Track of the Apocalypse Ch2 Ficbit – Scenarios

Daniel circled a finger to encompass the city as a whole. “Where does this place feel like? Besides not Earth. Culturally. The architecture. How people build is important.”

Yeah, this city looked more like old Kyoto than anything out of the Germanic line- Oh. “You’re saying the train doesn’t have the same… style.”

“It’d explain why anyone here isn’t coming out,” Daniel nodded. “If we don’t match the local style of dress, they’d probably assume we’re with the train and stay out of sight. Until they get up the nerve to find out for sure.”

Said finding out for sure would likely be armed, if Jack knew people. If there were people here. Which, he wasn’t about to bet there weren’t. That way lay not being properly paranoid, which got careless colonels and their teams dead.

“Okay, possible,” Jack allowed. “But that brings up second off: Goa’uld forces marching through would mean Jaffa weapons here, there, and everywhere.” He waved his hand in more-or-less the same circle. “Haven’t seen anything that looks like death glider strafing runs, and haven’t seen any wreckage that’s definitely from a staff blast. Have you?”

Headshakes all around. Nice to have people agree on something. “And third off, couldn’t have been someone pulling a Nirrti, or we’d have bones in the street,” Jack finished. Did a mental eww at the thought, then sighed and eyed Daniel. “We would have bones in the street, right?”

“Maybe not in the street, depending on weathering and… well, opportunistic scavengers.” Daniel frowned, glancing back down the winding ways they’d taken to get here. “But if there had been a mass plague event – we should have seen some in the houses.”

Yeah. What he’d thought. Which kind of left a big giant question mark hanging.

Sam scanned their perimeter again, hands in easy reach of her MP5. “What do you think happened here, sir?”

A street or so away, something wood clattered. Gray flashed in the sunlight; a couple local pigeons, Jack thought, catching their flutter away. Or something close enough for government work.

Teal’c was listening. They all were. But there didn’t seem to be any other sounds that weren’t wind moaning through an empty city.

Guess we must have knocked into something that finally fell over. Or rotted through.


44 thoughts on “Track of the Apocalypse Ch2 Ficbit – Scenarios

    1. Someone’s gotta. Besides, the plagues SG1 know, leave bodies where they are. The bodies don’t just get up and walk away afterwards…

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  1. Depends on how much of the hoard shows and if SG1 actually looks at the people coming out from the Doomtrain, I’d think. Zombies don’t automatically make the Doomtrain friendly, but a whole bunch of obviously cautious refugees scavenging? Actually gives a reason for “normal” humans to be in the zombie-infested city other than “Goa’uld collecting specimens.”

    Also, I’m probably late to the party, but does anyone else think Ikoma and long-hair Daniel look startlingly similar? Cause I started watching the anime a couple days ago, and my first thought was steampunk Daniel…

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  2. Just watched the movie and am suffering from my usual curse – my favorite character never was a leading character. It was a good movie but since I’ve missed my favorite I don’t feel quite sated. 🙁

    The nest-thing you could see in the trailer tied in to pre-existing knowledge of Kabane quite neatly in the end, I felt. Hard to avoid spoilers while talking about though.

    Didn’t the Kabane leave bodies of their victims behind? Was that only by the railway?

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    1. If you think about how the fall of Aragane went down, the Keishi railyard is probably one of the few places in the city that they mounted an effective enough defense long enough that some people died without reviving.

      …Favorite character – Suzuki? Or Uryuu? I’m guessing, I won’t be able to see the movie for a while….

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      1. Not really a spoiler, it’s mentioned almost right after the movie opening, but…


        Movie town knows what Kabane are. They don’t try to kill them as long as they’re being useful, but don’t really like them either.

        It might be just movie town though.

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      2. /Oo dear. That’s not good either./
        Let’s face it; even in the Sweeten-verse, the existence of Kabaneri is going to get out eventually.

        The difference here is that the denizens of the Koutetsujou are trying to limit/slow said spread of information until they get a better footing.

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      3. I guess this ties in With events from last year’s game-verse, which was supposed to pick up 3 months after the fall of Kongoukakou. The game trailer introduces another kabaneri character (game only, thus far), trailer implies deliberately created. Said character is part of another (less armed and armored) hayajiro’s crew…

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      4. I would so like to know more about that game; all I’ve got is bits of info I’ve picked off a few Reddit pages. I’m not even sure Kaname is a Kabaneri? Granted, the trailer hints at it, but we don’t know for sure. Would love to know how he made it through, if so!

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      5. Certainly, the feats he displays during the clip containing the 3 Hayajiro battle sequence would seem to imply that, since he can keep up with Mumei, more or less.

        There might be some play-through clips on YouTube, I have’nt checked. I’d like to know more about the background of that red armored/armed Hayajiro (and its apparent mistress, that Kaname is defending), might have more guns than the Kotetsujo.

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      6. My favorite is Uryuu.

        The first time I watched the series the bunnies insisted he had to be Kabaneri, simply based on the Hunters’ uniforms and how his had more in common with those of the Kabaneri than his men. Not sure I can write that story now though.

        I did get my fill of Suzuki though. He had several scenes.

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      7. /SG-1 will never forget him, that’s for sure. Guy knows how to make an entrance./
        He saves their bacon and rushes them back to safety like little civves, while making it look easy?

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      8. Definitely involved in the first. The second part… will be complicated.

        Jack’s dealt with a lot of crazy people and crazier plans, and this one leaves an impression even on him.


      9. /Jack’s dealt with a lot of crazy people and crazier plans, and this one leaves an impression even on him. /
        How much of the station is going to be intact by the end of this?

        Cue Danny crying a little on the inside as he watches various priceless works of architecture etc get turned into improvised rockfalls, barriers, bombs and so on to cover everyone’s escape.

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      10. /After all, they’re going to need to come back./
        So it’ll be like one of those cartoon scenes, with the building completely destroyed except for the one vertical section of pipe connected t othe bathtub or something.

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  3. Oh Jack, I’m sure you’ll soon wish that the only thing you had to worry about were hostile Jaffa and their staff weapons. At least that would be an enemy you are familiar with. Although he makes a very interesting point, Nirrti. It is entirely possible that the Kabane started as a Goa’uld bio-weapon. Ma’chello might have simply modefied it, using your enemies own weapons against him. I wouldn’t put it past him, especially since it is actually a rather clever way of fighting against your enemies.

    That said… well pigeons flying away in what I assume to be panic because something unfriendly got too near for comfort. Unfortunatley the Kabane aren’t entirely without intelligence. Sure they might not be able to build their own weapons, cities etc. but they certainly know the value of stealth. Even the most primitive of them seem to posses a form of animal cunning. So yeah, I think it best not to underestimate them, espeically in a city that could contain potential thousands of them, able to cut of any escape route and swarm you even if they were just shuffling morons.

    SG-1, your current objective is escape.

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      1. Older than the Goa’uld… wait don’t tell me the Ancients have had hidden another horror for the younger races to find and nuke themselves with. There gotta be a limit to how much dangerous stuff you can leave behind! They litter our galaxy with stuff that could murder us, which truth be told isn’t very nice.

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      2. Oooh, that comment brings to mind a stray thought I had earlier when thinking on this lil’ AU of yours:
        Failed Wraith Countermeasure

        Clue #1: Heart Cages, whenever a Wraith feeds there’s some kind of proboscis in their hand that punctures their victim’s chest. The Stargate Wikipedia states that the feeding sets off when the Wraith digs their claw into the victim, but the picture shown of a former victim showed, yes, shallow wounds from the claws and then one considerably deeper wound where the center of the Wraith’s palm would have been.

        Clue #2: Kabane nervous systems are drastically different from the humans they used to be to the point of no longer requiring a functional brain to move, let alone live, what are the odds that that would seriously hamper the hallucinations Wraith favor?

        Clue #3: The strength of a kabane could potentially match that of a Wraith soldier, considering that it’s canon that the trains are armored up the wazoo and that still can’t keep them out long. Would probably let them tear through that webbing stuff Wraith use for cage doors on their hive ships.

        Clue #4: …the sheer horrific nature of a kabane plague has all the hallmarks of an Ancient Mess Of Epic Proportions. Need I really list them?

        Of course, especially in Vathara’s AUs, it’s very, very easy to just go ‘The Ancients Did It’ when faced with an absolute disaster. It’s even true most of the time. Nonetheless…

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      3. This is an awesome analysis. 🙂

        And… you pretty much nailed it. Only some Ancient was smart enough to facepalm and say, “This won’t work! We can’t get the virus to target only humans, and not us too!” Cue rare instant of Ancient sanity sealing it up… only you know scientist types, destroying so much work would be awful….

        Cue who knows how many millennia later, and Ma’chello thinking he can crack what the Ancients didn’t, and only send the virus after hosts.


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