Tell No Tales Progress – Edits Done, Further Steps

Okay. Five full edit runs through Tell No Tales, and I think it’s as good as I’m going to get it.

Said edit runs also bumped up the wordcount to 60.2K words, which amuses me, given I ran across stats that novel size for the SF/F genre should run 60-120K, and my plotbunnies have apparently taken that as gospel. It’s enough words to tell the whole story arc, that’s what’s important.

Steps needed to finish Tell No Tales, not necessarily in this exact order:

Format paperback manuscript.

Format eBook. Ask helpful beta to check document on own Kindle, I might miss something.

Load enough on Amazon to get ISBN.
-Basically, tell them you’re starting a book, give title and descriptive details. Might also require uploading the document, it’s been a few months since I did it…

Take ISBN and apply for a new account on the Library of Congress site to get LCCN.

(They’ve changed things at the LC, because of course they have, the last version worked….)

Add LCCN to paperback document, update on Amazon.

Get cover. (I have one picked out on, I’ve already got title and name trial-formatted on it.)
-Finish formatting front.
-Purchase creation of spine and back as well, with blurb.

Load finished paperback to Amazon.
-Manuscript, and cover.

Load finished eBook to Amazon.

Get printed copies.
1 for Library of Congress.
5 for local library branches.
Some for signed copies.

So. Not that you ever know in a case where the federal government is involved, but… possibly within a month?

*Knocks on wood.*

9 thoughts on “Tell No Tales Progress – Edits Done, Further Steps

  1. So does this mean you would or would not like jokes about something insane at some point in the rule making process, that will upend things when it finishes?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Yay, early birthday present! More in time for my sister’s birthday than mine but I’ll take what I can get. Just a shame that a month means that I’ll get it just as I start working again after my vacation.

    Looking forward to it. 😊


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