6 thoughts on “Monstrous Compendium Ch 11 up on AO3


    Also, Kirito, once he has a chance to realize his situation after the chapter: “Fuck, now I have to talk to even *more* people. Hey Stheno, can you kidnap me for a bit?”


  2. Nice chapter . . .

    Waking in the IRL and dealing with the everything should be . . . interesting. Some of that probably in the ancient Chinese curse sort of way. Because sometimes people can be a pain in the neck.

    Through said people might want to be careful because the players really aren’t in the mood for any BS. It has been a long, very difficult couple of years, it has been a long, very difficult day, and anyone actively trying to make it worse will probably get fed their fingers.

    I agree with Klein that red dragon is mostly likely not dead but nursing a massive headache somewhere. And probably a grudge.

    (The perils of preloading posts, oi…..)

    At least you have posts ready to go?

    Makes it worth the occasional kerfuffle.

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  3. Prophecy. Exact Words. Unexpected outcomes. *glee*

    Once Kirito wakes up, he may wish he could go hide in Stheno’s cave for a while.

    Also, very well done on the un-damseling of Asuna.

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  4. What is with people and claiming Asuna is a Damsel in Distress in SAO?

    Seriously the /only/ time in the source material that she’s a DiD is at the very end of Fairy Dance where it required a literal Deus-Ex-Machina in the form of Kayaba’s computer ghost to beat the bad guy and Kirito was just as much a Dude in Distress as Asuna was a Damsel in Distress there.

    Every other time she’s been the very antithesis of a Damsel in Distress and fuck the anime’s adaptation of Fairy Dance for downplaying just how much strength of will and mental fortitude it took for her to wait for her moment and make her escape attempt /and/ the fact that even after her first attempt failed she /still/ kept her head and continued to look for ways to escape.

    Her taking advantage of unexpected opportunities and help does not in any way diminish that – in fact it accentuates just how strong she is because she doesn’t let anything so foolish as /pride/ keep her from accepting help because it /might/ be perceived as weakness by idiots on the outside looking in.


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