Earring Tales: River of Grass

The colors you see from an airboat.

River of Grass7

The green is copper-lined olive; there’s only a few copper-lined Delica colors out there so far as I know, but the effect is interesting and slightly different from a silver-lined bead. A little deeper, less “metal surface” effect.

I’ve been on an airboat exactly once. It was interesting, except for the noise; I could not quite fit the earplugs in my ears, which made the ride hands-over-ears and pray. But the view of the lake with the snail kites was really cool.

River of Grass earrings.

2 thoughts on “Earring Tales: River of Grass

    1. Lake Kissimmee. Eco restoration class trip to look at a lot of things, including snail kites. I considered it the best part of the trip, noise or not. Nice view, quiet water, birds and interesting greenery.

      (That and I don’t do buses very well. Class trip, buses unfortunately a requirement.)


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