what we know about you, doesn’t it, Kaiba?

    I somehow I have the feeling that the NID’s assessment is going to be so off on key aspects that it is not even in the same galaxy.

    “We’ve already got his security out of the way. All we need is a little… leverage.”

    Historically that has not worked out too well for people in the past.

    And if you endanger Serenity, it wouldn’t just be Seto’s White Dragons you’ll have to worry about.

    And that is just the START of the hell that would be unleashed.

    I think I know why this hotel is going to get destroyed.

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    1. -Fits what we know about you, doesn’t it, Kaiba?-
      “I somehow I have the feeling that the NID’s assessment is going to be so off on key aspects that it is not even in the same galaxy.”

      That’s the part that got me too, cause my first thought at that line is ‘Y’all don’t know shit’ and that’s the hilarious part, and the sad part. These people are so corrupt and have their heads so far up their own asses that they assume because they’re terrible people that everyone else is too.

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    2. -This game is Serious Business-
      For some reason this line reminded me of an old (but still amusing) Yugioh AMV One Night in Bangkok. Though I admit part of the amusing factor was that the creator actually set it up so Seto and Yami were lip-synched to the song.

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