A Bit of Flower Filler

Currently still up to my ears in editing Tell No Tales, and while I just roughed out chapter 2 of Track of the Apocalypse, I now need to go back and write chapter 1.

…Plotbunnies can have very annoying timing. Especially when they wanted all the details in chapter 2 set so I didn’t have to rewrite any foreshadowing in 1. So it goes.

Anyway. Have some backyard pics while I try to get a little ahead of everything. 😉

So. Green.


Moss is really cool. Lousy footing, though. I may have learned this the hard way crossing a very cold – fortunately very shallow – creek.

Some plants are just plain ambitious.

Climbing Rose

The climbing rose hasn’t quite made it to oak tree height. Give it time.

And this? This is cedar waxwing bait.

Cedar waxwing bait

You generally do not see the cedar waxwings. You just see this… fluttering, in the mulberry tree especially, and hear high-pitched calls, as they clean out every bit of fruit that’s anywhere near ripe. It can be kind of creepy until you realize, “Oh, the waxwings are back from Central America, be still my paranoid heart….”

Note if you have waxwings coming through, make sure you have some kind of hawk-image or something so they don’t mistake your windows for an empty piece of sky. Waxwings will eat fermented fruit, often deliberately, to the point that they fall off perches onto the ground. Meaning there’s a lot of times the idiots are flying drunk.

…And you thought just people were that spectacularly facepalmy. 😉

26 thoughts on “A Bit of Flower Filler

  1. A lot of animals get drunk(the one that startled me was elephants…and scary indeed.) Huh, you have different moss then we do here, as most of it isn’t that slippery here, though wet rocks certainly are. Then again, the algae makes up for it when you get to the lakes.

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  2. I’ve seen Drunk Hummingbirds before. It’s a riot to watch even if it means that you have to change out the feeder and make sure that the Hummingbird makes it back up. Tiny, angry and drunk is quite the blend of traits!

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      1. You can look up videos of drunk hummingbirds! It’s not as good as watching it in person but can still be good for a laugh.
        Only problem is that said hummingbirds are super vulnerable. When you’re too drunk to fly, things don’t usually end well.

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      1. They wish they were as ferocious as Hummingbirds! Having contended with 50+ birds all gunning for the feeders all at the same time, I can confirm those things are made of spite and furry.

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      2. At least I had a full night’s sleep, and can’t possibly fit anything like that into the SAO mess I am currently plotting.


        Oh. Crap.

        At least I had a full night’s sleep. 🙂

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    1. Reminds me of an older guy I used to work with back when I was an apprentice. Offered him mosquito repellent once and he said “Nah let the little f****ers bite me they’ll get alcohol poisoning”.

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      1. Gentlemen, you may carp your engines.

        (Guess how sleep deprived I am. I started thinking about a literal joking answer, estimates of the amount of track we can infer for the in game universe. Then I realized that not only do I not have the numbers for any sort of guess, I don’t have the words.)


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  3. Apparently the canon Kabaneri setting heard about Vathara getting ready to release Track of the Apocalypse and felt they needed to step up their game with a new PV for the movie in response.

    1. You know that ‘Kabane nest’ I mentioned a ways back? Yeah it’s freaking massive and the strands of material stretching across the open space and along all the surfaces look like the ‘flesh’ we see in the heart of the fused colony in ep 6.

    2. Kabaneri seem to be effected by the ‘nest’ as every single one in the nest scenes has those glowing veins in full view though none seem starving/tired out like the previous times we see said glow appear. Granted Ikoma seems to be going breserk but hey, it’s Ikoma. 😛

    3. Apparently Suzuki has created a rocket launcher that needs nine of those backpack steam generators to fire.

    4. And finally a new form of fused colony. Which oddly enough doesn’t have any visible Kabane making it up. Instead the entire body seems to be made up of the heart cage metal and is distinctly inhuman in appearance.

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    1. No no no, not releasing, in the process of writing. Big difference. Huge….

      That said, the timing is simply fortuitous – I’d heard bits about the movie for months, and part of why I was working hard on MCO was so I could finish it and start Track while there were trailers, etc. floating around for inspiration.

      There are also a few interesting pics of Kabane nests and fused colonies from the Japanese game of it – search on Reddit.

      Given what we know from canon about fused colonies apparently having a mental “reach” Kabaneri can feel (canon, Ikoma senses the one on Biba’s train like a physical blow, though all he can sort out is “Kabane!”) it doesn’t surprise me that being in a nest would be of the Not Good. I headcanon that yes, Biba was a bastard, but traveling with a fused colony whispering in his head did not help.

      And somehow Suzuki improvising a rocket launcher doesn’t surprise me at all. The Koutetsujou crew saw the Hunters use mortars, it probably gave them ideas…. 😉


    2. Though the appearance of nests throws up a question mark if you try and apply any sort of biological sense to the Kabane activities. Because I think we can all agree that whatever it is, the ‘virus’ is some sort of life-form that co-opts humans instead of the traditional zombie plague.

      We’ve more or less seen two ‘life stages’ of the Kabane. First the individual Kabane ‘zombies’ working together as a horde and then the fused colony. Logical progression as it were considering their ‘aims’ and capabilities demonstrated so far.

      But a nest is an inherently stationary structure and considering what the Kabane require for food/spreading, its better to remain mobile instead of centered around one location.

      But there’s also the big thing assoicated with nests that could explain it’s presence: reproduction. It’s possible that the nest is a third life cycle stage and the basis of an alternate form of Kabane spawning. Sort of like how Cnidarians have asexual/budding and sexual medusa stages of thier life cycle.

      So maybe a nest forms when the fused colony has absorbed enough biomass etc triggering a metamorphosis.

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      1. I like this idea. And it might well fit with what we see in the last ep of Kabaneri: that the Kabane see Ikoma as an imminent threat. Which, if his mental signal is something like “I’m from another colony and I’m-a gonna mess you up” would make sense….


      2. /“I’m from another colony and I’m-a gonna mess you up” would make sense…./
        Which would match if we look at Kabane as communal organisms.
        Take for instance ant colonies. If two meet, they can be completely vicious with the victor plundering the loser for workers, eggs, larva etc to eat, use as ‘slaves’ etc. So if X amount of biomass is needed to ‘grow up’ the various fused colonies might not play nice if they ever meet.

        I mean when Mumei was a Nue, she was sucking up Kabane and humans so a fused colony that ‘defeats’ another could likely devour some or all of the other’s biomass for itself to fuel its maturation process.

        So when Nue!Ikoma shows up he’s probably radiating A: I’m from a different colony, B: there is something wrong here (Kabaneri probably ‘feel’ different than Kabane) and C: I’m low on biomass.

        Ergo the Kabane blitz him, because as far as ‘they’ are concerned, if they don’t kill+eat this hostile colony, it’s going to do the same to them.


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