Earring Tales: Misty Morning

I had some blues; I honestly thought the contrast would be a lot more visible than this.

Misty Morning7

Interesting note? I took pictures of this pair under the exact same conditions as the Nautilus Portal pair. The exact same conditions, within a half-minute or so, I was taking pics of each at the same position and lighting in the yard.

And yet about 1/3 of the Misty earring pics came out blurred, as opposed to the Nautilus ones. Huh. Apparently they were harder for the camera to autofocus on.


Misty Morning earrings.


2 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Misty Morning

  1. Not as visually (or at least as obviously) complex as a lot of your earring designs, but simultaneously probably still one of my top favorites.

    What can I say? Blue’s my favorite color.

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