Catch a Falling Star 2 Unfinished Ficbit – Customs

Wall, be silent, Tea remembered. This spell was handy enough Solomon had asked for a written copy. Door, be silent. Quiet surrounds us, I command! “Whoof. Doesn’t that ever…?”

“Scare me?” Yugi finished what she couldn’t say, Shadows slipping back out of sight. “It did, a little.”

And then you smile, and everything’s right with the world. Tea couldn’t help but smile back. They’d beaten Pegasus and the Shadow Realm and a yami bent on destroying the world. Whatever Ishizu had seen, they could face it together.

“So, now that we’re all here… what happened to your guys, Kaiba?” Tristan broke into her thoughts.


“A bit more detail, if you would,” Ryou put in, pulling a chair near the table. “I thought you said you’d have no difficulty bringing staff along?”

“We shouldn’t have!” Mokuba crossed his arms in a younger version of his brother’s glare. “Nii-sama, we shouldn’t have left them….”

“They knew the risks.” Kaiba kept his gaze focused on the screen, typing in name after name.

“I’m sorry, Kaiba.” The form beside Tea shifted, magic streaking red-black hair with gold. “No one should be forced to leave their people in peril, no matter what danger threatens.”

“It’s a technicality. A legal loophole. Lawyers will be more help than magic.” Kaiba’s lips thinned. “They’re trying to rattle me. Idiots.”

“They?” An elegant brow arched. “Who have you troubled, Kaiba?”

Fingers paused. “I used to build weapons systems, Yami. Some fools think I shouldn’t be allowed to stop.”

Tea tried to wave it off. “Well, yeah, Kaiba Corp. did, but-”

“Don’t be deliberately dense.” Azure eyes bored into hers. “Kaiba Corp. is my designs. It has been for most of a decade.”

Including the weapons. Tea swallowed.


22 thoughts on “Catch a Falling Star 2 Unfinished Ficbit – Customs

  1. That makes a lot of sense – particularly how Seto was able to get control of the company in the first place.

    Teen with business smarts? That’s not uncommon, but letting one get full control of a multimillion dollar company? That shouldn’t happen.

    But if Seto was the origin of the tech that had been consistently pulling in the dough and everyone knew it… a lot more plausible.

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  2. Thanks.

    I’ve been thinking about a couple of different weird things lately. So delivering weapons systems to the third world since ten is a lot more plausible to me than delivering weapons systems to the US government since six.

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    1. Cannonly, Kaiba Corp as run by Gozoburo Kaiba was a weapons production and arms dealing company. It’s feasible that Seto would have to design something to please his adoptive father.
      And then there’s the blue eyes white dragon jet. That thing has all the capabilities of a military fighter jet except for the it has no offensive capabilities (or at least none that were seen in the anime). I could see why the NID would want all the tech genius on their side.

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      1. I’m still trying to get the mental image out of my brain of Tony Stark and Seto Kaiba trapped in the same room. It would be a very short exchange and would quite likely involve dragons and lots of heavy explosives, quite probably involving the building the room is located in being broken down to sub atomic particles.

        …it says something when you think the tomb robber is going to be the most restrained person involved.

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      2. -I’ve always suspected Seto’s background might have been inspired by a certain Man of Iron, yes.-

        “You can’t do it?!? You have access to more Naquadah than the SGC could ever get, advanced alien technology and the best minds in the Greatest Country on Earth. He was able to build a hard-light hologram projector when he was 13; in his basement, with a box of junk!”

        “I’m sorry sir, but none of us are Seto Kaiba.”

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      3. Equally weapons-grade in that scenario is the Snark.

        Some . . . . much . . . . snark . . . .

        The only way the exchanges could get snarkier is if Artemis Fowl II somehow got involved.

        Seto and Tony being kidnapped or pinned down by hostile forces and needing to fight their way out . . . sounds like something HYDRA might pull thinking it was a good idea . . .

        Alternatively, what if our friendly neighborhood Shadow Magicians just happened to be in New York City when a certain alien invasion happened . . . .

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      4. Then the news would have featured less Capcicle, more three headed silver dragon(s).

        And lots and LOTS of adorable balls of exploding death.

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      5. Then the news would have featured less Capcicle, more three headed silver dragon(s).

        Given there are stations that do nothing but news . . . they could probably manage to do both.

        And the adorable balls of exploding death.

        I can just about picture the Avengers reaction to Kuriboh doing its thing.

        “Did that fluffy ball just explode?”

        “Yes. Yes, it did.”

        “Then I’m not hallucinating. Good to know.”


        “Where did the dragons come from? And the exploding fluff balls? And the everything else! Are we dealing with another alien / demi-god?”

        “No, sir. Teenagers.”


        “Yes, sir. Teenagers. With magic.”

        “Oh god . . .”

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      6. “Why couldn’t it have just stayed with snakes on a plane?”

        *is tossed into Graveyard for overuse of dead meme*

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  3. “So we like the artillery design… buy why do all of your weapons look like white lizards?”

    “They’re Dragons!”

    “Sorry, dragons. But still, the scales cut up people’s hands. Can we get some handles?”

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  4. Whatever Ishizu had seen, they could face it together.

    You might need a little extra help with this one.

    Fortunately, you going to get that extra help.

    Once some of the misunderstandings are cleared up.

    “They’re trying to rattle me. Idiots.”

    Big idiots.

    Seto doesn’t rattle easily.

    And what could actually rattle Seto – which would have to be something involving Mokuba – would also piss him off. And get said idiots retaliation upgraded from hammer-strike to complete and utter destruction.

    Fingers paused. “I used to build weapons systems, Yami. Some fools think I shouldn’t be allowed to stop.”

    Some people are not used to being told no.

    “Kaiba Corp. is my designs. It has been for most of a decade.”

    Make sense. And why that man was so keen to keep Seto under his control – Seto was the Golden Goose.

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  5. Ah – sudden new thought: is the silence spell retroactive to its casting? It would be far more effective if even as you gathered the power to cast that silence spell it was already throwing out white noise. That would keep those listening from realizing how you did it, as knowing the “how” can quickly lead to “counter it thusly”.

    Aside from that, it’s unlikely the NID would miss the clearly foreign language being used here. Earlier we had a single expletive that could be passed off as random noise but this is out-and-out language being used here, one with a lot of ties to Bad Things From Space, and all the more so coming from a room they’re actively bugging.

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