Monstrous Compendium Ch 10 Ficbit – Reeling

The side of the doorframe really, really hurt.

Head ringing, Klein dragged Corvatz over the boss room threshold, into the clearer air of the sandy corridor outside. Whatever was in those webs ought to have been banned as a chemical weapon, and whatever developer proposed it shot.

Wait. Demon, Klein thought fuzzily. Not in the game. Can’t shoot programmer guys. Darn.

Clean air. The world hadn’t stopped spinning, but it’d slowed down a little. That would have to be enough. Teeth gritted to fangs, Klein grabbed the wall and dragged himself to his feet. Popped the cap on a vial, and chugged the minty acid of an antidote potion, just in case.

Got to get back in there.

One foot after the other, Klein staggered to where he could get a clear view inside the deathtrap. Normally he’d back those two Moonswords against anything SAO could throw at them. Asuna could strategize on the fly like no one’s business, and Kirito had a knack for reading the flow of a fight and scraping unfair advantages out of the system that was downright spooky. But this thing wasn’t in the system. The world glitched around it, static blotting out yards of room and monster at a time, and even Kirito’s crazy reflexes weren’t enough when one second the demon was there, and another it was-

Fangs drove into Kirito’s right arm, shaking the swordsman like a terrier with a baby rat.

Klein swore, leaving Corvatz to live or die, whatever he had the guts for. And ran. Because so far this demon would attack anyone in range, but when it focused on one victim it killed.

Fuurinkazan’s red armor followed him. Crazy fools, every last one. And he loved them for it.

“Mob it!” Klein snarled, katana slicing for a spidery leg-joint. “Hit it from behind. Dale, Harry – block the claws. Issin, go for him!”


32 thoughts on “Monstrous Compendium Ch 10 Ficbit – Reeling

  1. O.O You say you hate writing fight scenes, but by god, when you settle for a scene, it delivers.
    I particularly love it when you start sentences with “And”. It’s not like our brains bother with “proper” grammar when it functions on words only half(?) the time.

    I like how the situ went from dire to panic in half a glitch. Everything changed from tempo to movement, including dialogue. Before, there was barely any energy to think, now he’s charging, shouting orders, and swinging. Gotta love adrenaline.

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      1. To add on to my comment: Honestly, your fight scenes are some of my favorite. Because it’s obvious you keep track of who’s where and doing what.

        When I was tiny, before reading Discworld, if you would have told me books could have things going on in the background like they do in visual media, I wouldn’t have believed it. But Pratchett manages to have background events, and you do, too. I notice them mostly in your fight scenes, but I’ve seen them elsewhere.

        I know just enough to know that’s {hard}, and I appreciate it.

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  2. Oh, might we seeing the implementation of Kirito’s “Risky Idea”? Not that Kirito deliberately let a Bebilith sink its teeth into him, but had a flash of insight that if he can keep it like that, or at the least manage to somehow hang onto it by stabbing it with his sword, that the demon will have to stay “virtually” corporeal, thus presenting a target that can actually be hit.

    Also, now might be a good opportunity for frenzied, unconsciously offered entreaties, prayers, etc. to any deity listening to be answered?

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      1. -(She will have blackmail material forever.)-
        Don’t you mean more blackmail material? Given that’s it’s Kirito, it would be very hard for her to ever run out.

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      2. Why do I get the feeling Argo is going to show Kirito how to live as a Medusa?
        How to not stare people to death, care for your snakes when they’re shedding, that sorta stuff… *EG*

        Connlan and Tournesol seem to have been pretty close partners, and Kirito has been stated to strongly remind people of Connlan, so I‘ve been pretty much waiting for him to turn Medusa.
        And Asuna? Two words: Tournesol‘s Bloodstone.

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  3. Considering the whole Yokai theme of this story, should we be worried about an infection?? Maybe this is a major turning point for Kirito… (pun not intended :p)

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  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kirito isn’t seriously considering if he hasn’t gone as far as he can go as “merely” human, even with his magic. Without some kind of “supernatural” boost, beyond being Moonsword…

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      1. Not that I meant that he was going to use a Bebilith to turn “youkai”, just that the battle might be a signal for him that he can’t go further without either a God’s assistance, or turning Youkai.

        But, since Vathara says he hasn’t hit the limit yet…

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  5. Fangs drove into Kirito’s right arm, shaking the swordsman like a terrier with a baby rat.

    That’s not good.

    That thing is undoubtedly venomous.

    Fuurinkazan’s red armor followed him. Crazy fools, every last one. And he loved them for it.

    Always nice to know that someone has your back, even if everything is crazy and that you all might die. Especially when the sensible thing for them to do is run away and run fast.

    Of course with this creature . . . running would not be enough.

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