20 thoughts on “Track of the Apocalypse Ch 3 up on AO3

  1. Poor Sukari is right, so is poor Hammond. You realize that if the SGC and the hayajiro do set up consistent trade, they will need to at least partially clear Keishi? At least to an orange or yellow. On the other hand, this could make a good fall back point if it ever came to it. I would bet on a horde or Fused Colony over a Go’auld, and an environmental hazard like that would be an excellent deterrent for any followers. And a partial clearance would keep all but the most determined or desperate locals away. And the fact that the Kabane are being eyed as a possible neutral will convince the hayajiro faster then anything that SG-1 has serious problems.

    But I’m sure you’ve already tread this ground.

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  2. / First, because honesty demanded honesty; just because someone’s tech level was lower than yours, didn’t mean they couldn’t tell when you were lying to their faces. /
    And SG1 and the SGC in general have been on the receiving end of that attitude enough times from various factions in the galaxy to know it’s far from the best way to make friends.

    /Ma’chello, what the hell did you do?/
    You’d probably need to set half a day aside to listen to the full list Jack.

    /“…Aww.” Skipping back from the four red eyes, Mumei grinned. “That’s so ugly, it’s almost cute!”/
    I imagine that is something SG1 has not heard before in reference to ‘junior’.

    /She stuck her tongue out at Sukari. “And you got lucky.”/
    Apparently I didn’t pick something up in the reading. What exactly is Mumei referring to here?

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      1. /Meaning he’s not checking under the train this time./
        Considering they just escaped from a Kabane horde, wouldn’t it only be safe for the Kabaneri to do this?

        Picking out caught remnants from the undercarriage is one thing, but potentially encountering and fighting ‘hitchhikers’ on the undercarriage of a moving Hayajiro is far from safe for normal humans.

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    1. Once upon a time, a Ma’Chello clone or something survived and went to ground on Earth.

      SG1 followed the trail of corpses, and eventually secured him. But the higher ups decided that they wanted to talk to him, and see what sort of advanced technology he could give him.

      So he prepared a slideshow in super max, and a bunch of brass got together for the presentation.

      Quite literally, it was death by Powerpoint.

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  3. From AoO commnet section:
    /Jack’s mental refrain for the planet of Tenka is, “When you think it can’t get worse? It gets worse.”/
    Combined with a recent find on youtube:

    Jack: “So now that we have a moment to breath, any chance you could give us a bit of recent history? No need for everything but a bit of context would help.”
    Kibito: “Sure. It all started a couple of months ago-
    Kabaneri Division

    Kibito: “-and shortly after that, we met the Hunters which is a whole different kettle of fish. Probably best that we get Uryuu in here so he can give his half of the story.”
    JacK: “That’s…fine. I just need to talk with my people, get their opinion on all this. We can pick up the history lesson later. (muttered to himself out of earshot) How the hell are these people still sane, much less alive?”

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  4. It just occurred to me, that Dogen’s position on the Shogun’s Council might have made him privy to at least some knowledge of Keishi’s dealings with Ma’chello…Possibly even the fact that he came through the Stargate?

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    1. /t just occurred to me, that Dogen’s position on the Shogun’s Council might have made him privy to at least some knowledge of Keishi’s dealings with Ma’chello…/
      Assuming that Keishi even told the Shogun about Ma’chello.

      Remember this bit?

      Father said Keishi was Hi-no-Moto’s heart of spirit, the way Kongokaku was the heart of power.

      At least, that was what he’d said when he was being poetic, or diplomatic to some of the priests petitioning his rule. During the hours of her more pragmatic instruction as Aragane’s heir, he’d referred to Keishi as what happened when those who’d fallen out of power went grasping after it, against the will of their shogun

      Note the ‘fallen out of power’ and ‘grasping for it’.

      So it’s possible that Keishi fell behind in terms of influence, funded Ma’chello in hopes of getting it back, Ma’chello did a Ma’chello before skipping town (after declaring the results an amazing breakthrough) and now Hinomoto has a zpoc.

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      1. But that doesn’t mean that agents of the Shogun hadn’t infiltrated the project, or the particularly involved strata of society as a matter of course. It involved some quite noticeable infrastructure for one thing, the laboratory complex, and its rail spur.

        I can imagine the Shogun was quite ready to let them do their thing, giving them rope to hang themselves with, before swooping in to claim the fruits of labor. But it ended in a Z-poc, so at least any treasonous elements likely found a nasty end, or could be picked off at leisure, now that they had lost any power base…

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  5. Sam probably knows how to construct or figure out the construction of a sewing machine, right? bikes, pistons, gear, motion is motion, it’s having the idea in the first place that is the most important part. Though there’s still the needle problem. machine sewing machines have to be tougher than the medical kind. Especially if they’re going stabbity on silk. Or a miniature mechanized loom – raw materials would be cheaper than finished fabric always. Washing machines. Spinning wheel. Domestic machines are given so little thought about, but they freed up a lot of time for women.

    Kinda waiting when Dogen finally talk to someone (probably Ayame) about that gold mark on the new passengers. No matter how many centuries ago, all the remaining jaffa dying/disappearing in their prime in a single generation would have been noted down somewhere. And they had to have killed their symbiotes in the first scenario, or more likely they drifted off one by one through the gate, keeping the planet a secret thus giving it freedom. Not unlikely because in the middle part of Stargate it’s established that pretty much all the Jaffa societies, or at least the high-ranking Jaffa are playing a different politic than the one they present to the Goa’uld system lords. Teal’c must have crushed innumerable worlds and foes against the Apophis and yet defected because the Tauri’s equipment are not produced by Goa’uld – all he’d known at that time is that they are a complete unknown *with an industrial manufacturing capability* he couldn’t have foreseen the Jaffa liberation in that one action.

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