Current Updates and Cross-Posting

For those who like to use rather than Archive of Our Own, I now have all of Monstrous Compendium Online on that site. In case anyone’s wondering why I waited until now to post it on FFN, it’s because I’m still more than a bit shy of posting anything incomplete on that site. Seriously, 91 chapters of Embers and it felt like half the reviews were “when’s the next update?” I’m not sure I can express how simultaneously deer-in-headlights and corrosive to the soul that was, when I’d put weeks of work into getting a chapter done and get it out on schedule and left A/Ns of when I anticipated the next chapter being ready, and yet the next thing I knew my inbox was full of – augh. So… I just don’t post incomplete stuff over there anymore.

Tell No Tales, I have edited up through p 92 (of about 146) on this edit run. *Rueful* I’m not only putting in details, I’m catching minor typos from the last edit pass. So it goes. I think the details I’m getting in on this pass are good, but I suspect it may need one more pass after I finish this one before I can be sure I’m making the scenes as clear as I can. Still, progress. Finish this edit pass, go through one more time – then I think it’ll be time to start book formatting and getting the cover set.

At which point I’ll get to figure out how the Library of Congress has revamped their PCN system to get the Library of Congress Call Number, because apparently that’s changing as of May 5. Go figure. Soon as you figure something out, the Feds have to change it.

Track of the Apocalypse is in-progress, though ATM I’m dealing with stalling bunnies who may not really want to write one of the gory scenes that is needed for the story, darn it.

I’ll get ’em there. One way or another. It’s – er – not worse than canon gore. However, given canon is Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, that’s probably not reassuring….


12 thoughts on “Current Updates and Cross-Posting

    1. *Rueful* Pro tip: Do not try to juggle graduate-level courses and a controversial fanfic at the same time. Things go distinctly crazy.

      …I just can’t grasp why so many reviewers reading fanfic seem to skip right over this is something the writer is doing for free in their limited spare time.

      As in, RL generally has to come first, if you want a roof over your head and more than empty air in the fridge. Oi.

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  1. Then there are the type of reviewer/commentator that have very firm ideas as to characterization, plot progression, etc. And are quite prepared to defend them to the story’s death. Alas, seen all too many stories, and authors, disappear because of that.

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    1. Probably partly because archiveofourown has more tools for authors to protect themselves. It was built for writers more than was I think.

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    2. FF.Net also has an incredibly clunky system for replying to comments – or “reviews” as they put it. And no one else can see the reply, or reply directly to someone else’s comment. On the one had, that limits the chances of private wars exploding in the review pages. On the other, it makes both the act of reviewing and the experience of getting those reviews feel incredibly one-sided.

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  2. The comment system on Archive also allows other readers to respond to rude comments. Not always a good thing, but it helps. And a lot of people fled ffnet to AO3.

    But, yeah, I don’t see why people leave nasty reviews. If you don’t like it, close the story and move on. Obviously the author likes it and they are unlikely to change it just because you are unhappy. Sigh, so it goes.

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