16 thoughts on “MCO Chapter 10 up on AO3

  1. -:Are you certain? Once you choose to burn the corruption of the world, its agents will never again give you peace….:-
    Otherwise known as evil not being completely stupid and making sure to put all kinds of hits out on the people that A: make a habit of standing against it and B: can’t be corrupted easily.
    -“You just had to get the Last Attack Bonus.”-
    Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly and sneaky Rangers gotta steal the kill.
    -“And I think I know where he’s getting the energy.” Kirito’s shoulders were stiff. “The deaths in SAO… and the magic lost from temporary deaths in ALO.”-
    Even if he’s only getting a fraction of the energy that could be gained from a true death from the ALO players, that is a massive amount of power considering the daily death-toll in a PvP MMO.

    Now more than ever I’m convinced something is still going to happen if they manage to break the curse. Such a sheer amount of magical energy isn’t to just go ‘pfft’ and vanish.

    -Only from the rising blush on Kirito’s face, maybe it had.-
    I got a hunch Tetsutora might have done it to him as well at one point.

    -“Oh, it works,” Asuna said darkly. “Families who have power, have heritage – it works, Argo. All it takes is one spineless worm in the right place, dripping his poison in the right ear. It’s so easy to ruin people’s lives.-
    And considering the status of Asuna’s family, she’s probably seen this done to somebody at least once and/or had instruction in how avoid having it done to her.

    -Argo had a screenshot crystal in hand, eyes sparkling even through thick obsidian. “I’m gonna call in all of Fuurinkazan. We’re having such a party!”-
    Blackmail on the both of them forever. FOREVER.

    -Seated behind his desk in the Knights of Blood’s headquarters, Heathcliff’s face looked carved from granite. “You… refuse?”-
    Probably not something the dragon has heard directed at him very often. Not surprising he needed a second to parse what Kirito just said.

    -Asuna is not a prize to be won. Kirito’s hand drifted up toward his shoulder, before he consciously lowered it again. And I’m not going to dignify anyone who thinks she is with a fair fight!-
    Well that first line brought some flashbacks of my childhood watching Aladdin.

    And ‘fair fight’? Does Kirito even comprehend the traditional meaning of those words anymore? 😛

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      1. Something my uncle and my dad told me applies.

        If you’re in a fight, fair has already packed up and left. No fight is ever fair. (Well, what they said was ‘if you’re fightin, somebody’s done already cheated someone of something’ but you have to translate these things.)

        What people mean when they say ‘fair fight’ is an even chance either side could win. That isn’t fair, that’s a 50% chance of loosing. For a potentially fatal fight – and every fight is potentially fatal – well, If you don’t play Russian Roulette for fun, don’t consider a ‘fair fight’- unless all the other choices are /worse/.

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      2. Different people use different definitions of “fair fight”. The older definition wasn’t about how likely either side was to win, but instead about etiquette. “Are you following the rules of what’s allowed and what isn’t? Are you being polite and honorable? Etc.” Specifically as opposed to a gutter fight, or similar low-class fight. This didn’t necessarily mean you couldn’t seek to establish advantages (in fact, that was expected), just that there were forms that had to be followed. As long as appearances were maintained, you could get away with a lot. In fact, a lot of those forms were for the purpose of getting an advantage, if you knew how to use them right. That’s something that is commonly forgotten in the modern “they were stupid back then, you should fight dirty” cultural meme.

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      3. Also sparring, probably? And maybe training. If he hasn’t sparred or trained with Asuna at least once I’ll be really surprised, and same for Klein and Fuurinkazan.

        And when he gets home I’m sure his sister will insist on a spar or two… after all, she is a swordswoman, and he’s showing off he’s a pretty dang good swordsman, and what sword user can resist the urge to try their skills out in a friendly match or three on someone both good and not likely to try to facestab them in the middle of said friendly match.

        Somehow I don’t see him cheating much on those. It’s just that when things are important… well, if they’re important then by definition they’re something you really really need to make sure is successful, and that’s different then something with friends, even when it’s not an active enemy you need to go through for whatever.

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    1. trantos01

      Actually given the origins of Asuna’s mother it’s entirely possible she had it done to her/her family, but her mother being the cast iron bitch she had to be to /get/ to where she is probably managed things a lot better than anybody expected.

      …and just so it’s clear I feel like Asuna’s mother is actually the most misunderstood and maligned character in the entire fandom, even more so than Kirito himself (the anime does him precisely zero favors). That doesn’t change the fact that she had to be a cast iron bitch to get where she is in life.

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  2. Very much liked it.

    Would like to have more to say, but am pretty out of it right now.

    I recently read Monochrome Duet, up to what is uploaded on FFN. If Solid Shark is reading, excellent story. Well crafted, fun, and I appreciate the study and thought that went into it.

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  3. So one thing that might be worth considering in the Curse Terms would be the value of clearing floors.

    Kayaba didn’t just make it an impossible task, and he’s there helping them clear the 75th floor, what benefit is it to him?
    What difference is there between clearing 50 floors and clearing 99 before failing?

    It’s possible it’s just general empowerment of the trapped people, but he might be regaining power or the ability to influence the players depending on how much they “buy in” to the game.

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    1. The Skull Reaper is a very dangerous quarterly Floor Boss (it’s been said that the 25th, 50th, and 75th bosses were significantly stronger than their previous boss) and it seems entirely likely that Ol’ Red Scales wants to make sure that a decent number of the Clearers will survive the battle.

      Especially considering that he’s leading the largest Clearer guild because he doesn’t think humanoids are clever enough to handle it.

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    2. 100 can also be a significant number in numerology, though. it’s an exponential of one, or one and not one at the same time. A one transformed twice. That kind of thing can be important when you’re trying to turn people into another race and then put them in a new world. Notice how there’s two transitions there, the same number of transformations of one needed to reach one hundred.

      I mean maybe that’s a total coincidence but I feel safe in blaming a red dragon when that sort of ‘coincidence’ shows up.

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