Monstrous Compendium Ch 10 Ficbit – LA

Breath heaving, Klein glanced over too many bars in the red, and growled. One more push

Gleaming violet, a throwing spike blazed past Klein’s head, burying itself in the bebilith’s last eye.

With a rattle of chitin, the demon collapsed.

Fur fading, Klein waited three heartbeats for the demon to move again. Finally took a breath, when the unnatural form started dissolving into gray ichor. Not disappearing. Definitely not one of our monsters. “You just had to get the Last Attack Bonus.”

From the doorway, Kirito laughed; breaking into coughs that didn’t sound good at all.

“I think we’ve got him stabilized,” Issin said grimly, glancing at Fuurinkazan as they limped toward the door, “but we need to get him out of here. Rangers need the wild. I don’t think that bite’s going to heal up until he can soak all the demon energy out of it… Leader?”

“Let me take a look.” Sore everywhere, Klein went to one knee in the doorway. Asuna was holding Kirito up, little sparks of lightning dancing over her hands and Kirito’s skin.

Sharing her battle healing, Klein realized. Makes sense. Demons are outsiders; maybe planar energy can… oh, eww.

The fang-marks were even nastier than he’d thought, weeping sluggish dark liquid where an ordinary SAO wound would have red wireframes.

That’s no regular bite. It went after his soul. How do we heal that?

Well. That silvery presence had given them the buff they needed. Maybe it’d give them just a little more.

Gripping gently on either side of the wound, Klein tried to clear his head. C’mon, he needs to get better, Kirito’s one of the best guys I know and no one deserves a piece eaten out of their soul

It was like falling inside, somehow. He could feel himself, bright blades and fur and claws he never, ever unsheathed without good reason….

And just beyond his skin, the soft shing of a sword drawn in darkness.


16 thoughts on “Monstrous Compendium Ch 10 Ficbit – LA

  1. That was one of the good bits in the Paksenarion setting. Even when paladins did healing “casually” (and it very rarely was), it was still made clear that “this isn’t just a wizard’s potion or basic ‘heal you’ spell, this is calling on divine aid and getting divine attention brought to bear”. I really like how you did that here too, unlike most modern fantasy.

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    1. David Weber has a bad tendency for the infodump in his books but the healing done by Champions in the War Gods series is the same way – it’s hard, draining, and in one case even when they have three Champions handy to work the healing on the critically injured, all three are down and exhausted. It’s not an ability they can call on it battle, it takes too much focus.

      Heh. And Kirito gonna Kirito. LA killthief Beater that he is…

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      1. That’s quite a different way of dealing with it. While I like several things in the War God series (such as the explanation of “he didn’t ask for himself, and forcing it would not be Good”), I was disappointed in a lot of the way the application of power by paladins was displayed. In Weber’s books, it really feels more like the standard modern “this is my own power (I just happen to have rules I have to follow to keep having power), that I can choose to use or not, and that drains me rather than just being hard to channel”. There were a few spots in the books where it was clearly “channeling the god’s power through him”, but most of them felt more like “oh, the god just unlocked his own power, and now he’s doing it with his own power so as to not rely on the god”. Yes, there’s something to be said philosophically for “actually putting your own effort in, if you actually believe”, but that was made a key story point at the cost of displaying “you can rely on others, and sometimes need to, and if your god actually cares for you then you’re showing a lack of faith by refusing to let him help while you try to do it yourself.” Which was doubly disappointing after the bit I already mentioned with the one guy not asking for healing. That would have been the perfect opportunity for “and it also served as an object lesson for you. quit trying to do everything yourself.”

        But what I was meaning about this scene here, and the Paksenarion setting, was that it is actually making it feel like “hey, the paladin is directly connected to the god that chose them, and when the paladin calls for help the divine attention is actually focused directly on them”. Rather than it being like calling to someone who’s busy in the other room, and who shouts back a “yeah, sure, go ahead” without really paying attention. And rather than it seeming like it’s a case of “I’ve got this nebulous energy that’s different from what a wizard gets through training, or a sorcerer gets through their blood only in that it’s theoretically coming from some god/angel/whatever-higher-power being used as a battery, but really it’s all me doing this.

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  2. Thanks.

    Very good action and after effects.

    Does the boss count as defeated? Is one of Thinker’s players going to go open the next floor, or is the floor boss going to respawn. Wait, wasn’t this a replacement for a field boss?

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  3. “You just had to get the Last Attack Bonus.”

    As noted, Kirito has some bad habits.

    Through given . . . the everything . . . wanting to make sure that . . . thing . . . is very, very dead is not one I blame him for.

    Well. That silvery presence had given them the buff they needed. Maybe it’d give them just a little more.

    Perhaps . . .

    Wonder how much it might cramp Kayaba’s style that both demonic and divine entities have gotten their foot in the door of SAO.

    And just beyond his skin, the soft shing of a sword drawn in darkness.

    Interesting . . .

    Still, probably be a good idea to let Kirito get fully recovered somewhere in nature.

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      1. Kirito has a canonical berserker streak.

        Yeah . . . do not make him angry. You might not like him when he’s calm but you really will not like him when he’s angry . . .

        Thankfully, he usually has something to direct that berserker streak at.

        Otherwise, they might have to try and wrangle him somewhere without easily breakable things. Like people. Or cities.

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      2. Asuna: “If you are in the wild with Kirito and he offers you meat . . . do not, I repeat, DO NOT, ask what it is. You are better off not knowing.”


        Asuna: “Or just don’t eat meat from Kirito unless you are feeling adventurous . . .”

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    1. Bold of you to assume Earth hasn’t already caught their attention due to this mess.

      (Bold of me to assume that – since Earth already has legends of various beings of Eberron and apparently this isn’t the first time that Earth and Eberron have been in conjunction – the various Evil Outsiders don’t already know about Earth.)

      Finally: bold of us to assume that Earth doesn’t already have its own defenses against demonic planar incursion.

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