Brief Tell No Tales Update: Draft Progress p 54

Currently have gotten through page 54 of 143 on the second draft of Tell No Tales.

Seem to be consistently getting at least 4 pages edited a day, which is good; with luck I’ll have this draft done before the end of April. I suspect it’ll need at least one more draft after that to be sure I’ve gotten in all the details I want and not left any unintentional loose ends.

It’s not going to be a long book; I’m still aiming for about 60 K. But the story seems to be all self-contained in this length of words, so… I’m not going to pad it out, either. Heck, if it stays about this length it’ll be a few dollars cheaper in paperback, which I’m sure we can all agree is a Good Thing.

I have to say I’m startled at how tightly-knit Tales seems to be in this short length. It just seems to work. That doesn’t happen often.

So. At some point I need to start seriously scraping together the oomph to write a rough draft of another book. Considering how RL has been lately… oh boy.

Going to try, though. I’m going to get two books out this year, darn it, and it’d be awesome if I could get three!

6 thoughts on “Brief Tell No Tales Update: Draft Progress p 54

  1. 🎊🎉!! At least one of us is super protective! I, on the other hand, wandered into a grammar class thinking it would be about the history of the language and am now stuck. At least I’m pulling a B.

    It’s always fun getting updates, and I’m working diligently to interest my family in your books. Part of the reason I get them in Kindle and hardcopy is that it is easier to loan them out.

    Also, really, I’ve started really working on at least meta fic, and I’m still totally in awe of the fact that you can hammer out a barebones novel in a month. I worked on writing a novel in high school as a creative writing course. That was, difficult. Amazing job!

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  2. Your self-discipline is astonishing, and I certainly wouldn’t complain if I could get three books from you this year. Two books would be awesome, a third would be a bonus. Good luck!

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  3. All your original books are so interesting and varied and I love adding them to my shelf. Is Princess Rama still on the possible to be published list? I really enjoyed what was posted here.

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  4. Nice! Though if you need to take a breather, you should. No need to burn yourself out!

    If you get a bunny for a Taka sequel, I would be HYPED. Or if you decided to release Falcon’s Reach. Though, lbr, I’ve bought all your books so far, so you don’t need to worry about that.

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