7 thoughts on “Brief Note – Tell No Tales Kindle and Paperback Linked

  1. The part I really like about this book is the innovation in magic.

    A dungeon crawl for ancient magic makes for a good storyline, but some stories have everybody using traditional/family/ancient magics to the point that you wonder if anybody actually knows what they’re doing or if they just copy it by rote.

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  2. Finally got enough time and energy to finish the book, and the ending was a doozy! Good job!

    I could have wished for a little more cinematic description during the final confrontation, and during some of the other faceoffs in the last half of the book. But I understood what was happening, and my tiredness may have made me not catch everything.

    Hey, are we going to have a spoilerrific discussion thread?

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  3. My dad has finally picked up my hard copy , and is enjoying it thoroughly. You did such a good job at referring to previous events in an offhand manner that he asked me if it was the fifth book in a series.

    Fair warning, it this does become a series, I will refer to it as Bead Rites or possibly Fist Rites until such a time as you name it.

    Your work is greatly appreciated in this house, and thank you so much for sharing!

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      1. Didn’t even think of that one! If it does make it to a series, that’s what I’m going with then. I hope that RL leaves you alone for a month at least, and not just in November.

        Thanks again!

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