Track of the Apocalypse Ch2 Ficbit – Spur

“Be great if we could spot something that tells us which hill to-”

Sam blinked, and lifted a hand, pointing. More-or-less behind him, which if his mental map was right would be back toward the railyard, and heading anywhere near Doomtrain was not what he had in mind….

Dark metal, speckled with rust, arched partway into the sky.

Daniel got his voice back first, raising the videocamera to catch the clearest shot. “Is that an elevated track?”

“Part of one,” Jack mused, eyeing how supported metal came to an abrupt and ominous end just after it dipped down toward the railyard. Hey, somebody had to state the obvious. And since science geeks did the genius stuff, and Teal’c did the stuff with no words but deadpan looks, that left one hapless colonel for the job. He shaded his eyes with his hand; morning hadn’t gotten away from them too much, but man, summer sun was bright on this planet. “Curves a little, don’t see any other track near it… can’t get a good look where it hits ground from here, but I’m guessing that’s a spur line.”

“So… a special piece of rail?” Daniel brightened.

“And we’re looking for a special scientist’s lab,” Sam said dryly.

Heh. Looked like Sam hadn’t gotten over trying to keep track of body-musical-chairs, either. Which, fair. Sometimes Jack still had nightmares about shaving Teal’c’s-then-his-head, and that was cruelty to any man with hair. “Looks like… two hills over,” Jack concluded, hoping he was reading the landscape right. Sigh. No rest for the wicked.

Looked like they were finally heading the right way, though. At least if the ever-increasing signs of damage to windows, walls, and the wreck of stray overturned push-carts was any way to judge.

Halfway up the second hill, Jack held up a fist. “Danny. Get that.”

“Get- oh.”

Drawing his combat knife, Jack let out a deliberate breath, confident Teal’c and Sam would keep eyes and ears open while Daniel filmed him digging at a weathered but very suspicious glancing hole in what looked like an ornate fancy wood column of someone’s front gate.

Two careful probes, and a slanted mushroom-lump of familiar dull gray surfaced. Jack held up the slug, then weighed it in his hand, eyeing the direction the ricochet must have come from.


“Guns confirmed,” Jack grumped.

“I see that.” To Danny’s credit, he didn’t seem too fazed. “What else?”

Oh boy this bit was even less fun than the locals are probably armed. “This hit something a lot harder than wood. And bounced.”

“Huh.” Daniel panned the camera up to some kind of faded indigo hanging still rustling in the wind. Frowned, and slung it over his shoulder again to take out old-fashioned pencil and site journal.

Juggling bent lead in his hand, Jack eyed the symbol etched in dull white against blue. Nothing that jumped out at him as Ancient or Goa’uld or, god forbid, Furling. And wouldn’t that have been just SG-1’s luck, to find traces of the enigmatic Fourth Race of the Asgard alliance on an empty ex-Goa’uld planet?

But, no. Didn’t look alien at all. Just a rough human-style circle crossed with some diagonal slashes, and two more vertical slashes that made it look kind of like a house in front of the sun.


25 thoughts on “Track of the Apocalypse Ch2 Ficbit – Spur

  1. Jack’s view of the Doomtrain will change. Fast. As soon as they find out why the Doomtrain is friendlier than “locals”. 😏
    I wonder if their guns will work against Kabane. Teal’c staff might work. Ikoma will be very interested.

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    1. I commented on this, several snips back – one of the reasons why the P90 was chosen to replace the MK5 as the SGC’s standard weapon, was significantly higher AP capability.

      Granted, SG-1 currently has no idea that heart-shots are required, however unlike with steamguns, they actually have the potential to learn that little tidbit by accident.

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      1. Danny‘s next scientific paper will be titled „What fictional Zombie Apocalypses have gotten wrong: Aim for the heart, and use AP ammo!“

        Being genre-savvy is going to bite SG-1 in this case.

        „O‘Neill. Your culture appears to be… misinformed regarding Zombies.“
        „That’s because we didn’t think they were real! – DANNY, PUT THAT CANDY BAR AWAY AND RUN!“

        (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

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    1. /The color combo says transit sign to me./
      As Vathara said, it’s a canon Kabaneri symbol that first shows up in the OP.

      Specially it stands for apurification mark which apparently is a basis for the “Rokkon Shojo” line that the Hozumi and others use.

      From poking around the symbol is supposed to be used to indicate places that have been cleared of the Kabane (here I suspect it is no longer true).

      As for “Rokkon Shojo” itself, the phrase is one of those hard-to-translate-to-english things. One suggested version (attributed to Hozumi) is “peace be with you” that she sarcastically uses when killing Kabane.

      Another view of it that I could find, is the Bushi’s cry this out as a desire to die pure and not be polluted by the kabane virus if they fall in XYZ battle.

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  2. Holy symbol bullets. Well, for something that was supposed to be a curse, I can’t really blame them for trying absolutely everything.

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  3. I’ve previously talked about using IMDb as a source for understanding what 20th Century Fox movies should be considered part of the Disney canon for the purposes of Kingdom Hearts fanfic.

    I originally thought that the IMDb might have an SQL interface, or someting. Nope.

    Two options. Subsets of the data can be downloaded as zipped text files, and there is software in Python available for processing those files. Seems to require logging on with an account.

    Secondly, the advanced search feature is fairly powerful.

    I hadn’t realized Detective Pikachu was Fox.

    Ripley and Anne Frank are Disney Princesses.

    In related news, my WIP has me thinking that I just have stupid taste in the situations I put myself into.

    Last night the bunnies suggested that I study multiphysics simulations, build kabane models, and spend some years working out what is actually possible and impossible. Not a whole lot dumber than some of their other suggestions.

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  4. Little bit less depressed now.

    If one is writing a Tokyo Ravens fanfic set in a world where the US had answers to Yakou Tsuchimikado, and one is using the history around those answers for flavor, one has the question of whether to rob historical officers from RL historical efforts, to create originals, or to find historical figures who were not able to contribute to the war effort for whatever reason.

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  5. I suspect that Teal’c’s staff works about as well as could be asked for; things that put head sized holes in walls tend to do that. He’ll still have to aim for center of mass and be at least in the /reigion/ of the iron cage, though. A Zat would probably work at ‘disintigrate’ but not at ‘stun’ or ‘kill’.

    Unfortunately for Jack’s nerves, the SGC’s guns are likely to not work so very well. Perfect heart shots are actually pretty hard, and having to go through potentially bone and the iron cage means double the chance for deflection…and modern high velocity rounds are /really/ prone to deflection if they hit something hard.

    Still. They are us military guns and they’re accustomed to jaffa who may have armor; they probably /do/ have enough penetration power if they hit just right…or hit enough times in exactly the right place.

    …except that’s not the whole story. Modern high penetration rounds also tend to be /small/. The slugs everyone who fights the Kabane with use are monsters by any modern standard simply based on the gun designs; a direct hit by one of those weapons that goes through a heart is going to pulverize it…while a direct hit by a p90 bullet is going to make a small hole. If it bounces off the other side of the cage instead of going through or getting stuck, that would be enough, but if not…

    Given the general vitality of the Kabane a number of even good hits from modern AP weapons will likely still fail to kill them.

    Looking forward to Jack’s reaction to ‘actually in fact zombie apocalypse, only worse’; he’s gotten too used to things that poke the ‘actually maybe people’ button at him as a defense; His typical reaction of ‘definitely not!’ however well controlled is going to be obvious even to -him- when faced by the real thing, I think…

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    1. *Thumbs up* Yay, someone looked at the canon guns!

      Oh, interesting tidbit? Jet bullets, from how Ikoma describes how they act in-canon, are pretty much HEAT bullets.

      One of the bits in the Wiki entry is that it doesn’t need as high firing velocity as a usual bullet. Which would make it easier to work with the steam rifles. The RL tech is based off shaped charges – and people in the Kabaneri setting already know how to set that up!

      Meaning Ikoma’s invention is less “genius figures out miracle solution!” and more “stubborn genius engineer thinks outside the box enough to apply known principles to what was considered an insolvable problem”.

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      1. Nothing that a grenade launcher or rocket launcher wouldn’t fix. Or a tank. But alas, none of that stuff is at hand. Nor enough grenades.

        Mr. Zat seems to short-circuit Mr. Nervous System before it blows holes in things, so that could be effective.

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      1. Just watched it. They had some sort of festival going on during the end credits and we get to see the characters dancing with clappers, fans, lanterns and flags. Very fun to watch.

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  6. Have to watch out for the way pop-up scripts seem to embed themselves into the player/webpage at times. Nothing nasty seems to have cropped up, from my own experience, so far. Being quick on the mouse pointer and closing any pages opening up seems to keep any problems in check..

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    1. Yeah, That’s never been so bad before for me? I don’t know why it’s so bad right now.

      Just finished the movie though and it was awesome!

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