More Yard Visitors

They’re everywhere, everywhere….


Yes, my family deliberately plants milkweed for the monarchs to munch. And munch they do. I suspect part of the monarch population problem is butterflies laying a whole bunch of eggs where there is not a whole swamp full of milkweed to mow down. The local wasps, especially mud daubers, often take a fair proportion of the caterpillars, but sometimes not enough for the milkweed to survive no matter how much we’ve got planted. We keep trying to grow more.

(An ecologist, someone once put it, is someone who feeds the birds in hopes of seeing hawks. We work on a smaller scale….)

Brown Anole

Aaaand she’s back! Yes, she; those small diamond-like darker spots on the back mean a female. At least in Florida.

(And now my brain’s giving me images of cross-dressing brown anoles in other states, and I obviously need more sleep. Oh dear.)



13 thoughts on “More Yard Visitors

      1. Mine have been muttering about polity design type world building meant to be Project compatible.

        They want a place that stuff set in Hokkaido can be transcribed onto, and to do that want to borrow the history of both Alaska and Texas. Which means cognates to Mexico, Russia, the Comanche and the United States. And somehow fitting that into a pseudo Japan.

        At least I’ve calmed down enough that I can start distilling that nonsense into something coherent.

        My main project, I’ve found a working title that may serve as final title, and some chapter titles that seem to fit. Even with the issues that come with “if this is a success, this mess will be my first success of any real size”, it feels like I am very close to hammering out an outline. Which may mean that I will be chasing all sorts of self sabotage. 🙂

        Life is life.


  1. I have to say, caterpillars are one of my favorite bugs of all time. Butterflies not too much tho… after watching D. Gray Man I just can’t stop thinking about carnivorous butterflies eating my skin off…*shudder*

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    1. I, er, probably shouldn’t tell you about the vampire moths of Africa.

      (Yes, real species.)

      Edit: Sorry, that was a tear-sucking moth in Africa. The vampire moths (Calyptra thalictri) range from Japan to Southern Europe… which might explain a bit about old vampire legends involving butterflies in those areas.


  2. One should probably not point out that the Aztec considered the butterfly the perfect symbol for warriors and warrior’s souls. Mainly because they were known to drink the blood of the slain. (Though my brain keeps putting that together with What comes around and what might be native mages from the area.)

    Still not quite spring here, we got snow this last week.

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    1. Double argh.

      1. Main project: Some of the supporting characters are Campione, ones that have explicitly killed some Mesoamerican Heretic gods. I had already penciled them in as doing Mesoamerican ball game based ritual magic at a critical point. I’m going to have to figure out if and how I’m going to want to throw in butterfly based symbolism, aren’t I? I already knew I wanted to do something with Kanda shrine, so maybe…
      2. Pointless distraction: The one where I’m worldbuilding a polity that owes something to both Japan and to Mexica influenced Texas. I’m going to want to actually try and merge mythologies and do so with butterflies as one of the linkages, aren’t I?

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