6 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Sunbeam

  1. Might just be the photo causing problems, but the 2 white bands look very similar, so the gradient seems to ‘jump’ a bit there. The blue and yellows have a really nice contrast, but for a stronger beam of sunlight look, maybe some blue gradient with the yellows in the center? It is a lovely pair though, and I’m always really impressed with your beading skills. (I would 100% buy earrings off you, if I wore earrings)

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  2. The finish on the White makes it feel marvelously hazy, which does remind me of a dusty sunbeam. The sharp contrast between texture in blue, white, and yellow also really add to a sudden haze feel.

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  3. Hm. I like the idea of a yellow line through the center, gradating out through white to blue on the sides. For another thought – maybe a matte transparent light blue, rather than silver-lined? That would give you more of a “deep sky” feel (the sky, as a general rule, not being particularly sparkly!)…

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