Track of the Apocalypse Ch4 Ficbit – Unknown Unknowns

“Just take a few minutes to catch your breath. I’ve got quartermaster stuff to do, but – I’ll be back!”

Watching Kajika bustle off on what sounded like at least three other errands that needed to be handled immediately, Jack sat on the lower of the two bunks on their tiny corner of the first car. The upper one he’d left folded up, so people had enough room to fling their hands around in sheer indignant frustration at the universe. The universe deserved it. “Well. That happened.”

Sam helped Teal’c finish tacking up the tattered old indigo cloth Kajika and another lady in the car had hauled out for an impromptu privacy curtain, then slowly sat down on the floor, as if every last inch hurt. Teal’c waited a second for her to breathe, then sat where Sam could lean on him rather than shake down the curtain. Daniel didn’t even try to hold up his usual I’m fine, collapsing on the bunk right by Jack as if it took an effort just to make sure his head didn’t hit the wall.

Jack patted him on the shoulder. “Yeah. Definitely not my most favorite day ever.”

And how. Morning hike over hills through abandoned city, always hard on the nerves; then zombies, train jump, guy who’d committed suicide like it was just the proper thing to do, that ice-cold sluice down the nerves of what if we’re infected, and finally being bystanders on a facedown that could have turned into mass homicide with just one wrong word.

Not to mention Kurusu and Kibito had already vanished forward with Mumei before Kajika’d finished getting the curtain out, and he had no idea what kind of report they were going to give this Lady Ayame. Or how a noble lady would react to hearing about Teal’c and his involuntary sidekick. Especially given they’d lost a guy in the rescue.

Today sucked. Really, really sucked.

On top of that, we missed lunch.

When the world was falling apart, the little things made a difference. MREs would be okay. Something hot would be better. Though who knew how well anyone could cook on a moving train.

“What did- how did-” Daniel made a few frustrated gurgling noises that reminded Jack of the last time he’d had to unclog the sink, then took a deep breath. “This is horrible. How could Ma’chello, how could anyone-?

Yeah. Yeah, Jack had been thinking that himself. But. “We don’t know who let the Kabane loose. We don’t know if they’re native here. We don’t know if there’s a meteor crater in the north and we should be watching out for a crazy silver-haired guy with one wing and a honkin’ big sword talking about Reunion. We just don’t know.”

26 thoughts on “Track of the Apocalypse Ch4 Ficbit – Unknown Unknowns

  1. Jack, with SG-1’s luck, if there WERE such a meteor up north? You’d’ve already long since run into the skinny, quasi-amnesiac blond guy with the slab of metal that likes to think it’s a sword by now.

    Probably even at gunpoint.

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  2. Don’t worry, Jack. Sephiroth won’t show up. Probably… *G*
    At last, they have time to have mental breakdown now. Seems like Koutetsujou doesn’t have time for that, or anything else.

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  3. I really need a Final Fantasy 7 crossover with SG-1! There’s only 4 on and none of them are complete!

    I wonder what they would think of Midgar and SOLDIER? Would also depend on When they appear.

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    1. Since the quality on the Simpson’s fell off?

      I mean it isn’t like every fan writer can just shift to South Park references.

      Grins, Ducks, and Runs Away.

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      1. Or Cassie introduced him to it? My money’s on Cassie. …that had to have been a fun conversation of the evil grin variety.

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    2. The funny part would be if Daniel doesn’t get the reference at all.

      “Why is it that I can understand people from ancient cultures ruled by aliens more easily than I can understand you!?”

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  4. At least they’ve got a pretty good feel for just how much they don’t know. And they’re trying to be careful not to jump to conclusions. Alter either of those and I imagine someone would end up full of sharp pointy things in very short order.

    Unrelated, but my husband just suggested the image of Obi-Wan and Shidan from Embers sitting down to tea, and the beauty and the terror factor of that picture was too much not to pass on.

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  5. I like to think there’s a couple of consoles and a shelf of games in the SGC, and every single game that in any way involves aliens makes it’s way there eventually. Gotta keep the twitchy teams from climbing the walls while in mandatory quarantine after all, and in jokes about possible real life possibilities abound.

    Think there’s like, a bingo board written out on a dry erase board somewhere with various tropes/science fiction scenarios scribbled in the squares? First team to hit bingo gets a nice dinner or something? SG-1 ‘wins’ so many times they eventually get disqualified, I bet.

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    1. Head cold/wee bit out of my head/reading another set of long SI OC Naruto fanfics.

      a) I think it would be pretty cool if the SGC maintained a bingo book for system lords.

      b) They way the competition would work is that Hammond’s staff has a master list of tropes, and compiles bingo sheets from those. Each team’s bingo sheet goes in the team’s permanent or active file, they get a prize and a new sheet whenever they hit bingo. Probably not a dinner at Pizza Hut.

      c) I haven’t been progressing on WIP lately. Have been coming up with a few insane ideas. Most recently is figuring out a new SI inspired OC based Naruto fic. (I’ve come up with these before, I’ve read a fair number of SI OC Naruto fics. I used to read Naruto and Naruto fics back in the day.) This one falls into the category of complicated and probably absurdly long if I don’t give it a very good redesign. Starts in the time of the second Hokage, and is more about the OC failing to make things worse and becoming a better person than a fix fic.

      In their previous life, the OC would have told you that they were atheist, but religiously they have extremely strong facist convictions. Would be a Madara sympathizer except that they know about Kaguya, and don’t think she is the the right person to take charge of humanity. Probably would have thought Kaguya was the right person if she had been French and from the right schools, but I’m not sure how much of a male Chauvinist the OC is. (The OC is too much of a follower to try to do things on their own, Konoha isn’t messed up enough to want the worst of their ideas, no one else in the ninja world is enough of a Frenchman to betray Konoha, and the OC is okay at loyalty.) When you are too able to just kill or imprison, when the Hokage doesn’t want you staying in Konoha, and when even Danzo thinks you are too much of a twisted authoritarian for any position of authority, one can get an awful lot of missions far, far, far away. Which can mean meeting people from new and interesting cultures, somewhat bonding with them, and hearing a lot about why they think you are crazy and don’t like your ideas.

      One of the major open problems with this design is whether it is possible to design a plausible human with the correct flaws strong enough and at the same time functional in the right ways. They need some capacity for social bonding, and must also have seriously wrong understandings of how leadership and human organizations actually work. Able to collaborate, accept direction, and function on their own under orders for long periods of time, but issues leading hungry rangers to food. I might need more knowledge, understanding, and opinions of leadership than I would get without serious study.


  6. The universe deserved it.

    It totally does.

    Murphy probably does do too but flinging your hands into the air and cursing Murphy attracts its attention and they are already subject to far too much of Murphy’s attention for anyone’s heath and sanity. . .

    Today sucked. Really, really sucked.

    It really did.

    Though who knew how well anyone could cook on a moving train.

    You might be surprised at what they figured out that they could do on a moving train.

    and we should be watching out for a crazy silver-haired guy with one wing and a honkin’ big sword talking about Reunion.

    Don’t think you have to worry about that in this particular crossover.

    But given Vathara’s bunnies enough time and you’ll probably have encounter with (probably modified) version of that setting.

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